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  1. I appreciate everyone's feedback; for the theory provided by T2Eagle, as it specifically addressed my question, for the detail laid out by Fred, for Pacan's reminder that scout safety is priority, and for DuctTape's welcome into the community. Others may have missed the mark on my post but that's ok, your input and suggestions are valued too! To be clear, I have no concern that the troop is not going to organize an event that meets this requirement, and I did not intend to imply as such. Just stating that it hasn't happened yet but also, since my scout is eager to pursue his hiking and
  2. Hey group, happy to be here and just joined today. Eagle Scout dad with a Tenderfoot son in the troop. I have done my DD on this requirement, and I am looking for feedback on further interpretation of the requirement. From other postings, it seems the consensus is that covering two of the activities in one outing is generally permitted. For example, an out and back plan of an overnight backpacking trip, two + miles up 1,000' of gain, camping overnight, and returning two + miles down the next day should satisfy both the 4-mile backpacking trip and the hiking of 1,000' elevation gain.
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