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  1. I'm a female cubmaster. I wear my tan shirt, blue loops, Cubmaster patch, trained patch, fleur de lis with centennial ring, a 4 year service star, a wood badge patch in the temporary patch position above the pocket. I have a Wood badge custom jacket and sweatshirt that I sometimes wear. I also have a red patagonia zip up better sweater that I sometimes wear with the uniform. I have green uniform pants, a belt, and nice hiking shoes. I would like to get a name tag. Oh, I have scout socks too! I should add that I walk around with terrific posture when in uniform (
  2. @FaithfulScouter are you interested in the job or do you know anyone who will be good at it? All you need on a basic level is, IMO, the ability to run a meeting and stay on task, attention to detail for rechartering, ability to recruit and discern other committee members and willingness to get trained.
  3. We have an umbrella policy anyway, but I am not worried about Scouting lawsuits.
  4. 1. The program is the same for all participants. 2. Go to Wood Badge this year. Get your online trainings done and I don't think anyone will harass you about the position specific stuff. Have a great time - woo!!!
  5. I wonder if I can or should wear my Wood badge necker (plaid) with my Cub Scout uniform.
  6. Hi @bearess I am totally late to this thread. How is it going for your son now? Have you talked with the Scoutmaster? It sounds to me like the adult CM was almost bullying your 10 year old son, which is unacceptable. I hope it is going better. Hang in there!! Best wishes to you and your son.
  7. Yes, I do not understand this either. What I briefly read here is something like -- patrols will not be allowed to camp completely on their own without adults, and patrols cannot go on hikes, etc without adults present. But I am not clear on the exact details and it will be important to understand exactly what is going on.
  8. I have to say, it sounds as if you want to go volunteer and help a Pack with their Webelos program. If you're not interested / able to go volunteer or partner with the Pack, then I suggest -- stop looking over your shoulder. Instead, focus your energy on making your Troop program the best it can possibly be. I have a hard time hearing a troop complain about new scouts, when -- new scouts are new scouts. The troop has them for as many as 7 years -- ages 11 to 18 to help the boys learn and grow from young tweens to adult men. The best thing I did as a Webelos/Arrow of L
  9. I just want to say, Amen! I think that it is important for young Scouts to realize there is more to the world than themselves and that there is a responsibility to a higher power and to the community. I also find the practice of communal prayer and reflection important, especially in a society that says, no it's all about you all the time.
  10. Welcome and thank you for talking about your journey, and best wishes for a great summer!!! I have seen a few YouTube videos about Northern Tier. Also, I think you should feel free to call or email their director and ask some questions directly about getting ready for the job. Best wishes and thank you for staffing!!!
  11. Rowe is an excellent communicator and would be a fabulous spokesperson. He believes in the BSA. For an executive director, those folks are professional fundraisers and capital allocators. That is not the same job as a spokesperson.
  12. Hi, First of all, thank you for working with the Scouts. It is not easy! Second, I am thinking about something called executive functioning -- which is basically, organizational skills. This kid may have difficulty with some of these things and keeping track of directions and times and dates, etc. Since there is evidence that following directions and keeping tack of times and dates is causing some difficulty, see what you can do to make the communication about these things easier for you and for the scout and his family. Here is what I will suggest. I once had a te
  13. Boys are on a hike today.  If son #1 completes a few more things, he will earn First Class before summer camp (#3, he's 13).  Son #2 completed the Swimming merit badge.  We are encouraging them to log for Personal Fitness over summer vacation. 

    1. Thunderbird


      The Scouts in my son's troop don't have difficulty doing fitness activities, they have difficulty tracking their fitness activities.  I don't know why.  Is the tracking too much like school?

    2. ItsBrian


      Introduce technology to them. Have them track it on their phones, then on paper. There are many apps you could use or even Google sheets app and fill it in.

    3. Thunderbird


      Brian, I will suggest that to some of the parents.  Maybe an app (something like Habitica) will help them.  Some of them do not have phones yet, but they could borrow a parent's phone for a minute or so every day.  Thank you for the idea!

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  14. We did all these things in our Webelos / AOL Den, but -- just know that it was the boys (and my) first time trying out any of these concepts, and it was more about an initial exposure to these concepts than full mastery. I fondly remember the meeting where the boys were trying to come up with a patrol name, and various kids were pitching ideas, and some wanted to give campaign speeches, etc. The Illuminati was a contender, but they came up with the Night Owls -- and it was contentious, not everyone was happy with that result. But it worked, and they had a patrol flag with them when t
  15. Hi Everybody, I will just share my experience and perspective from when I was a Cub scout den leader. We did the requirements in the book to the best of our ability, but since I had no experience with the Boy Scout program, I was not aware of any expectations that the Webelos journey was all about prep for Boy Scouts. We did the things in the book, which included some things related to Boy Scouts, but that was about it. Regarding the young man who will be coming into your troop, take him where he is when he comes in, just as you would take in any other boy with an interest in Sco
  16. Congratulations, Brian!!! Woo Hoo! Cycling is a big merit badge and great work getting it done! I feel honored that you are here to share some of your journey with us. Thank you!
  17. Late to the party here, but who wouldn't love Mike Rowe as an American Scouting Ambassador?
  18. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Keep working through this and hopefully your son can have his name cleared or find another unit that's a better fit. Best wishes and I am sorry this is so difficult.
  19. You know, after my boys went out on a hot day, I can see the use of a class B. At Wood Badge we wore t-shirts a lot but uniforms for some meals and all flag ceremonies. I am OK with some flexibility.
  20. I'm taking my boys and some troop mates orienteering today! it's some First Class stuff.
  21. It sounds like there may be a misunderstanding. I would let them regroup and try again. This is called, a learning experience. Kids screw up all the time. Or you can kick him out of the troop, ban his family and curse him for life. I don't know what BSA says about punishing scouts, but if you seek to punish the Scout, I think you may need to check your scope of practice as a Scouter.
  22. My whole family is in scouting. My husband is an ASM and I am a Cubmaster and Troop Secretary, working on Wood Badge tickets. We have three sons in Scouting, a 2nd Class, age 13, Tenderfoot, age 11 and Webelos, age 9. The boys have a nice pack and a nice troop and we have to reason to leave. Sometimes our Pack and Troop are frustrating, but big picture, the people are nice, the kids are nice and we make it work and do our best. Why would you quit with kids still in the program? Give them the best experiences you can!
  23. I am generally OK with girls joining Scouts and I have never been a Boy Scout. I am a woman. Thinking back to my girlhood I am not sure if I would have been a Scout if it was available. It's a huge commitment and the physical fitness might have been a turnoff. I was more into dance and music programs as a youth. I wasn't into camping until my husband and I started together when our kids were potty trained. So we are newer outdoorsy types. I've always liked day outings, of course.
  24. For us, we are just keeping on with Scouting. I'm working on some fundraising for our Pack, and my Wood Badge stuff, and the Troop is working on getting ready for summer camp. So far, no big waves of change. The Troop just had a brat sale and they did well, so it doesn't seem like they are getting any social flak, and the community supports them in their endeavors. Oldest son is getting closer to First Class, they are working on some orienteering stuff this weekend. Youngest is not making a lot of progress but he is 11 and I'm not worried over him, not much. His older brother made second
  25. It was a rough night in our WB course, but, it was also interesting to reflect on. I think I learned things from the exercise. Of course, it is a struggle to be set up to be in competition, then have the objective changed to be cooperation. It's a trick. I was in competitive mode the whole time, and having a big failure is always a learning experience. We had a cracker barrel afterward and some time to chat. It was very dramatic for us. Rough but we moved on and it is not the main feature of WB, or my most vivid memory from the course, we had so many other positive moments that are more
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