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  1. I agree! This is something I do want! I want to get Eagle, I just wish I could get my licence also. I could understand a little more if I was 17 and I hadn't even started thinking about Eagle. I am though, I started the process with my scout master and I have an idea picked out.
  2. Hi I am new to this forum and I have a problem. I am currently 16 and a Life Scout. I am dealing with a problem which is most likely a popular problem among scouts, but more obviously less important to adults. I am dealing with the no license till Eagle Scout rule. Now some people might now start asking, "Why don't you just get eagle", or "What did you do that make your parents want to withhold your license." Well that is my problem, I am working on my eagle, but it is not a do it in one day type of thing. I am not a spoiled brat, I don't expect my parents to buy me a car, or gas, or anything
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