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  1. I struggle a lot when I hear people use bad language at committee meetings. Unfortunately, I have heard the phrase (I'll make it less crude) "poop show", at both a Cub committee and Troop committee meetings. I decided to leave Cubs because I felt that there was a growing negative vibe overall, coupled with a lack of appreciation for many of the adult volunteers. Then at the next Troop meeting I went to, I heard the same phrase, but in a less accusatory and critical way. But honestly, I hate hearing this kind of language from adults in Scouting. Now, if I hear this again at
  2. Your son is too young to be in Boy Scouts, but he could be in Cub Scouts as a lone scout. So maybe that is where they are coming from, your son is not old enough to register as a Scout, but could be a Cub. Have you looked at all the churches and schools in your area for a Pack to join? I would probably approach the question as -- my child wants to be in Scouting, we have not found an organization to join, and we might want to pursue Lone Scouting (for whatever reasons) -- what do you recommend? If they don't have a lot of experience with Lone Scouting they may just not have a lot of kn
  3. There are seriously NO other merit badge counselors? Which one is it? Pulp and Paper?? I can understand being frustrated that a meeting was rescheduled, and a 2 week plus wait -- that is frustrating. I can also understand how 12 year olds don't have it together organizationally and it takes multiple tries to make things happen. I am sure that it can feel like you are delaying things like asking him to bring his calendar (who uses a paper calendar?) rather than you proposing dates that work for you, but someone has to offer dates, and make the communication. I get frustrate
  4. I think the mid-20's is a fine age for starting a career in politics, and obviously the voters supported him, so I hope he serves the people of Iowa well and I hope that he lives the BSA oath and law throughout his service to the people of his state. BSA teaches about citizenship and we should be proud. Generically proud, we don't have to be specifically proud of political stances, etc. but proud that a Boy Scout is serving people, yes!
  5. If you are not the den leader, make sure you are working as a partner with the Webelos den leader so you two are on the same page, and I would reiterate that the Webelos den leader needs to sign off. I'm the mom of a 10 year old Webelos who has missed several meetings due to hockey, and we need to play catch up, so I'm going through this myself -- I need to figure out how to do things at home (not a problem, I was a den leader for my older son) and then he needs to get them checked off and talk about what he did with his leader. As far as fast-tracking a kid ahead of his peers, I
  6. I'm going to go slightly off topic but since this is on Page 8, what the heck! In our area, our Boy Scout Troop would often rent sites at Girl Scout camps. But since the BSA has allowed girl membership, the Girl Scout camps do not want the BSA around. That probably makes sense, except, they are losing the rental money! It's a little bit too bad because all camps need money to keep running.
  7. Son #1 is sewing on his own merit badge for the first time.  Then he will do is new position patch. 

  8. It's good that a parent/den leader who was trained (likely YPT) raised the concern! This is an example of YPT working, not perfectly, but it worked to prevent future boys from having their privacy compromised by this creep. Note, that camp director needs to be fired and perhaps we need to write to the council about that.
  9. The video is selling the fun, which is, IMO, the right way to promote Scouting.
  10. I think it takes a lot of patience with new parents, and figure that new parents just don't know what they don't know. I had a very frustrating first year or so in my own family when my oldest was starting Scouts. It went something like this. I'd ask a question -- I have lots of questions, and my husband, an ASM, would get mad at me for asking the question. This is exactly what it felt like from my point of view. From his point of view, he was trying to tell me that Boy Scouts was different, but he came across as the grouchiest person on earth, where I couldn't even talk about Boy Sco
  11. Nope, that's still essentially how it works.
  12. Yeah, that's how you make friends. All the AOLs need to do is an outing with a troop. I would not mess in a Pack you don't belong to. Like, once, a female SM in our troop was complaining about how a female CC in our Pack was wearing her shirt. But, the boys in the troop were dressing very sloppy themselves. Take care of your own unit and leave the other units alone! Plus, the SE is unlikely to interfere.
  13. Just go to coffee and make sure to tell him a big thank you for everything he's done for you and your boys, and reiterate your friendship. You are switching because you are seeking a boy-led troop that uses the patrol method, and sadly, this troop you've been in is becoming more adult led. Then thank him again and tell him that he is a good guy, and lightly go over your frustrations, but end with apprecation of your time together. Maybe you'll get to work again in the future or maybe he'll come to your new troop too!
  14. I think it's an interesting project idea, and I'm curious about what the beneficiary thinks of it. Will they be on board? Is there anything else that they need even more than the Legos? Storage is not a bad idea -- as a person who has a lot of legos in my house, I think that having an organized way to keep the sets together (whether it is purchased plastic bins or built) and labeled, etc. might be good. Maybe from a construction standpoint they'd like some Lego tables or workstations for the kids to use too. Maybe your son could expand his project by seeking some donations from the
  15. With young Cub Scouts, I would not get too picky over it. Make sure you are setting the right example personally, the kids look up to you!
  16. I am always impressed whenever we have a guest speaker from the police or fire department or the military, how awesome they look in their uniforms. I mean, there's a very clear, sharp identity that comes from wearing a uniform well. Now Scouters are a little bit of a sloppy bunch in comparison, we are clearly volunteers with our various bling and whatnot, we are obviously not professionals in uniform. But a uniform gives an impression when it is worn well. P.S. I hate the pants but I have like 3 pairs!
  17. It might be a lot of fun to go out and visit other troops. Take your time and go make the rounds. I'm sorry your troop is going downhill but it sounds like this group cannot be turned around.
  18. Thank you qwaze! The Traffic Safety merit badge was yesterday and it turned out well. I was very nervous and stressed earlier in the week but it ended up OK. I'll have to count but I think we had around 28 participants. The merit badge class was 3 hours, review style, with a state patrol officer as a guest speaker and an hour of hands on work outside measuring stopping distances and reviewing lights, wipers, tires, seatbelts, etc on a vehicle. Then I had a 60 question quiz (for fun) where the boys answered 2 questions each and got a York Peppermint Patty. The course was full (30 kids) but
  19. I am trying to look it up on Google, I think it was Taffy 3 but I would need to read more about it or ask my contact at Council.
  20. Side story, I was just at our council office and one of the staff was telling someone else how yesterday (many years ago), her dad's ship was sunk and he floated in the ocean for 3 days before rescue. Interesting stuff. I did not remember the ship name.
  21. It sounds like teabagging is featured in a video game, where you kill an opponent and then can do this move on someone's corpse. (Ugh.) That said, it's no excuse. This SPL needs to be taught that what he did was wrong, it will not happen again, and the Troop will protect its members from that kind of inexcusable behavior.
  22. My boys worked on and completed their swimming merit badges at home. They took individual swim lessons at our fitness center with an instructor who is a Swimming MBC in a neighborhing council. Then they also took a swimming merit badge workshop though our park and rec department. One passed via that class, and the other took some additional lessons with the MBC to finish up his requirements. They spent a lot of time swimming, it was maybe 4 to 6 months of work. My middle son, who was not a strong swimmer, now takes continuing swimming lessons because he wants to, and that's his choic
  23. I think we agree that this is a reportable Youth Protection issue. Right? Or do you think that this should not be reported to the Council? Would you trust this SPL tenting with another one of your scouts?
  24. The question for Scouting is -- is this kid's next tent mate safe? How do we know for sure? That's why it's a Youth Protection Issue to document it. When I was a teenager, there was a 17 year old who was very sexually forward with me. Within a year he was charged with sexually assaulting another girl in our town. Knowing his past behavior with me, I believe that his behavior was a pattern. I don't know what ultimately happened to him. So, just think about protecting the youth from similar incidents.
  25. Where my mind goes is -- how will this boy treat his homecoming date if they are alone, etc? What if he has a babysitting job or other unsupervised exposure to children? Unfortunately, behavior like this, especially if undisciplined, can become a pattern. So the kid needs to be taught the hard lesson now and hopefully it sticks.
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