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  1. My son has already completed his Star BOR at the Troop level but based on the dates of the monthly scheduled Troop BOR, it was 4 days shy of 6 month mark. Just how the dates fell. He earned his Life, but we were plugging numbers into a Eagle Checker spreadsheet and receive an 'ERROR message' on 'At Least 6 months as a Star Scout' - 4 days short. Should that have been addressed by the adults conducting the BOR? He is Life now working towards Eagle. Is this issue going to cause a problem since he will have the 6 months needed for Life to Eagle and will easily meet that requirement? He
  2. Just realized based on when the Troop BOR dates fell, my son is short on days (4 days short of 6 months from Star to Life). How is that going to affect him going forward? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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