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  1. Wow you guys are great from guns to sheath knives! I can understand why a smaller younger scout would be discouraged. But I think with proper training (which our Merit badge counselor BEAR was great) and parent approval they should be given a shot and not told no. I think kids should be allowed to shoot a couple then depending how they feel they know whether or not they will be able to try the merit badge or not. My son was told he couldn't even try to shoot a shotgun until 14. Because I was there I went over beyond our scoutmasters instructions and let my son try. I know shouldn't have. Now g
  2. Wow thanks for the speedy replies. Much appreciated. Yeah i understand why adults place some restrictions due to weight and height. However, I think every scout should be given a shot at trying shotgun if they want to. Isn't that what scouts is about? Giving them experiences and memories that they wouldn't get without scouts. Some memories will be good some not so good. If it hurt his shoulder then he would know not to ask again? I'm thankful for the merit badge counselor at camp telling me to let him shoot. My son is on the smaller side. He qualified for shotgun faster than anyone at camp. He
  3. I have a question regarding shooting merit badges. When my son went to summer camp as a tenderfoot last year he wanted to do rifle and shotgun. His scoutmaster said he could not. That he had to be at least 14 to do shotgun merit badge. He was bummed. This past summer we went away to summer camp in Oregon. My son again wanted to do the merit badge and was told no. Since I went to camp I decided to ask the shot gun instructor about this age restriction. He said there is no such age restriction for Boy Scouts. My son went on to earn the rifle and shot gun merit badge. He had the time of his life
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