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  1. cocomax

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    A web site called "Make Them Scared" okay. . . Well, I am scared for my son and all young men that have to face this mess. This is not a good thing for the whole human race, men and women.
  2. This is life destroying levels of wrong. . . people making false reports should be punished, if they are allowed to get away with it things are only going to get worse. https://triblive.com/local/regional/14142176-74/lawsuit-accuses-seneca-valley-mean-girls-of-targeting-teen-boy-with-false
  3. cocomax

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    My troop and I have never had any problems with girls running around our summer camp, I do not foresee any problems with girls at the camp in the future. All our camp problems have caused by ADULTS. . . . last year we had a young adult male staffer show up in our camp most days at noon, eat our food, play music on his iphone as loud as possible and then play video games on his switch and complain about how life sucks. . . it was not much fun when he showed up. Last year I ended up walking behind a group of young girls at camp talking to one another, one said to the others, "You know what is wrong with this summer camp? . . . there are way too many boys!" I just thought that was funny.
  4. Slavery is still the social norm. Just now a days it is fluffy and has a happy face. When one person, or group of people, lays claim to the labor of another person without real consent or just compensation, often but not necessarily claiming the other person as a piece of property. The government demands that people pay money to it, presumably using an implied threat of violence to ensure that they do. If you earn money through your labors, and if another party unilaterally lays claim to that money without your consent, this implies that said party is laying claim to your labors without your consent you at at least in part a slave. I am a wage slave to the Government, who takes 40% of all my labor under the implied threat of violence. I do not really own the land that I live on, I must pay rent (property tax) to the true owner or they will come with guns and take their land back.
  5. What is really weird is a movement like Atheism, which seems like a very simple thing can be taken over by fanatic zealots and be almost destroyed. The Atheism / Skeptic movement is but a ghost of its former self from a few years back and is now more about feels then facts. The Linux operating system has been taken over by anti-cis-white-males activists. . . Activists from the feminist and LGBTQIA+ communities have been trying to force the Linux project to join the Contributor Covenant since at least 2015. The Contributor Covenant is an agreement to implement a special Code of Conduct (frequently CoC from now on) aimed at changing the predominantly white, straight, and male face of programming. CC’s Code of Conduct is controversial particularly because it allows anyone to be banned from contributing code for any reason, usually with no mechanism for oversight or accountability. On September 16 the pro-CoC side got their wish–Linux had officially committed to implementing and obeying the CC Code of Conduct–and they immediately set about using it to remove top Linux coders. Here are the CoC goals. 1. Fostering an inclusive and safe space for women, LGBTQIA+, and People of Color, who in the absence of the CoC are excluded, harassed, and sometimes even raped by cis white males. 2. Lack of CC’s CoC sustains meritocracy, which “has consistently shown itself to mainly benefit those with privilege, to the exclusion of underrepresented people in technology“. 3. The vast majority of Linux contributors are cis white males. CC’s Code of Conduct would enable the building of a more diverse overall demographic as people who aren’t cis white males feel welcome to join and white male harassers are weeded out. 4. Being against the CoC means you want women, LGBTQIA+, and People of Color to be harassed. I wonder what will happen when feminists and LGBTQIA+ take firm control of BSA. Just how weird are things going to get?
  6. cocomax

    What is the future of Training?

    What we got out here is a case of some really awful people that are using Wood Badge as a super secret elite club to bond with others of the same mind. They are adding stuff that is not suppose to be part of Wood Badge and they are not even teaching the Wood Badge program as written. Awful people attract more awful people and you end up with a mess like there is in at my council. Around here round tables are just things that the "in" people go to to talk about the people they hate. The problem here is really the people and not the program, we have awful people messing up a great idea.
  7. cocomax

    What is the future of Training?

    In my area the Wood Badgers make other Wood Badgers sing for their lost stuff and the Wood Badgers that run NYLT teach the NYLT leaders to make the scouts sing for their stuff. I have expressed my objects to such hazing many times, only to fall on deaf ears. The worst case of this was at the last camp-o-ree I went to. A high level Lady Wood Badger, tried to make an Arrow of Light cub scout to dance and sing to get back his lost medical inhaler, at evening flags, before I LOUDLY PUT A STOP TO IT and took the young scout aside to explain what they tried to do was very un-scout like, scouts are not suppose to haze. . . This hazing garbage is the number one problem I have with Wood Badgers and Beading Campfires, it sets such a bad example. If I was not already BLACK LISTED by the wood badge elites before that I know that I am now, for putting a stop to their "fun".
  8. cocomax

    New girls in Scouting

    We had a vote at a committee meeting to stay all boy out of respect to the Girl scout troop in our area that we were good friends with. If a female leader wishes to rise up start a girl pack or mixed pack I am sure our CO would be fine with it. The rep will be at the roundup tonight. The nearest co-ed girl pack is 50 miles away.
  9. cocomax

    New girls in Scouting

    So. . . our pack and troop are having a round up tonight. Our district rep demanded to oversee and approve our ad, flyers and news stories write ups. She also went out to all the schools in the area to promote the round up. We have a small troop of boys and a small pack of boys. Last night the rep contacts us and says, "I recruited a whole bunch of girls for you! They will be coming to your round up tomorrow night. Be ready to sign them up!" So, in our area the district is trying to force girls into boy only packs, I never read anywhere that was part of the plan. The lady scouters that lead our pack are very upset, and might throw in the towel just fold the pack.
  10. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    Did you know 47% of women that recently graduated college have a job that does not require a degree, with an average salary of $37,330, and an average student debt of $39,400. . . . and 37% of men are in the same boat.
  11. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    I’m sure people who take polo lessons or sailing lessons earn a lot more on average too, Does that mean you should send your kids to sailing school? Young people feel they must go to college because if they don't they are in trouble, they are told they doomed to a life of being poor if they do not go to college. Costs are outrageously high, but you pay them because you have to, and because the system makes it easy to borrow massive amounts of money. The nightmare begins when you can't get out of the debt. Since government lenders have pretty much unlimited power to collect on student debt they can grab everything from salary to income-tax returns. Running away is not an option. Most young people find themselves unable to make their full payments when they just get out of school end up perpetually paying down interest only, never even touching the principal. Is a high school diploma worthless trash now? Is a BA / BS the new minimum standard to get a job now? Why does a student that goes to college for 3.5 years and never graduate earn about the same as a high school grad on average? Why does a Harvard grad make 200% more income than grads of average collages? College is nothing more that High School 2.0, but with under age binge drinking.
  12. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    Peter Thiel thinks college is a scam.
  13. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    Elon Musk, knows college is generally bad, he knows, he has a degree. I went to college for 3 years and learned how bad it was first hand. Here is what Elon thinks. . .
  14. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    People will tell you college is an experience that inspires you to strive for more, to be your best. But in reality, it creates a workforce of mindless drones, set to take orders from the corporate hierarchy. It does not create the Steve Jobs of the world. College is not for people that have problems with authority, who believe their way is the best way. But also readily look for mentors and others to help them grow as a person. For those who seek out problems to solve and have an unquenchable thirst to continually learn about the world around them. And most importantly, for those who know they were put on this planet to serve the greater good. That their purpose is to help others more than they help themselves.
  15. cocomax

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    A whole lot of women are in big trouble, 1 out to 5 are taking psychotropic medication for metal disorders (twice the rate that young men do) Many women are graduating from colleges with worthless degrees with no hope of finding a job and an insane amount of college loan debt that they must pay back. Too many times a college degree is a curse and not a blessing. I know a woman who was a theatre major, when she could not find a job, so she went back to school. She ended up with a Ph.D. in Theatre and over $600,000 in student loan debt, she is currently teaching high school theater in the San Francisco area part time and making under $30,000 a year and does not have a place of her own to live at, she is so depressed, she hates her life. She feels like she has destroyed her life with debt she can never repay. Young people need to be told just how life wrecking ending up with a degree that will not get you a job and an mountain of school debt is. They need to be very sure that if they go to college the degree is worth the money they will spend on it. There are too many people misleading young people with lies like: GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING! FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW!!!! Everyone has limits and should learn what they are, I learned many of my limits in scouting. I learned the important lesson that if I mess up, I can fail and bad things happen. Some kids are so protected from any failure by lawn mower parents that they are delusional that they can do anything and it will work out fine, they feel like they can never fail and there is nothing to worry about. Girls and boys should think very carefully and make good decisions that will not destroy their life before they really get started. They need to pick a life path that is right for themselves, that they can develop the skills to be successful at and make a living doing. They should resist the pressure to become something that they do not have the skills or desire to do. Many young people are being smart by avoiding the pitfall that college can be. College is fast becoming an outdated thing anyway. I can freely study any subject I wish pretty much free of charge on the internet and reach leaves of knowledge far beyond what colleges offer. Once a person learns how to learn on their own, college is pretty meaningless, in fact it is a waste of time and money. Many young people are starting their own successful businesses and avoiding college all together and doing very well. One thing every young person need to learn is: BE PREPARED! . . . . if you mess up on the college thing, you might not be prepared for what comes next. . . . if you do the college thing right you might end up with a useful degree that will prepare you for what comes next. . .