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  1. You know two things about me. Guess what those things are? They begin with "J" and "S". I've been the SM for 3 months. The previous SM was a scouter for 50 years and the SM for 14 years. I'm dealing with his mess. Reflect on that while you play with your jump to conclusions mat.
  2. I have turned the matter over to my ASM and the Troop Committee.
  3. Full disclosure, the victim here is my son. I am furious over this. However, being the Scoutmaster puts me in a precarious position. The father in me first wanted to react like my father would have. To encourage my son to go beat the crap out of this kid. My son has about 75 pounds and 5 inches in height on the SPL. He just doesn't have an aggressive or violent bone in his body. The boys know this and the SPL only bullied him because he knew or thought he could get away with it. If I act too harshly, I will be accused of favoritism, or over protecting my son. If I let them off too lightly
  4. Which I why I am considering my options and what actions to take.
  5. This was not a BSA sanctioned outing. This was a group of "friends" that happen to be members of the same troop having a sleep over.
  6. Momma, I agree that there is a weird, sexual undercurrent in this. The boys are 12 and 13 year olds. Change some minor dynamics such as age or sex of some of the scouts involved and nobody could argue that this was a sexual assault. I'm not ready to label the SPL as a sex offender. I am tempted to fire the lot of them. However, I think there is a lesson in this for the entire troop. These boys are immature. Some of them are cliquish and feel that they are above some of the other scouts. I think I can knock them down a few pegs without putting them out of scouting. I hope that will give me an o
  7. New member, relatively new Scoutmaster with a few years as an Assistant. Recently, Some members of my PLC had a sleep over. One of the Scouts has developmental delays. He is ADHD, on the Austism scale and has learning disabilities. He is a non aggressive, non violent 13 year old. All of the boys there have known him for a few years through the troop. They all have seemed relatively accepting and patient with him (under adult supervision). At this sleep over, the other boys began to bully him throughout the night. The adults in the house were sleeping in another part of a relatively large
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