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  1. You know, after my boys went out on a hot day, I can see the use of a class B. At Wood Badge we wore t-shirts a lot but uniforms for some meals and all flag ceremonies. I am OK with some flexibility.
  2. I'm taking my boys and some troop mates orienteering today! it's some First Class stuff.
  3. It sounds like there may be a misunderstanding. I would let them regroup and try again. This is called, a learning experience. Kids screw up all the time. Or you can kick him out of the troop, ban his family and curse him for life. I don't know what BSA says about punishing scouts, but if you seek to punish the Scout, I think you may need to check your scope of practice as a Scouter.
  4. My whole family is in scouting. My husband is an ASM and I am a Cubmaster and Troop Secretary, working on Wood Badge tickets. We have three sons in Scouting, a 2nd Class, age 13, Tenderfoot, age 11 and Webelos, age 9. The boys have a nice pack and a nice troop and we have to reason to leave. Sometimes our Pack and Troop are frustrating, but big picture, the people are nice, the kids are nice and we make it work and do our best. Why would you quit with kids still in the program? Give them the best experiences you can!
  5. I am generally OK with girls joining Scouts and I have never been a Boy Scout. I am a woman. Thinking back to my girlhood I am not sure if I would have been a Scout if it was available. It's a huge commitment and the physical fitness might have been a turnoff. I was more into dance and music programs as a youth. I wasn't into camping until my husband and I started together when our kids were potty trained. So we are newer outdoorsy types. I've always liked day outings, of course.
  6. For us, we are just keeping on with Scouting. I'm working on some fundraising for our Pack, and my Wood Badge stuff, and the Troop is working on getting ready for summer camp. So far, no big waves of change. The Troop just had a brat sale and they did well, so it doesn't seem like they are getting any social flak, and the community supports them in their endeavors. Oldest son is getting closer to First Class, they are working on some orienteering stuff this weekend. Youngest is not making a lot of progress but he is 11 and I'm not worried over him, not much. His older brother made second
  7. It was a rough night in our WB course, but, it was also interesting to reflect on. I think I learned things from the exercise. Of course, it is a struggle to be set up to be in competition, then have the objective changed to be cooperation. It's a trick. I was in competitive mode the whole time, and having a big failure is always a learning experience. We had a cracker barrel afterward and some time to chat. It was very dramatic for us. Rough but we moved on and it is not the main feature of WB, or my most vivid memory from the course, we had so many other positive moments that are more
  8. I would like to say I really don't care how colleges view my boys' Eagle awards, if they even get them. If a college looks at my kids and doesn't see them as wonderful people, then it's their loss. And, I get that top colleges are competitive, but I don't really know if my kids will be chasing top colleges. What I want in an Eagle Scout journey for my sons is the maturity and real world experience the journey gives them. My boys are youngish, 11 and 13 and they are just starting to learn. My older son was supposed to lead cooking on this last weekend's campout and I heard it
  9. Nice Kilt! I will say, I hate BSA pants. I have women's pants, two pair in the tech fabric and one in the cotton and I hate them all. I wear them because I wear the uniform, but I do not like wearing them. The shirt is fine. I don't have a lot of opinions on the new uniforms, I hope they make more choices in olive for women's pants. I will need a new shirt for BSA soon but may buy a secondhand shirt. In other news, my youngest became a WEBELOS scout this week. He wants to wear a tan shirt but has to wait one more year!
  10. On another forum I belong to, someone was bemoaning the decline of their religion, and someone mentioned this book. I have not read it, but the concept is that many social organizations are struggling. Bowling Alone, The Collapse and Revival of American Community. https://www.amazon.com/Bowling-Alone-Collapse-American-Community/dp/0743203046/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526652514&sr=8-1&keywords=bowling+alone
  11. It looks like red wolf neckerchiefs are on backorder at the online shop. We are doing crossover next week, and I wonder if we should try to go red?
  12. What I noticed in our last Pack committee discussion is a sense of fear of treating the girls "unequally", and it seems that some think that co-ed will reduce risk of being accused of being unfair. I think that some folks on our committee (in cubs) are afraid of looking bad, and that they think that separation is inherently wrong. I would like to find ways to encourage the girls and boys to have their own space but I'm not sure it will fly at all with people who are concerned about political correctness and perceived injustice, real or imagined. It will be interesting to see how it plays out
  13. I'm not sure that I agree with that. My bigger concern is that people will demand immediate entry into boys troops because of insufficient volunteers for girls troops. So, I am really hoping that some strong girls programs will form and that some girls' parents will dig in to volunteering with the BSA. Not all troops are equal anyway, each troop has its own personality and strengths and weaknesses.
  14. It seems that some people are squeamish about perceived discrimination against girls with separate Troops. I'm not sure I understand it and think it would be good to discuss so we can be prepared to support or defend BSA's policy of separate male and female troops as needed. Thanks!
  15. Right now, we are only talking about girls in Cub Scouts. I expect our Troop will stay all boy, and then if they choose to avoid girls,it may just take some creative planning.
  16. Honestly, I really don't know how this will play out in real life until we get there. It will be a learning experience!
  17. We discussed girls at the committee last night, and our Pack will bring in girl dens if there is interest. The Pack will also have boys and girls potentially working co-ed as needed for programming, which is a concern, but a few leaders were told "off the record" that this was acceptable to our council and bought into the idea. So now we will wait and see if any girls take an interest in the Fall recruiting season. We will not poach from Girl Scouts and it sounds like the families on committee who are active in GSUSA will stick with the program they started with. It will be interesting to
  18. Hey guys, has anyone been to Tesomas Scout camp? I don't think they have patrol cooking, but they seem like they are highly rated and I've heard they have scouts from all over come. I'm also interested in hearing more about Camp Freeland Leslie. Our troop has been to Gartner Dam for the past 3 years and the boys might get a choice of camps in the future. Thanks!
  19. Son #1 cleaned the garage this weekend as a part of his Family Life merit badge work.  Earlier, we put gravel on a path in the yard as the family project. He's almost done with this badge!  Just need a family meeting.  Son #2 got the hang of diving and going under water well enough to complete the Swimming merit badge -- woo woo!

  20. Yes, of course, I heard this from a parent. Perhaps we need to introduce some super-cool high adventure to keep these boys engaged in the next couple years.
  21. The only race I have heard of in our Troop is of the boys who want to finish their Eagles and get out before the girls arrive. However, I think this is short sighted and the girls won't be in their Troop, so what do they care? But, it is out there. ETA: This could really hurt our troop if the 16 year olds start bailing out early, it is nice to have older boys to lead the way for the younger ones.
  22. I just don't care when girls start getting the first Eagle. They should follow the program, but if it only takes 22 months or whatever, so be it.
  23. I think at this time it's too early to tell how much interest there is from families of girls for BSA programs. I mean, it's still barely getting started. At our Back to School night when we have a recruiting table, it will be interesting to see if any families of girls will ask for info. Also, I know a lot of girls' families but I need to be careful not to step on the toes of the GSUSA, which of course has many girls right now. I think the girls' programs will start very very small, but that's OK because it will be more manageable. I think it will take at least 2 years before we k
  24. I talked with another mom today after an event. She has an older daughter (15) in Girl Scouts who basically just does camp, a son who left Cub Scouts because he didn't like the group of boys in Scouts and was getting bullied, and a daughter who is in Scouts. The Girl Scout leader is very very very active and always taking the girls to do things. I asked my friend if their family would be interested in the BSA, now that there are opportunities for girls. She didn't know. I also don't know, because this is all still in the very early stages. It was difficult to have the conversations tal
  25. I really don't think it's going to be that bad, to be honest. But it may depend on the area of the country you live in. I just heard about a library in Alaska that is having a drag queen storytime, led by drag queens and where children are encouraged to dress up as the opposite gender. In comparison, bringing in girl units to the BSA is very, very modest and mild.
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