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  1. Supplemental Training for Youth Leaders

    Sure - no sweat. Who needs training? These days anybody can create cool websites. https://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/
  2. Family Scouting Update

    Maybe you are right.
  3. Family Scouting Update

    Fair enough. Can we agree to have this conversation again in February 2019?
  4. Family Scouting Update

    A Scout from our troop attended an earlier World Jamboree. His feedback is primarily what deterred us. Among his Jamboree cohorts, he reported very crude behavior with lots of swearing and pornography. Adult leaders seemed unconcerned and unwilling to address it. Perhaps the addition of girls into their contingent actually would have moderated that unsavory aspect.
  5. Family Scouting Update

    The girls from our council were part of a separate Venturing Crew. They Venturing Crew ran their own Jamboree program were never seen except at the airport.
  6. Family Scouting Update

    @Tampa Turtle Thank you. I am actually not walking away from BSA - BSA walked away from me. I have stayed the same - Scouting has changed. I am not leaving in protest and anger. Rather I am leaving in sadness for what has been lost. I have a lifetime of good Scouting memories, and I'm especially grateful my son was able to experience it before BSA lost its way. It has been a wonderful ride. To be clear - these membership changes are rooted in financial desperation. It won't work. As BSA adds girls it will lose even more boys, and thus the membership declines will continue. When girls are not attracted in sufficient numbers, BSA will implement additional changes to make Scouting more girl-friendly all while the boys continue to walk away. I can't bear to watch the downfall of something I have dearly loved, so it's time for me to leave.
  7. Family Scouting Update

    I stand corrected. I am happy for the successes of UK Scouting.
  8. Family Scouting Update

    By obey, I guess you mean that you did not quit BSA over the issue? That certainly does not scream unity.
  9. Family Scouting Update

    Actually, yes. My son attended National Jamboree last year, but he is avoiding the upcoming World Jamboree despite recruitment efforts from our council. The flavor of the two events is significantly different (only partly because of girls).
  10. Family Scouting Update

    More accurately, the UK is recovering after dramatic membership losses. Nowhere near previous membership levels. Yes, you can.
  11. Family Scouting Update

    And if you don't support the DRP, are you still worthy to wear the World Crest? What about unity and brotherhood?
  12. Family Scouting Update

    If your desire is to strip me of the World Crest for supporting single-gender Scouting, you will get your wish soon enough. 2018 will be my last year as a registered Scouter. After BSA is rid of folks like me, there will be no obstacles for your utopia of unity.
  13. Family Scouting Update

    This is exactly what I see happening. If you want a to maintain a single-gender boy troop, the available program options for summer camp, camporee, merit badge midways, etc will just push you aside. The girls will prevail and the boys will walk. That is essentially what happened with coed Scouting in Canada. Scouts Canada is now primarily a girl movement and just a shadow of its former self after dramatic membership losses.
  14. Family Scouting Update

    So if I don't embrace coed camping, I am unworthy to wear the World Crest? Please clarify.
  15. Family Scouting Update

    So in other words, the whole BSA4G structure is unworkable. I agree that BSA4G is a very bad idea, and I have opposed it from the beginning.