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  1. There are straps for attaching a bed roll. My boys stuff their sleeping bag into compression sacks and put them inside their packs. If you have an REI store near you, go there during a quiet time of day and ask a sales associate to run you through the newer backpacks' features.
  2. Hi Scouters, So we have a Bear den that currently has no leadership. Our Committee Chair is helping the Bear Den, and I am helping the Bear Den. But we need the Bear den to help themselves!! The committee chair has made a meeting schedule with topics I helped the Bear Den with activities on the Fall Camping trip and spent the weekend running the kids through activities (parents tagged along). They just don't have a leader. Some candidates, but no one has stepped up: 1. A guy who tried to be den leader but it just didn't work, he struggled. He now is working
  3. Hold the phone, let's confirm what Cub Scouts can do in boats. Is this no longer accurate? https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/05/05/cub-scouts-swimming-and-boating/
  4. Oh it's one thing to say you're going to file a lawsuit and another thing to actually do it. It might be a lot of hot air in the long run. I am sure there will be some lawsuits, but I think most folks are big talkers.
  5. Yes, but I feel with Scouters, time is of the essence. We don't know how long we'll have our volunteers for. It is good that we have position specific training required, and that is a pre-req for Wood Badge. You need to be trained in your position. If we make it too leveled, then you have potential issues with Scouters feeling like they outrank one another, and that is a bunch of drama we don't need. I'd grab a Scouter, find a training and have them go for it. Wood Badge is a commitment because it's 2 weekends. Some of my WB Patrol mates were Cub Scouters and they were delightful, and in S
  6. I think that if the Scouter has worked with male Scouters and it's not working, try a female Scouter. My Wood Badge course director was female, and I kind of idolized her, she was great, and so when she made a recommendation not to do XYZ, I listened to her with less resentment than I would if some guy I had no connection to and who was maybe not my best match to work with gave me a recommendation not to do XYZ. Does that make sense? The example was, I offered to go help with NYLT training, and she advised me to find a ticket item working with Cub (where I had more experience). So I
  7. Well, ya can't get a shot for norovirus (although, people are working on it). There will always be a risk of illnesses at camp.
  8. We need more trained leaders, not fewer, and so taking any new leader though Wood Badge is going to give them more experience than they had. We need new leaders, and we need new female leaders. Everybody starts somewhere! My WB experience was pretty clear in what we were doing. Just because some people don't do well in WB is not a condemnation of the whole program. I think my course from last summer was the newest course. Back to the specific female Scouter who is struggling with patrol-led, perhaps one of the other female Scouters could form a friendship and mentor her? Might n
  9. Summer camps can, of course, make any rules they want within the law and within BSA policies, but if it's too much of a hassle / extremely restrictive, then not as many people will go to summer camp. Any PR problems with the BSA coming across as either pro-vax or anti-vax in the media would be a disaster.
  10. That's OK. No one can force my family's medical decisions (and I have not shared what they are, other than me not getting a flu shot).
  11. Talk to your council and camp directors about the issue. They are the ones who will set and enforce any policies on the matter.
  12. I really don't want to debate vaccinations or start a debate on vaccinations when what we have in place seems to be working. Have there been any cases of Hep A or measles outbreaks spreading via Scout camps in the last decade? Do we have a problem or are we making up a problem so we can argue about it? Can a person vaccinated for measles get the measles? The answer should be, no. The people most at risk for measles are unvaccinated pregnant women and very young unvaccinated children. Can a person vaccinated for HepA get it? It's the same kind of situation isn't it? I
  13. It is the right of the citizen to decide whether to vaccinate their children or not. In Scouting, this is going to be the decision of the camp owners (presumably the council) so most of us are not involved in these decisions anyway. Also, I'm sure there are laws related to how these issues should and should not be handled. When we want to encourage participation in Scouting, it is not a great idea to take on a controversial issue such as vaxing or not vaxing. Why open the can of worms? Parents can and should decide their preferences. Why make it even harder for people to enjoy c
  14. Sorry about the misquote, I tried to find the original but was struggling. I don't think it's bad to seek out a hardworking spouse, but I think it's wrong to assume that the woman will be the cook, or that one spouse should pull more of the weight so the other can go play in the woods. There is a ton of sexism out there and it is something we need to be careful to avoid as Scouters. I also think it's wrong to push our ideologies on Scouts. The Scout Oath and Law are the most important lessons. Live those, associate with people with similar values and that's not a bad way to live your
  15. It appears that one of the posts about criteria for choosing women who are rich and good cooks and seeing a woman working in a field and saying "that'll do" have been removed. I don't see those posts on this thread anymore, but they were here, and that's what prompted my replies.
  16. Hopefully by summer this outbreak will have run its course. The council in your area will need to see what the laws say about the issue for non school organizations.
  17. What information has the mom been given about the patrol method. Has she taken BSA boy scout level training? Has she been coached? Invite her to join the adults patrol then hang around your adults patrol campfire and start up the relationship. The 6 y.o. can hang with the adult patrol too. Or, find some other female leaders into your adult patrol so you have better coverage next time. People don't just know the patrol method. They need information and coaching. Send her to Wood Badge! It's hard to listen to the complaints that a) parents don't do anything, and b) parents do too
  18. My boys use Osprey Ace backpacks and my oldest uses a Marmot Neverwinter sleeping bag. We got one of the backpacks on Ebay and the sleeping bag off Craigslist.
  19. I have no problems running off a good old boy who does not respect the current families in the Troop or is an egomaniac. There is a reason why some people get nicer as they age, it's because they want to continue to be included and not sent off to the dust bin. A troop does not need a graybeard around to be successful. But if they happen to have a wonderful graybeard around, it's an asset. An elder who lives the Scout Law and is welcoming and kind to families is the kind of person you want around for a long time. All adult leaders are replaceable. Our troop is cycling through th
  20. My oldest son has two brothers. They are siblings. They are all in Scouts BSA. Soon we may have older Scouts in troops with younger sisters in Cubs. That's Scouts BSA. We may have brothers in one troop and sisters in another troop. That's Scouts BSA. We may have Scouts with older siblings in Venturing. That's Scouts BSA. And here's the thing, when you have Dad as a den leader and Mom running the popcorn sale, and sister in Venturing and Brother in Scouts, then that helps make a family stronger. And it helps make a community stronger.
  21. You know what's interesting is that we got new Scoutmasters this year (husband/wife team) and they have taken the training to heart. They are saying things like "you (Scouts) don't work for us, we work for you". They are moving the troop more towards Patrols than they have been in the past. Every local flavor will be a little different, but it's not like there's no hope!
  22. I didn't say boys, I said good old boys, and you know what that means. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_ol'_boy And I will add that any access to minors comes only with the permission of mom and dad, they are not the enemy. Scouting does belong to mom and dad and siblings, and we all have our roles and opportunities within the organization. I have three children in Scouting and I absolutely have influence in our troop. I have more influence than older Scouters whose children grew up and left decades ago, because it is my family and my kids. Scouting exists today because of o
  23. It's not the good old boy club anymore! And I"ve been in Scouting for 5 years, thank you very much.
  24. Here's the thing, it's not funny. My husband had a Chemistry professor who told him something like, "the taller they are, the more fun they are to ride." Is that a joke? Is it funny? Is it Chemistry? This is the kind of garbage that goes around and it's inappropriate.
  25. It might be a much more valuable and Scout-like lesson to talk to boys about what they should give in a relationship, more than what they can get. What makes a relationship a win-win for a husband and wife, and there's a lot more to it than he's the paycheck and she's the maid. If I heard that you were teaching my boys about your vision of spouse selection we'd be having a conversation where I'd be asking you to stick to the Scout Handbook. You are welcome to have that conversation with your own children all day long but it's not your scope of practice to train mine in that subject matter. I
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