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  1. cocomax


    When you correct the errors of a wise man they thank you. When you correct the errors of a fool they get mad, take exception and call you names. Fools are easy to spot, they are the ones with a giant chip on their shoulder. I am not sure a fool can be turned into a wise man, I have yet to see it happen.
  2. cocomax


    The thing that I see that destroys troops faster than anything else is when you have an adult that whats to be the center of attention. They want to boss everyone else around and create a storm of drama. Anything going on has to be refocused on themselves. Scout outings can ONLY happen on weekends that their son can go. If you look at them wrong, use the wrong tone of voice, use the incorrect wording, do not pay enough attention to them then there will be hell to pay. These adults are not interested learning about how scouting is suppose to work, they have their own ideas based on things outside of scouting. If you try to explain anything to them they will find a reason to become very very offended. All the adults have to walk on egg shells at all times around them. There is just no room for scouting to happen in this environment. Adults fight, scouts feel like they are being treated like cub scouts, the program gets boring and toxic and the scouts quit and the troop dies. I have seen this happen over and over again.
  3. If using "the lesson of the fasce" (bundle of tied sticks that are stronger together) reminds people of the Fascists and their symbolism, then yes it would be a bad idea for the OA to use that lesson anymore.. But remember, the OA was founded before Fascist Italy made the fasce into a bad thing. Before Fascist Italy messed things up it used to mean a positive thing in the USA, it represented the states of the union bound together into a powerful country.
  4. Notice the two bundles of sticks on the wall behind the seat for the US Speaker of the House. and old Ab Lincoln has the bundles of sticks on his chair:
  5. Maybe get rid of the arrow and all things native american and go back the the Roman roots of western civilization and wear black Roman magistrate robes and call themselves the "Order of Fasces" make the fasces symbol (bundle of sticks with an ax) found on the back of the US Mercury Dime the new symbol of the new order. Together we are stronger, like a bundle of sticks.
  6. cocomax

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Can you guys get https://beascout.scouting.org map and list to work? On my computers it has been broken for weeks. When I do a search for "Boy Scouts" on google beascot.scouting.org is one of the top search results, I go onto that page and it has lots of pictures of girls and talks about girls young women joining, it looks sorta like a girl scout page. Then when I put my zip code in the "Find Scouting Near Me" I get a broken blank map and broken list view. So the first thing someone using Google to find "Boy Scouts" finds when they go to the top official web site after entering their zip code is a broken map, a broken list view. Has the BSA National just given up? Are they even trying anymore?
  7. cocomax

    And so it begins

    The worry is Boy Scouts will have to change to welcome anyone that is offended by a part of the program. Making a path for atheists to take part in the program is fine. . . . but removing God from the program, changing the scout oath and banning prayer and doing away with scouts own services is what many Scouters are worried will happen.
  8. cocomax

    And so it begins

    Yes, belief in God is a cornerstone of Scouting. As Scouters, we have a tremendous opportunity to reflect this core principle while helping teach respect for the beliefs of others in pursuit of doing our “duty to God.” Bryan Wendell ( Scouting Magazine )
  9. cocomax

    And so it begins

    We are in the end game now. They smell the blood in the water and know that BSA will fold.
  10. cocomax

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Michael B. SurbaughChief Scout Executive Just sent me an email, he says everything is going to be fine!
  11. cocomax

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I could very easily run a girls BSA troop if I had girls that wanted to join, currently all the girls I know (including my daughter) want to be Girl Scouts and if I had one women that was willing to be there to meet the BSA YPT requirements. At this point I think I will just take my daughter and son and any other trustworthy friends that want to tag alone on long hikes without the mess and headache that is GSUSA. . . . . . go "scouting" without BSA or GSUSA. . . just for the fun of it.
  12. cocomax

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I have a daughter that would love to go hiking with a scout group. I have been working with her GSUSA troop for the last year to make that happen and completely failed. I have been talking to the moms and girls in the troop about what they would think of going on a car camping trip or an overnight 5 mile hike. I asked my daughter to talk to the other girls about it. Well it seems none of the moms are interested in letting their daughters go hiking and are not really into camping. My daughter seems to be the only one interested in doing outdoor scouting stuff. I find it really strange, we live in the mountains, these are mountain girls and moms, but there is no interest hiking or camping, outside of my family. Maybe GSUSA is delivering exactly the program that most girls and moms want. If you took all the girls and moms from our GSUSA troop and put them in a BSA troop, they are all still the same people, they will not magically grow a love of camping and hiking. I think the greatest road block to girl BSA troops going camping or hiking will be the YPT rules, we will just will not be able to field the adults needed to get the job done. If my Boy Scout Troop, had to live under the YPT rules for girl BSA troops we would vanish like all the Venturing crews in my area have.
  13. cocomax

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I know girls in Girl Scout troops that would love to go camping and hiking, but can not because their leaders do not "do camping" and do not want to hike. . . So I signed up as the Outdoors person with our local GSUSA troop and took the Outdoor training class only to be told afterward by the troop leader that "men are not welcome" on Girl Scout trips. . . So I go out and find an old Girl Scout that hikes, in fact she did a 180 mile hike this last summer and she would love to take the girls camping or hiking. . . that was a no go, the troop leaders did not like her and all Girl Scout Trips must include their leader, who does not camp or hike, she would not allow a group of registered GSUSA members take the girls anywhere without her.. So the troop for the last year mostly made drawings, colored with crayons, sang girrrrl empowerment songs, and sold cookies. So. . . I am waiting to see what happens when the BSA for girl troops start up. . . Will it be great with Outdoorsy women taking the role of scout master for these girls. . . or will the BSA for Girls suffer the same fate as GSUSA with leaders that will not camp or hike and then just fall back to the class room style advancement centered program that many troops cling to because check lists are the easy way to run things. The weak spot will be the adult leaders of the girls and finding the right women that can do that job, it will be a hard job, a drama minefield. I don't know which way it will (mostly) go.
  14. cocomax

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    The name change is not complete if we keep BSA! If we keep the name BSA we are making the very clear statement that we are still really the "Boy Scouts of America" and that is not welcoming to girls at all. BSA has to change to something else, the name BSA has a "B" but no "G", ether drop the "B" or add a "G" Ether SA or BGSA or GBSA is fine with me.
  15. cocomax

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Well, they are not going to be happy if everyone starts calling the "Boy Scouts" the "Scouts" after the girls join next year, which is what I see happening. The general public does not use the term "BSA", I have not heard that once from the Public, that is a scouter term, just like SM, ASM, PL and SPL. The public will be politically correct and call the girls that are members of BSA by the term "Scouts". They will really make the GSUSA folks very very super unhappy, because a new group of girls that the general public sees as "Scouts" are not going to be members of the GSUSA. I think the general public will just use the terms "Scouts" and "Girl Scouts", and I think they will know the difference. They might say "Scouts" to be politically correct, but their brain knows they are really the "Boy Scouts" and that girls can join the "Boy Scouts" now and that is cool, but we can not say "Boy Scouts" anymore because that will upset the girls.