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  1. It's in a folder called "Interim Family Scouting Materials." I don't think this is the final set of materials, just what has been produced so far.
  2. Yeah, we wouldn't want our scouts to pick up on any of that garbage, right? Being responsible, doing chores, caring about others, being attentive. That would be awful.
  3. I always thought i.Scout was a UK thing, but in browsing the World Scout Shop, they carry i.Scout goods there, too. So it's a WOSM thing, I guess? What is it? My Google-fu failed me on this one. Best I can tell it's just a brand of Scouting gear and clothing, but is there more to it than that? Anyone know anything more about it?
  4. What, you don't pack your official BSA marketing banners on all outings?
  5. I don't agree with the intrepretations of "Family Scouting" being all-ages. We'll find out what it really means later this year hopefully. Let's just leave it at that.
  6. Dude... I don't share your interpretation of this. There is a chart, it says "Family" in the ages 6-10 row, does not say "Family" in the 11-17 row. It's pretty clear. You somehow see if different, and I have no idea why. The graphic right on the page you linked to has an illustration of families, all cub age kids. "Family Scouting" is cub age.
  7. I have a hard time believing that 100% of the girls in that pack just happened to choose the exact same uniform configuration. I can't even get all of the kids in my Den to consistently wear a neckerchief slide as opposed to just tying the thing in a knot. And miraculously somehow this girls den/pack pulled that one off, too. A statistical impossibility if you ask me.
  8. That's exactly what Family Scouting is! Tagging along on campouts and meetings! Family Scouting is not just about general inclusivity, it's a specific program type, and it is not at the troop level. Just because an older girl program is mentioned in an introductory document on Family Scouting, a document that as previously mentioned has no detail on Family Scouting at either the Cub or Troop level, that does not mean that Family Scouting will apply to all ages of the program.
  9. Changing back to all boy means actually kicking out girls already in Cub Scouts. It would be PR suicide. Never going to happen. It doesn't matter what legal protections they might have to do so. The public backlash would kill the organization. In the highly unlikely scenario in which they did actually kick the girls out, I'd hang up my uniform permanently.
  10. It is anecdotally mentioned in that document describing the general policy change and the decision-making behind it. That document does not define any detail of "Family Scouting", at any level.
  11. That still doesn't say that "Family Scouting" will be applied to troops. All it says is that the older girls program is forthcoming. As mentioned, other documents clearly define "Family Scouting" as ages 6-10. Unless you can show me where it says otherise and that "Family Scouting" is all ages, I'm going with the document in front of me that defines the age.
  12. I don't get that impression at all. The documentation I've looked at does not mention "Family" for the programs for ages 11-17. "Family Cub Scouts" is limited to age 10.
  13. In the Fact Sheet document on Family Scouting. They list the program types as Boy Cub Scouts, Family Cub Scouts, Girls Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Program. Family Cub Scouts is ages 6-10. There is no mention of a Family Scouting program for ages 11-17.
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