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  1. I was never in Cub Scouts and don't know much about it. The Boy Scouts who are unwelcoming towards parents trying to volunteer, are they Scouts (youth) or Scouters (adults)?
  2. These two are both Eagle Scout specific: Wings Upon My Chest http://www.scoutorama.com/song/song_...cfm?song_id=96 Ballad of an Eagle Scout http://www.scoutorama.com/song/song_...cfm?song_id=45 Then there is my personal favorite, Scout Vespers: http://www.scoutorama.com/song/song_....cfm?song_id=4
  3. I'm good friends with the Middle Tennessee Council Sea Scout VP. I could give you his contact if you like, he'd be able to help.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Good job and good luck with future presentations!
  5. Our BSA Troop lost a fantastic leader, and his son, a fantastic Scout (best knot tyer in the Troop). The leader is now the "Troopmaster" (probably the equivalent of SM) in Trail Life Troop TN - 0122, here in Murfreesboro.
  6. Haha, I'm just curious, that's all.
  7. According to the Palm requirements, a scout must: "Be active in your troop and patrol for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after award of last Palm." But what if a Scout is no longer active in their Troop but is active in a Venturing Crew? Do Crews count or does it have to be a Troop?
  8. I'll just give you a couple tips: 1. Know your material. If you act like you know everything about what your talking about, then they'll think exactly that. 2. Look around the room and make eye contact with everybody at least once. If you focus on a particular person or are constantly reading off a piece of paper, the quality of your speech will be degraded. As we magicians say: "Performance is just as (if not more in some cases) important as the effect."
  9. 2010-2013 Boxwell Scout Reservation (TN) 2013 Latimer High Adventure Reservation (TN)
  10. Rocky makes really good boots, my brother uses them for ROTC. I have a pair of Nike ACG boots, really comfortable and durable.
  11. Hey quazse, could velcro be sown onto the uniform and the unit numbers so that switching them would be as simple as unsticking them from the velcro?
  12. And this one: http://www.scouter.com/forum/order-of-the-arrow/22073-oa-and-venturing
  13. My Grandfather's chuckwagon has nothing to do with Scouting. He simply built his for fun. He also use to have two oxen that would pull the wagon.
  14. My Grandfather built one completely authentic. Made his own nails, decorated it with old cans of different foods, all kinds of stuff. It took him several years, not exactly sure how long. He uses it for shows and pioneer cooking competitions.
  15. Where are you at? I've been to Latimer multiple times, it's in my council: Middle Tennessee Council. And their whitewater is on the Ocoee River via Outland Expeditions.
  16. I finished my Eagle last summer. I'm 16 and in the 11th Grade. The test to get my license to drive (without an adult in the car, solo driving) is February 5, six days from now. "No license till Eagle" didn't apply to me, I've had my learner's permit since March 2013. The question you need to ask yourself is "Why do I want a Driver's License?" Is it because all your friends have one? I've got a friend going to Philmont this June, and while I really want to go, I know that if I wait till next year I'll have a much better Scouting "resume" and more experience to back myself up for NAYLE.
  17. My Troop does BoRs the 2 meetings prior to Courts of Honor and anytime if requested by a Scout. i.e. I did my Life BoR two months prior to the closest CoH simply by requesting it. When is the closest Troop CoH following the six month Life requirement?
  18. Thanks, but I was just letting you know. I live in Middle Tennessee.
  19. I realize the Hornaday awards will take a while to complete. Probably at least just a long as it took me to get from First Class to Eagle(little under 2 years). And I said "easier," than the Boy Scout version, just because the three MBs I need are Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, and Public Health, all of which are fairly long. The Venturing Ranger electives required look "easier" than those 3 MBs. I never said it would be easy. And the difference between the Hornaday Silver and Bronze for Venturing is 4 projects versus 3 projects. I'm comparing the projects to my Eagle Project. Whic
  20. When I said "Is earning both possible?" I meant whether I could earn the Boy Scout version, and then earn the Venturing version.
  21. I've got 2 questions regarding the William T. Hornaday Awards: 1. How big are the Hornaday projects? Eagle Project size? 2. Should I earn this as a Venturer or as a Boy Scout? Is earning both possible? I already have 5 of the 8 required MBs but in a few weeks I'll be a registered Venturer [i also attended ILSC this morning(January 11)]. I do think the Venturing version looks a little easier, and I'll be much more active in Venturing than Boy Scouts.
  22. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to disappoint, but the PM feature doesn't work(for me at least) .
  23. I have heard that hammocks are not allowed at Philmont Scout Ranch. Is that true? And if so, what about Summit Bechtel Reserve?
  24. I would suggest you base it around the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. In the MB, you've got first aid (requirement 1), survival kits (req. 5), fire building (req. 6), signaling(req. 7), shelters (req. 8), and water treatment (req. 10). That gives you a lot of the basic Scout skills(including knots for shelter building), I'd suggest you put a little orienteering in there as well. As far as cooking goes, our Troop has always had each Scout bring minimal food for Saturday, then cook breakfast Sunday. I would always bring 2 Cliff Bars and some trail mix. For the shelters, we would allow Sta
  25. Hello Noah, welcome to the forum! This post would be a better fit in the "Camping and High Adventure" forum, you can re-post this there if you like. My Troop has done 3 Wilderness Survival campouts, ours were all focused on the Merit Badge. There are several variables that could affect your trip: 1. How big is your Troop? 2. Do you have folks with survival campout experience? 3. Do you want a patrol based trip or individuals?
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