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  1. cocomax

    North Face to develop GS outdoor adventure program

    I am a registered adult (male) in a Girl Scout troop with 14 girls who all want to go camping. I have gone to GSUSA outdoor training and qualify as a firstaider. The troop has been around for 10 months. I would love to take the girls camping, I have been in the BSA for a total of 15 years as a boy and adult leader. None of the adult female leaders want to go camping. The female leadership of the Girl Scout troop has decided that no males (including registered adult males, like myself) are allowed to go camping with the Girl Scout troop if they should ever decide to go camping. The parents of the Girl Scouts now want to have the girls join the BSA and have the men take care of things and take the girls camping and hiking, "because men are really good at that sort of thing and do not mind getting dirty." They just want the girls stuck into the existing Boy Scout Troop and make things co-ed. I had to tell them that they needed to form a new all girl BSA Troop and on top of that we would need at least 1 adult female over the age of 21 that is willing to go camping and hiking for it to work. We still can not find any adult women willing to camp so far. Not even simple car camping let alone hiking. 14 girls and not a single women available to get a girls outdoor program going. . . this brings it all to a grinding stop. . . sad. The Boy Scout troop I am an adult member of can field at least 5 BSA registered adult men if needed for a trip and we only have 10 boys in the troop.
  2. cocomax

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    What BSA should have done was come out with girls only program with its own name. (That was the plan last year.) The press release should have read: The Boy Scouts of America is introducing a new program just for girls ages 11 to 17 called "Scouts BSA". All girl troops will be able to take part in fun outdoor activities and earn merit badges and girls can even earn the rank of Eagle Scout. This new girl's program will mirror the boy's program in every way possible. The Boy Scouts program will continue as it is with no changes. Instead BSA has caused confusion, hurt feelings, sadness and all sorts of problems. What could have been seen as a great thing now is a PR disaster. The act of changing "Boy Scouts" to "Scouts BSA" gives people the impression that you have made Boy Scouts COED, that is confusing. Seeing that so many adult eagle scouts and active scouters are confused there is a big problem.
  3. cocomax

    From National: Official Name

    Well, I can tell you one thing after reading the news today and polls and comment sections and twitter, facebook, minds, youtube and gab . . . The Boy Scouts was a really well loved group by most of America, I read so many wonderful things about the Boy Scouts, many men that were glad they were Boy Scouts as boys. Many moms that had nice things to say about the Boy Scouts as well as the Girl Scouts. The general public is taking the end of Boy Scouts pretty hard, as they say you do not realize how much something meant to you until it is gone. The Boy Scouts will be missed, they had a good run, 108 years.
  4. cocomax

    From National: Official Name

    The boys are going to run with "Scout Me Out", trust me. It will be their battle cry.
  5. All they really did was move the Boy to the back of the Scouts. I will proudly wear a shirt that says: Scouts Boy Scouts of America GENIUS!!!
  6. Oh no no no no. . .. There are all boy Scout troops and soon there will be all girl Scout troops. . . . they are different things. You will have to call one an "all boy Scout Troop" and the other and an "all girl Scout Troop" In the near future. . . Caller: "Hello is this the Boy Scouts?" BSA: "Yes, this is the Boy Scouts of America" Caller: "My child wants to join the scouts, can you direct me to a troop in the area?" BSA "Sure, what is your child's name?" Caller: "Pat" BSA: "Is your child a boy or girl?" Caller: "Why, does that matter?" BSA: "Well you see we have all boy Scout troops and we have all girl Scout troops. . ." Caller: "Oh, yes my girl wants to join the Girl Scout Troop, I guess, I will ask her . . ." BSA: "No, we do not have Girl Scout Troops we have all girl Scout Troops." Caller: "I am a bit confused, my girl wants to be a Boy Scout, but now you say she needs to join a Girl Scout Troop?" BSA: "No, the program is called SCOUTS BSA, but your girl will be joining an all girl Scout Troop." Caller: "What happen to the Boy Scouts? My girl does not want to join the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts have a more fun program and I saw on the news they were accepting girls now. " BSA: "We are still the Boy Scouts of America, we just changed the name of our boys program to Scouts BSA make things more clear. The name does not matter, it is the same program. The girls program is also called Scouts BSA and your girl can join an all girl Scout BSA troop. We just took what was called Boy Scouts and dropped boy from the front and added BSA to the back so the full name of the boys and girls programs is now Scouts Boy Scouts of America. So your girl will be joining an all girl Scouts Boy Scouts of America Troop."
  7. girl Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts GSUSA are both things now. . . The public will not be confused at all. (NOT!) I hope BSA comes out with a line of cookies to sell as a fund raiser for the new girls. We could have flavors like Scout Thick Mints, Scout Island Caramels, Scout Scottish Short Bread That would be swell!
  8. The general public will see all girl scout troops, dressed nice, with skorts, leggings and skirts out hiking and camping and doing scout things and will call them "Girl Scouts". The the general public sees a group of boys in scout uniforms doing scout stuff they will think of them as "Boy Scouts" and refer to them as "Boy Scouts". The general public will not care about the brand "Scouts BSA", to most people there are "Boy Scouts" and "Girl Scouts". The sad thing is the groups of girls out there that are reduced to wearing a simple sash or vest as a "uniform" that are stuck doing safe things like selling cookies and doing arts and crafts . . . meanwhile the Boy Scouts of America just quietly lifted their brand name clean as a whistle. When the general public sees girl Scouts, they will think of them as Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts started out as a mirror of the Boy Scouts. . . now the girl Scouts are a mirror of the boy Scouts GENIUS MOVE!
  9. cocomax

    Nature Deficit Disorder

    Kids need the outdoors. . . https://www.fastcompany.com/40565662/why-outdoor-nature-preschools-are-gaining-traction-with-parents
  10. cocomax

    Ad hoc girl patrols formed and compete in camporee

    On the bright side if we can find just one outdoory adult women to take on the leadership role in ether the GSUSA or BSA Girls I can easily find several men that can provide a lot of experience and support and we can get a girls outdoor program rolling.
  11. cocomax

    Ad hoc girl patrols formed and compete in camporee

    Our new local GSUSA troop of 14 girls is having a hard time finding a mom or any female adult that will take the girls camping. They are running into the problem of none of the adult women want to have anything to do with dirt, bugs or lack of flushies. The girls are really wanting to go camping. There are many of the girl's dads that would be willing to take the girls out camping and hiking, but unless one of the moms steps up the troop will be stuck just doing crafts and no outdoory stuff. Our Boy Scout troop of 8 boys has 6 adult men (all registered and trained) that are taking the boys hiking and camping. None of the boy's mom's have shown any interest in going on any of the camping trips, most make a point at the court of honor talking about how they dislike camping. I have talked to moms that are excited about their girls joining the boy scouts so that the men can do the heavy lifting and take the girls out camping and hiking, but I think we would run into the same problem the GSUSA troop is running in, a lack of any outdoory adult female leaders. . . . and the boys all say they will quit if the girls show up. . .
  12. The trigger is on the handle, under the girls trigger finger. I know these drills well, I spent 10 years in construction. The girl is operating the power drill. You can look at a porter drill manual if you do not believe me: http://pdf.lowes.com/installationguides/885911115216_install.pdf
  13. The girl is pulling the trigger. . . the part that the adult is holding has no on off control.
  14. Kids using POWER TOOLS!!!! and you are happy about that. . . . wow.