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  1. I am trying to look it up on Google, I think it was Taffy 3 but I would need to read more about it or ask my contact at Council.
  2. Side story, I was just at our council office and one of the staff was telling someone else how yesterday (many years ago), her dad's ship was sunk and he floated in the ocean for 3 days before rescue. Interesting stuff. I did not remember the ship name.
  3. It sounds like teabagging is featured in a video game, where you kill an opponent and then can do this move on someone's corpse. (Ugh.) That said, it's no excuse. This SPL needs to be taught that what he did was wrong, it will not happen again, and the Troop will protect its members from that kind of inexcusable behavior.
  4. My boys worked on and completed their swimming merit badges at home. They took individual swim lessons at our fitness center with an instructor who is a Swimming MBC in a neighborhing council. Then they also took a swimming merit badge workshop though our park and rec department. One passed via that class, and the other took some additional lessons with the MBC to finish up his requirements. They spent a lot of time swimming, it was maybe 4 to 6 months of work. My middle son, who was not a strong swimmer, now takes continuing swimming lessons because he wants to, and that's his choic
  5. I think we agree that this is a reportable Youth Protection issue. Right? Or do you think that this should not be reported to the Council? Would you trust this SPL tenting with another one of your scouts?
  6. The question for Scouting is -- is this kid's next tent mate safe? How do we know for sure? That's why it's a Youth Protection Issue to document it. When I was a teenager, there was a 17 year old who was very sexually forward with me. Within a year he was charged with sexually assaulting another girl in our town. Knowing his past behavior with me, I believe that his behavior was a pattern. I don't know what ultimately happened to him. So, just think about protecting the youth from similar incidents.
  7. Where my mind goes is -- how will this boy treat his homecoming date if they are alone, etc? What if he has a babysitting job or other unsupervised exposure to children? Unfortunately, behavior like this, especially if undisciplined, can become a pattern. So the kid needs to be taught the hard lesson now and hopefully it sticks.
  8. It's a lot less expensive to hire a trainer and buy healthy food than it is to pay for surgery and disease treatment, fwiw. Thrifty!
  9. I chose to resign as CM this morning after a difficult committee meeting last night. I couldn't sleep well. There is an ACM who was on deck to take the role in February so it's just shortening things by a few months. My issues are a few: a few very negative, new committee members, a divisive feeling in the committee overall for more than a year, and the feeling that I would be able to do nothing to relieve the negative sentiment. Some folks think the Pack is terrible. Parts of the Pack are rough (pack meetings, kind of, for a lot of reasons), but I like to see the glass as half full. Rathe
  10. Note there is nothing wrong with breathing machines, but it might make sense for Scouters to think about our own physical activity and conditioning for our own enjoyment and ability to participate.
  11. This is the photo that inspired the topic When I went to wood Badge, a group was put in a cabin because they all had night breathing machines
  12. Yes, the beads are earned through the ticket, which is 5 volunteer projects for Scouting. Last night I was feeling like I might give up and not finish my ticket, but here are my items 1) help teach BALOO (I have twice). 2) make a new Cub scout welcome kit for our Pack, 3) run a Traffic Safety merit badge clinic for council 4) research and write a presentation about ADHD and Scouting for our district and 5) write an article about ADHD and scouting for publication. I chose fairly challenging ticket items. and it will add up to many hours of work for the council.
  13. And, this needs to be documented in case these boys ever pull this crap with another kid.
  14. Since this is your son who was mistreated, I suggest bringing in the committee chair or scout executive to help you and back you up. You can't handle this one alone, get some help. Have you talked with the SPL's parents about what happened? I would also consider having the SPL and possibly the PLC sit out the next outing or two, to give them some time to think and reflect on their inappropriate actions, and to give your son some safety without the bullies around. I would suggest creating this kind of a safe environment for any kid who was victimized, btw. Maybe it's an opportunity
  15. I am so sorry you are dealing with this but these young men need to be taught what is appropriate and what is not, and there is no tolerance for bullying or hazing of this nature in the BSA. They need to learn in no uncertain terms what they did was wrong, and it benefits them to learn that lesson in a very memorable way now so they don't go and make even worse mistakes as they grow older.
  16. Yeah, skip the fact that he threatened to sexually assault a youth with special needs? Not listening to or respecting the kid who said no and attacking him four more times? Way to give the kid an out. Think about this kid who was assaulted having to deal with this other kid in the future. How will he feel in the Troop when all his "friends" sat by and laughed while he was being bullied in such a vulgar way.
  17. 3 months? That's it? To me, that's very light for something very vulgar and un-Scoutlike. And... "a similar act of poor Scout Spirit" -- just no. There should be no more similar acts. A similar act, from my point of view would be dismissal from the Troop. Are you going to discuss this act of sexual bullying and youth-on-youth abuse with your Scout Executive? I think you need to.
  18. You have to know someone's personality to know whether they accept being teased or not. Some people enjoy it, others don't. It is up to the person who might tease to get to know another person and have some sort of relationship in place where they know it is OK to have that form of joking. Different people have different senses of humor, and it is the joke-teller's job to know their audience. It is not automatically OK to tease. It is always better to err on the side of politeness and kindness. An industrial psychologist once taught me about this. He mentioned how he could teas
  19. On the one hand, this sounds like a local thing, if EVERYTHING is cornball. However, Cub Scout campfires with skits and songs are part of Scouting. There are a lot of lessons in getting up in front of people and attempting a skit, working together with other performers, and putting together an entertaining program. If you opt out of a campfire program, that's fine. We were just at camp last weekend and had a campfire with skits. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes. 1. Wolves sang "Father Abraham" with some moves. This was good to warm up, since it was cold. 2.
  20. Yes, I think we are getting to that point. Our Committee Chair made a meeting schedule and outlines for them, and all it needs is for some of the Bear parents to now run the meetings and schedule. It is time for a hand off and let them struggle a bit and see who steps up. I know that some of the parents have been directly asked, but I am not sure that all of the parents have been directly asked.
  21. How physically fit should a Scouter be? How fit should a middle age or old Scouter be? I tend to care more about mentally awake than physically strong, but how do you define physically strong?
  22. I like, wore my Wood Badge hat at a Cub campout this past weekend and I think it might have been considered too showy!
  23. Oh you guys, I have to finish my WB tickets! Great discussion.
  24. Youtube videos may also be helpful to see how different packs load up.
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