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  1. Maybe it is time for the OA to die. First and foremost, it is no longer truly an honor organization. Prior to the 1995 when I became a chapter advisor, the election process limited the number of elected, i.e if you had 2 Scouts eligible, you could only vote for 1 Scout, 3-4 eligible = 2 names allowed, 5-6 eligible = 3 names on the ballot, etc. When the change was made, many of us thought it would degrade the significance of the OA over time. And IMHO it has. Since that time the quality of Arrowman had dropped. I have seen all eligible members of a troop get elected, about 8 of the
  2. Agree with the importance of camps. One of the reasons we had a decent OA chapter was because of the local camp. Between the OA and local units, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars have been invested into the camp. Now that we lost it, no one cares. Going to find out if the chapter advisor was able to divert money from that camp's OA maintenance fund to the campership fund. I doubt it though. I can tell you that mandating the AOL Ceremony and Cross Over Commercial Ceremony helped kill off chapters in my area.
  3. Regarding Natives being offended. Yes, some are. AND some aren't. One of the best powwows I attended had an elder talking about dance to people and showing his regalia over the years. He had 50+ years of regalia, with one item looking vaguely familiar an Ordeal sash: He started dancing as an Arrowman. We had a wonderful conversation about Scouting, and the OA over the years. Best part was for me when he showed up to Grand Entry with his Old Style regalia and is Ordeal sash, and singled me out to show how proud he was of being an Arrowman. Yes, he wore that outfit and sash the entire session.
  4. Respectfully, and vehemently, disagree. While the program SHOULD BELONG (major emphasis) to the young adults who are involved, it doesn't. While chapter and lodge youth leaders have an impact, sadly I have seen some chapter and lodge advisors take over and rule with an iron fist. Worst example was when the Scout exec and lodge advisor wanted to amend the of the lodge's by-laws, which required a majority vote of lodge members to amend. When the overwhelming majority voted against his proposal, the LA point blank stated to all present and voting that "I don't care what you think, this amendment
  5. This is a problem that has been bugging me since before COVID. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE WEBELOS PROGRAM AND WDL TRAINING? ( caps for emphasis and extreme frustration) Webelos is supposed to be the transition period from Cubs to Scouts, not once they get into the troop. BSA in the 1990s realized the 9 to 12 month Webelos program from the 1980s and earlier didn't work, and created am 18 to 24 month program. When I did the old Cub Scout Leader Basic Training, which was a day long class to train for ALL (emphasis) pack positions, it reiterated the fact that Webelos is different than the ot
  6. I jest because Corps of Discovery was the Venturing Honor Society volunteers created because they could not join the OA. Order of the Golden Dragon was the Sea Scout equivalent.
  7. How about Corps of Discovery? 🤣
  8. On a positive note, I see that 4 youth members are on the committee of 36 members. That is a big improvement from a few years back when it was 3 youth members on the committee of 60+ members. However it is still too many adults, even if I personally know some of them, and in one case worked with one of them back in the day. I know decisions that National has made have ticked off the youth as well as long tenured Scouters. I have seen an entire lodge protest some of those decisions in the past. As for OA being the "All Stars" sadly that is no longer the case, and has not been in quit
  9. Dues covered registration, awards, and other supplies. Pack was old school in that Cross Over was not in conjunction with Blue and Gold. So those who had the Cross Over Ceremony in December or January actually registered with the troops they were joining, not the pack. Ceremony was just that, ceremonial. When youngest Crossed Over, some Cubs were behind for a Dec/Jan. Cross Over due to baseball. Plus Cub Scout Day Camp, which helped a lot with advancement, was cancelled by council that year because they did not want to send anyone to NCS (we later learned the council was in the red, but t
  10. STICK. TO. YOUR. BUDGET! (yes that is me yelling, not at you but the situation). You had a budget meeting, it was open and they didn't show up. If needed produce the emails with the proposed budget, invitation to attedn the meeting, and the minutes from the meeting with approval from those there. $45 per plaque is expensive IMHO. IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE (caps to note edit) Now, some options I have seen. One pack I was with had a guy with a woodshop, and he made AOL shaped plaques. Arrows were purchased and made by the OA chapter. Only thing they paid for was the arrows, as that was
  11. I am so sorry. If the situation is anything like mine, I know all the emotions you are going through, and what you are feeling.
  12. Didn't the BSA try that once in the 1970s, and the GSUSA opposed it?
  13. Yes, there are many brands of water and/or flavored beverages, that have screw on lid. wash and reuse.
  14. My advice is to keep copies of all your training records, cards, etc, especially if done out of council. If you can get access to the my.scouting records, print the reports that they completed, and any completion cards they have, and give them to either your district training chair, or registrar. The council registrar can fix the issue. I remember one screw up with records that had NO ONE in the district as trained, including out PTC faculty member. Spent 3 months creating a spreadsheet with everyone's information to submit to the Registar so she could reenter the records. 2-3 year lat
  15. I am told one of our events has gone rogue. Council took 20% for using their online registration system for the event. And they did not provide a thing except the online registration; no DEs, not MBC lists, no promotion on the website, NOTHING. Rumour had it that the SE was going to shut it down next year, because the council created an event for the same weekend, and he wants folks going to that event. So far, no cancellation, and even if there is troops will be doing their own thing, and not attending the council event. Forgot to add some folks are so disgusted with council, they want t
  16. Thankfully this patch design was already approved by the council since it was the summer camp design for a number of years, anniversary patches, event patches, etc.
  17. With the exception of the two new guys from another troop, everyone was here when we did our own summer camp in 2020, and they have the MBs we could offer already.
  18. I wish we would so our own, despite all the work it is. I was trying to talk the troop into doing a 50 miler on the AT since summer camps are over $400 this year. Not only did the committee chair say it is not a good idea, but the Scouts did as well. All of them said it would be a waste of a summer because they would not be able to earn any MBs. I really wish National would push adventure instead of advancement.
  19. Unfortunately because BSA is a private organization with the right to select its members, they do not need to acknowledge a CO's investigation, let alone a criminal one, where the volunteer has been exonerated. They can still permanently remove an individual. My friend has never been reinstated in the BSA, despite a criminal investigation being done, and proving her story was the correct one.
  20. Please tell me you did not receive a notice that you are now in the IVF? Good friend of mine was placed in the IVF due to a "scout's" accusation. He said she made a pass at him. She said he was being a peeping time after hours when the ladies had access to the showers. The police investigation found evidence to support her story, yet she was removed permanently from Scouting. As for the "scout," he was given Eagle. Sadly the "eagle" had a history of getting into trouble and lying to stay out of it. A year previously he accused folks of stuff when he was caught after curfew. If it w
  21. Hopefully he can stick around and not get messed with. My neck of the woods has not had a good DE stay over a year in 11 years. Since he left, we have not had a dedicated DE, and they all sucked. Since the district merger in 2021, we are on DE #4. One had Scouting experience as a youth and volunteer. One was fresh out of college with no experience. Third one was a Cub Scout and needed a job. Met him once for about 10 minutes. Current one I know nothing about. He was not at district camporee, nor RT, so I have not met him yet. Don't even know his name, but he has been employed since Sept
  22. It is a career for fewer than you think. I do not know what the turnover rate is nationally. But when I was a DE, we had 10 DEs, an FiD, and FD quit in a 20 month period. That was when we had 9 districts
  23. As a former Pro, not much he can say no to. Stall and delay? Yes, I had to do that a lot to keep my district running. Saying "No," not really. Only time I ever said 'no" was when the SE asked me to drive to the main camp and help shut it down before a hurricane struck. Told the SE that they are evacuating the area and I would not be able to get in. Still had me call the ranger to see if he needed help. Ranger had not only secured the camp, but was 5 hours away, outside the storm track.
  24. When National mandated the horrible Arrow of Light Ceremony, and the HA base commercial that they are calling a Cross Over Ceremony, they took away the ability for lodges and chapters to create meaningful ceremonies. Add to it the push to do away with Native American regalia/ A lot of old time ceremonialists like myself stated this would cause problems down the road as the ceremonies and ceremonialists who conduct them were the inspiring and encouraging symbolic force behind the OA.
  25. I wish. I asked current SE, who was acting DE to help existing units with recruiting. Was told no. Later on at a RT he was running , he told us what we can buy and do to help recruiting. Yes, he wanted us to buy various supplies from council to do our recruiting. Thing is the schools would not allow us in to do round ups. We needed his help to get into the schools. Council use to have a policy that no district would have a conflicting event if the council was hosting one. Well, he not only allowed a conflicting district event to occur, he provided little to no support for the council leve
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