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  1. We had an adult leader who nearly said -- I'm not doing jack for your kid, it's not my problem, and basically said no to every suggestion we made to try to help our kid. He ultimately decided that he would just not be around our kid at all because he didn't like our kid's challenges and was very critical of my son's (minor) behavior concerns. (Sounded great to us based on the attitude we were getting! Other leaders in the troop were easier to work with.) I understand that not every request can be made, but adult leaders should try to be kind and helpful as much as possible, especially when
  2. Back to this Scout and how things are going in the troop. @GSleaderSG is your son new to the troop? How old is he? I'll share my son's early experiences in Scouting. My son has ADHD and social skills challenges. After his first summer camp, the committee chair called us and arranged a meeting to discuss our son not fitting in, and it felt like pressure on us to leave, except, we had no intention of leaving. Unfortunately our CC was not very sympathetic to working with a scout with special needs. That CC, who was overbearing himself, ultimately left Scouting. He suggested that my hus
  3. I learned that my son's den leader (Webelos) has decided to have the boys do worksheets this year (apparently they are online?) My son came home with a binder with some worksheets for personal fitness and stomped into the house and threw it down. Note that he gets overwhelmed when he's asked to do too many activities and he saw the work of logging fitness as a big drain on his time. But at our committee meeting the den leader said, I found these worksheets and I think the boys are old enough to do them. So now, I fear -- let's not have classroom style den meetings. This is the
  4. Wow, this is getting off topic, but we used plastic/popsicle sticks and soap and it puts a lot of peace of mind in a den leader working with multiple boys at once. It also lets the kids work a little faster for their first time carving. Now, soap is just for the first time.
  5. I think it's very important that issues be addressed on the FRONT end of the projects. So, encourage the scouts to think big. At the same time, Eagle projects are not necessarily gigantic projects. One Scout builds 3 picnic tables. That's OK. Another Scout raises $10k to place a professionally made electronic sign in front of the fire department. Another scout gets a handful of guys to pull out invasive species weeds in a large park area for a work day of invasive species removal. It's up to the adults to make sure that the project is meaty enough, and at the same time, make su
  6. Um, it's not the DE's job to dictate to the Pack, as I'm sure you know. Can you have your COR call the DE and put them back in their place? If a DE is being a PITA, then let the Scout Executive know that they've got a professional that's hurting the program. You will have to be aggressive to change things and protect your unit. Now, of course you should be polite and kind and encouraging to the girls and their families and let them know there is a misunderstanding and that your Pack is not working with girls yet. Send them back to the DE to start a new unit.
  7. We have two girls in our Pack now! They are sisters, a 1st grader and a 2nd grader. I asked if we might pull in a few more girls, but was told that every other 2nd grade girl is already in Girl Scouts, and that these two girls are not "Girl Scouty". I like them already. Their mom is volunteering in the Pack as an assistant Den leader and we'll make the whole thing work.
  8. I would just read the requirements to make sure he's qualified to become an AOL scout and cross over. I like the idea of challenging him to complete the Webelos requirements before a promotion. The kid can work for it. Talk to your committee, this isn't just your decision as it affects two of your den leaders. What do they want? It's not just all about this scout and what the scout wants. It's also about being part of the Pack community and following BSA advancement guidelines. This web page may be helpful. A 4th grade student is a Webelos, but if they complete Webelos they may begi
  9. When the daughter is 30 will the mom call the supervisor at work and ask why the daughter did not get a pay increase? Sometimes this happens in real life!! It's crazy. You just have to hold firm with the way that things work in Scouts. You can't bend the rules for a complainer.
  10. SSF, their performance as CEOs of public companies has been stellar. I don't think you'll find much argument with the results. You can also look at CEO Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix. She founded the company, no one had to hire her! But at Harvard Business School, her idea was flogged as unworkable, and the venture capitalists mostly rejected her company. This ultimately made her build company stronger in the face of those challenges. She has some very talented men working with her, and she has stopped working with a board member that made her uncomfortable. Good for her!
  11. Sometimes the female candidates are the most qualified. Take a look at CEO Jayshree Ullal of Arista Networks, for example. Also note she was not educated in the US. Indira Nooyi, at Pepsi, similar background.
  12. People are more interested in promoting women, but how many of them are tokens? I agree that the wage gap is mostly because of parenting choices, which is perfectly fine. Media and PR have a lot of women but look at the top, how many women at the top? Look at MeToo and see how many men are at the top of big media and er, taking advantage of it. Same thing with medicine, look at the top -- it's maybe more even but not woman dominated -- there are definitely more opportunities for women in industries that have a lot of female employees. It's easy to be the female owner of a housekeep
  13. Why? Her name is Christine and nickname Chris. It's her name, she can use it the way she wants to. What if someone is named Robin or Morgan or Andi? Is that deceptive?
  14. with the average male college applicant more likely to be accepted into a college than ever before, Really? I was under the impression that colleges are becoming more female-heavy and that admissions are becoming more and more competitive. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2017/08/why-men-are-the-new-college-minority/536103/ It's hard to say, are boys rejecting college or are colleges rejecting boys? I don't know, I worried it was the latter. There is a push towards the trades and I wonder if more boys than girls are getting pushed toward the trades...
  15. This is complicated. On the one hand, if I look at one schools National Honor Society members, there are a whole lot of girls and not many boys. On the other hand, when I look at CEOs of tech companies, or employees in a finance-related business I work with, there are a whole lot of men in the prime roles and not many women. I think it's great that some women are participating at the highest levels. Not all women want to get there, but it's still a harder road for women to get there than men. Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg's sister and the person who came up with the idea for
  16. Learning to hunt and fish for food are great life skills. Sorry PETA, this suggestion is no good.
  17. Gender is not really any of the BSA's business. Sure, a child will need to pick a boy or girl troop. OK, that's all. It ends there. As for all of this medical intervention in teens, basic common sense would suggest that young people need to reach adulthood before making these kinds of medical moves. Yes, puberty is awkward, but it is important. Why would any doctor commit to life altering elective surgery on a healthy minor? It's irresponsible.
  18. Do the troops around you do patch trading? I don't think this is a thing in our area, or I've not seen it yet.
  19. Just for a little reference, I have never been backpacking in my life, and neither has my husband, an ASM. I would bet that very few of the parents in our den have ever been backpacking. For us, we don't have experience to share, although we might start to get some of that experience now that our kids are older. We started out car camping 5 years ago when our oldest was about 4 years old (and fully potty trained!) We also don't really have backpacking gear, but again, we could start learning. I think it's a great goal but not an easy goal for troops to get into backpacking.
  20. I heard a cute story that our Troop had a French foreign exchange student at summer camp this year, and everybody liked him, and he was a good cook! He was voted assistant patrol leader for the Beavers, and they added an assistant, assistant patrol leader who's local. One of the prizes our new Cubmasters are doing (I can't remember for what) but they said they would cook a meal at camp as a prize for something or another, and so its now known that our boys like to eat. Gblotter can you baby step your troop into more camping?
  21. I need to teach them to sew, soon. It's not that hard. I think they don't really care about all the camp patches and whatnot, so I have been putting them on these red blankets since they were cubs. All 3 boys have decent collections. I would like them to start sewing their own MBs.
  22. We like, don't have any photos printed out, and will need to work on making a scrap book at some time for sure. The only thing I've been "helping with" is keeping a file with baseball card size slots for completed blue cards, and we keep that in the fireproof safe (and take photos of the completed blue cards and upload a copy for cloud storage.)
  23. OK, so we have some miscellaneous patches, for example, my oldest was Scribe and now he's not. He also is First Class now, yeah! Should I sew his old Scribe patch and 2nd class patch on his patch blanket? Should I sew the old 2nd class on the back of his MB sash? I should put these things somewhere. It seems any of these options are OK, I usually don't see anything on the back of the MB sashes but it's permitted. If they get the same POR again, I'd just take it off the blanket and put it back on the uniform. Any thoughts?
  24. My middle son did archery at summer camp but his MB was incomplete. The camp returned his blue card with an incomplete note stapled to it. At last night's troop COH, he was given an Archery MB, doh! And he got back the blue card with the incomplete note stapled to it and it's not a signed blue card. So, it seems that we need to hold this merit badge and either have my son practice his archery to get his targets hit to whatever standard for the MB (that was the only thing he didn't complete) or he just skips finishing this MB. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Now ho
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