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  1. Eagledad, just curios you said you grew a troop from 17 to 90 which is better in your opinion? I've honestly never understood how big troops work. I mean if you think 90 boys that would be 9 patrols of 10 kids each, you only know your fellow patrol members. Or is it not like that?
  2. I have to say this isn't the parents problem, he/she talked to the PL and wasn't satisfied. In my opinion this is the parent deciding what the scouts could have and not liking the response they received. Boy scouts is supposed to be a boy run program. Not boy run if we like their decisions and if we don't we decided. If you don't want your son to drink the soda tell him he can't have it. If he disobeys you punish him. This shows he can resist peer pressure, what happened when he is in college and his friends/frat brothers tell him go get a girl drunk and rape her? Are you going be their a
  3. Even without the gay issue the BSA number would be dropping. At least in East coast urban areas the BSA is becoming less popular. I will say that the BSA really messed up with how they handled the gay issue. They did enough to get people angry and leave over their policy change, but didn't do enough to get people to like the BSA more. They should have either let all gays in or none. Skeptic, I agree people from both sides of the political spectrum took advantage of this issue to further their own goals. Of course National doesn't make many good decisions. They seem to go from one blunder
  4. TwoBlocked I'm Russian Christian Orthodox. I am actually very curios seeing how many Baptist I've come across, will say that I'm not a Christians since we "Worship" Mary, and that we pray to pictures/statues. Frankly not meaning to be mean, but unless the BSA takes a huge membership loss, TL will never be competition to the BSA.
  5. I would have gone to a TL meeting to see what it was like, but there weren't any units near me. Peregrinator, I assume they are following the Evangelical interpretation of the Bible. TwoBlocked would I, an Orthodox Youth be able to join TL with my parent as a leader? Since we aren't the "right" kind of Christian?
  6. You can always use an example, such as a Catholic is reverent by fasting from meat every Friday during lent. Or a Muslim is reverent by not eating pork and drinking alcohol. I would also explain to them that you shouldn't discriminate based on other people's religious beliefs. Which in my opinion is the most important part of being reverent.
  7. I remember reading an article over the summer, I think about a little boy whose parents identified him as a girl because he liked makeup and lipstick. His parents tried to sign him up for Girl scouts packleader said no, so they went to national and they were told he needs to be let in. Know the BSA would never do that, if people imply that letting gays into the BSA is the first step to women joining they are stupid. Girl Scouts are also much more liberal then the BSA.
  8. Well could it be he is to helpful? You know a "kiss up", either way it is all political he can always try the "If you don't vote for me I won't vote for you" or even better he should get the younger scouts to like him then he can use their support, and maybe even become a leader.
  9. what is more pressing then the membership decline, is the donation decline. Either way I'm shocked Disney was still giving money to the BSA seeing how they do everything possibly to spend less, and are against the pro american values of the BSA.
  10. First thing I would do is have a talk with the Scout Master if you haven't already and the Senior Patrol Leader. Besides that try and be involved in the Scout troop and see if it is right for your boy. Also "A couple of boys in the pack have been bullying my son more and more in class and at pack events" are these boys moving up as well to the troop? and if so have you addressed the issue with the Pack Master and the boys parents? Besides that I can't offer anymore advice I hoped I help and whatever you do good luck on finding a troop.
  11. I mean as an official BSA requirement/activity it would never happen.
  12. As a scout currently working on my Eagle Project, I think there is way to much paperwork to be done. It seems like a waste of time to me.They either need to cut out all the paperwork or get rid of it all together. I really like JoeBob's idea I would love to be able to do that. It would not only test your skills but also your commitment to scouts and make you really think about your life. Of course it will never happen which is unfortunate.
  13. I am done with this conversation. I didn't call you stupid I said you were purposely being obtuse. You are refusing to see my points so I will not continue this meaningless conversation.
  14. Okay thanks for the response. How much for the registrations cost then would it be the amount it actually costs to register or a set amount each year?
  15. I was wondering what is the amount our troop charges per year in dues, and will you be increasing them because of the raise in membership. Also what is the average cost of your camping trips?
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