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  1. I hope this is in the right place. I am one of the Key 3. So it looks like we may be losing the COR of our troop and pack, she is one of the parents. She said that she was done with the complaining of all of the parents (other non scout programs as well). I really don't know what happened, she changed so much so fast. She seems to be a my way or the highway type of person where she asks for help for stuff and then completely takes over, changes it, gets mad when she has to do it. She wont take suggestions and if you do suggest something you are one of "those" parents. She has literally done
  2. Thank you for all of the comments. Of course she has not volunteered, though I hear "when I was a leader" quite often. I am a fan of all of the recommendations. We are going to have a sit down and chat very soon. For the discrepancies I think I may just say, "here are the requirements, do you feel as though you completed this?" Yes, sign and move on/no, when would you like to do this? If mom jumps in to remind him, I will go back and ask him again if he feels like he completed the requirements. For the requirements that are not signed off, I will remind them again that I nee
  3. I need advice please. We have one parent that has been difficult to say the least. All of a sudden they want their child to bridge up because they don't want them to be a part of our pack and they want it done by the end of the year. They want to move on to a troop (that their other boys are in) because they do not like our troop or pack, apparently they do not like what we are doing. I think we are doing a banging job, we have expanded our program to incorporate more of boy scouts' offerings. They are constantly telling the other parents that we aren't following the safety rules fo
  4. Hi! So, I am trying to work on building up our cub and boy scout program and I can see a great many things in the future. I think part of that is visibility, what are our scouts doing and what are they doing within our community. To aid in my quest, I am trying to get some Class B shirts done and I know a very talented graphics designer that is willing to design a shirt for us. We are a pretty small group so shirts tend to be more expensive. We want something "cool" that the kids will want to wear not only for our events as deemed appropriate but also just because they are cool. So
  5. Relatively new scout parent/leader. I am looking to have some questions answered and get some great ideas for our program!
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