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  1. Wow- the responses are so varied, I am still not sure what to do. Obviously if they are in the T-shirt- I would have them at least put their hand over their heart, but to have them do the cub scout salute somehow feels wrong if they are not in the offical cub scout uniform. However, like others- I cannot find anything in print saying that- so I have no basis for my feelings...I guess I'll just have to go along w/ my committee chairperson's "rules" and have all scouts salute with the cub scout salute whether in a uniform or in a pack T-shirt. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Hello- I was told my our committee chairperson that if the boys were in our pack T-shirts, that was considered a uniform and they could solute the flag- I was under the impression it must be official uniform in order to salute.... any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Yes, that is exactly what they are asking us to do- give them the boys from "their" side of town. And before- they never did any recruiting and didn't care to have more boys. It's not about the boys for them- it's their pride now, it's terrible! The unit comissioner is already involved and we will all sit down to talk about it....and I will stick to my guns... that if a boy knows there are two packs in which he can observe to see which one he wants to join- and chooses to join ours...I am keeping him!!! Thanks for the input!!
  4. That is what I thought and that is the impression I was under! I would LOVE to do a joint recruitment and have the boys and their families pick which pack they feel is right for them. We left this other pack and formed a new one because they were turning away boys, saying there wasn't enough room...and for various other reasons...the new pack is going well- we've done so much more than the old pack did. We wanted to start recruiting more boys and we recently got a call from the someone in the council office saying we need to all sit down and talk because the old pack wants to set boundaries
  5. Hello, I was wondering, if you are living in a small town and have 2 Cub Scout packs, is it "legal" to set boundaries and say that we can only recruit on "our side" of town?? Thanks!
  6. It's funny that your post is the first one I came across, I am in the process of joining a new pack as well.... for the EXACT same reasons you are!! I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Personally, I found a pack that will better suit me and my 7 bears much better and all my parents are on board w/ switching packs.... if it means my boys will have more fun and enjoy scouting.... I am all for it... it's scarey to switch... and I hate making my CM mad, but I am doing it anyway... for my boys! Best of luck to you.... and you are such an awesome scouter!!!!
  7. Thank you for the motivation and you are so right! It was wonderful to hear of your experience and how it is going with you! The boys received their wolf badge and we are now working on bear .. YEAH! These boys love this and so do I and that's all that matters! Thanks again!
  8. Oh wow, that is great!! Yes, my parents are very very dedicated!! It is so awesome to talk to you guys and hear you be so positive.... I wish our cubmaster was more positive! Thanks so much for all the nice comments- I really appreciate it and it sure motivates me! We are doing an all day den meeting on Wednesday (there is no school due to a teacher training) so we are building bird houses and doing a cook out, I can't wait- it will be so much fun!!!
  9. Yes, the parents are also signing off their boys on tasks as they complete them. Yes, many of the activities in Wolf are specifically for parent and child... and that is what the cubmaster is saying- that even that- the parents cannot do in 5 months- he says it's too fast for parents and/or den leader. Which, now, has been cleared up and my boys will have no problem getting thier wolf in May!! And, let me just say that NO we are not rushing through things at the point that they don't get the full advantage of what we are doing- we are just full of energy and doing lots of things!! This als
  10. Thank you so much for you kind words. It really helps to hear that. The cubmaster said that it's fine, they can have thier wolf badge in May as long as I am not "backlogging" or signing them off when they are not completing things. I would never do that- it was already explained to me by the old cubmaster that they must have completed the tasks within this school year and of course I'd make sure they do whatever I sign them off on. First of all- I am a certified teacher, I know how to teach kids. AND I am the president of the PTA at our school- so some people do trust me... apparently jus
  11. THanks for the reply. I appreciate it and will explain that to my CM tonight at the leader's meeting. He actually said that maybe they shouldn't get their wolves at all and go straight to bear this summer. That would devestate them and all they've been doing they will feel was for nothing. He is just totally different from the other cubmaster who was the one I talked to when I joined- who told me no problem in taking only 5 months to get their badge. Yes, it's a lot of work, but they've done SOOOO much work and I'd hate for them to not get their badge. Thanks again!!
  12. HI. I am new to scouting. My husband is an eagle scout and wanted our son (second grader)to get involved- we found out there was no wolf den in our area, so I became a wolf den leader and started my own den in January. Within 2 weeks- I had 6 boys signed up- they all got uniforms- including myself and we were holding weekly den meetings. I was told that blue and gold was at the end of May, so if we work hard we can get all 6 boys thier wolf badge in May. Then we got a new cubmaster and he is saying I am rushing it and it is doubtful they can have their wolf in May. He says it took his bo
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