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  1. I stand against the NYLT/NAYLE patches going above the pocket. But NOAC is a National event just like Jambo.
  2. You can tell that this inspection sheet is newer because it shows a Summit Jambo patch while the one above shows the 2010 Centennial Jambo. This one does not specify "National," it simply says Jamboree. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34283.pdf
  3. Not to change the subject, but where does it say that the Jambo patch above the right pocket must be either "National" or "World" Jamboree?
  4. In my 3 years, 2 months of Scouting, I've slept on a cot 5 times. Three of those times were at our annual summer camp at Boxwell, sleeping in "tent city." One time was when we went on a eagle watching trip at Reelfoot Lake and stayed in cabins, sleeping in bunk beds. And the last time was at Kodiak at our Council HA Base, Latimer Reservation, we stayed in "tent city" most of the time, except for a backpacking trek in the middle of the week, during which we were in tents. To be honest, out of the four and a half weeks of cot camping, versus the rest of my camping, I find my 30 degree Magellan
  5. My troop had a class that started late November 2012 which was spread over several campouts and ended in March. It wasn't till the summer that I realized it was to become required, now I get to watch all the Star/Life scouts, who are getting close to Eagle, now they have to earn an extra MB that most of them didn't realize was being upgraded to Eagle-required. They should have gotten it while they had the chance!
  6. Do extra points go to those who don't have to Google what the games are? i.e. Flodh Gearradh = 2 handed saw.
  7. I earned the "old" Cooking MB last March. It's cool to have a discontinued merit badge on my sash!
  8. Attendance at 2013 National Jamboree: 24,682 Boy Scouts ages 12-17 years old and 2,118 Venturers ages 14-21 years old 2,782 Boy Scout leaders and 455 Venturing leaders 6,224 staff members Approximately, 15,732 visitor days purchased Total attendance, including visitors: 52,319 Attendance at NOAC 2012 was around 8,000(couldn't find exact numbers). NOAC 2015 is expected to have 10,000. So yes, qwazse, NOAC can hardly compare to Jambo in attendance, but it is still the second largest National event. Then I think Venturing's BSA Winterfest comes in third.
  9. Not sure what you mean by "single session," but there are three national events I can think of: 1. National Jamboree 2. NOAC 3. Venturing's BSA Winterfest in Gatlinburg.
  10. I can think of only one good strategy: Gather support in Council leadership, Area leadership, and National leadership, then push for a change. Simple yet complicated.
  11. And SSScout posted above about the PM function, when I try to access the "Compose New" page it gives me this message: "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page."
  12. The OA forum is having the same problem as moosetracker pointed out above with the "last posted by" feature.
  13. I also refuse to wear "illegal" patches and I frequently point it out when some other scout has their patches in the wrong order on the sleeve, have NYLT patches above the right pocket, or even as one of our scouts did: glue their patches on! I do these things because I take pride in my uniform: sewing on my patches myself, making sure all my patches are current, replacing any that are starting to wear from being washed, etc.. But I still think NOAC stands on the same ground as National Jamboree, and deserves to be allowed to be placed above the right pocket.
  14. Since they have to maintain the ranch, Horsemanship MB would be a good fit.
  15. I'd like to setup a topic completely dedicated to the activities/programs that add a little more flavor to the campouts we enjoy. Feel free to share your most interesting campfire moments, I'll start with my two favorites: 1. Kodiak 2013 One night at Kodiak(don't remember which night, all the fun blends together in my head), we hiked down a trail to find an average-size fire ring with wood already setup and benches surrounding it. The staff put on a fairly elaborate and hilarious skit which ended with one of the adults dropping something(I don't remember for sure, it was probably
  16. I've got a Lodge that has several events each year: Spring and Fall Ordeals(staffed by youth members, free labor for setting up/taking down summer camp), Summer Camp Dessert Fellowship(ice cream and cobblers mainly), Fall Fellowship, Winter Banquet, organizing and setting up activities for Fall and Winter Camporees, and we've also started talking about NOAC 2015. We also had trail-building work days when Latimer Reservation was under construction(Latimer is our Council HA Base and, if I might add, AWESOME!).
  17. I would say that it can be placed above the right pocket. The right pocket patch placement is the most neglected rule of the uniform, for I have seen many scouts wearing "illegal" patches there, the most common ones are either NYLT or NAYLE.
  18. Sorry to disappoint, but only Boy Scouts can earn Merit Badges.
  19. OK, talked with some Venturers, I am allowed to the ILSC in January even though I don't have membership as a Venturer. Which means the NYLT prerequisites are no longer an issue.
  20. We had a Trail to Eagle program at our last summer camp, only one guy showed up to it, so it was 1 scout and couple staff just going over what he needed for Eagle.
  21. He infected his blisters?! Geez. We had a guy at Kodiak claim that he had a heart condition so he didn't have to mountain bike, I feel sorry for the staff member who had to hike with him to the end of the bike course. But of course that "condition" didn't stop him from whitewater rafting. I doubt NYLT will be as dependent on the knowledge of the participants now as it used to be, but I probably should refresh myself on the first aid just to be safe. After all, at 16 I'll probably be one of the oldest participants there, wouldn't want to be outsmarted by a 14 year old!
  22. I am sure about the "qualifications," you can look for yourself: http://www.mtcbsa.org/assets/forms/NYLTBrochure.pdf There hasn't been any information released yet on the 2014 course, all I know is that it will be in either June or July in 2014. And the course has been recommended to me by several, including the current Venturing Area 6 President, who took it a couple years back. And I just noticed that, Venturers have to have completed the 8th grade, there is no such thing as a "13 years of age and have completed the 7th grade" Venturer. And the maximum number of participants for the co
  23. Hallo Job, I'm one of the "few youth (under 18 years old) who post and comment from time to time." I'm a 16 year old and I live in Tennessee, USA. While I prefer rappelling/climbing and hiking, I still go whitewater rafting or sailing from time to time. I'm good friends with a few Sea Scouts, including the Vice President(second in command) of Sea Scouting of my Council.
  24. I plan on attending NYLT 2014 and according to my Council(possibly all Councils): (This is from the 2013 brochure, dates haven't been set for NYLT 2014.) "A scout or venture must have the following qualifications by June 1, 2013: Boy Scouts – * Must be a current member of BSA * Be 13 years of age and have completed the 7th grade * Be a First Class Scout For Venture Scouts - * Must be 13 years of age and have completed the 7th grade * Must have completed the ILSC training prior to this training." But for someone who is a dual member(Venturing and Boy Scouts), do both app
  25. Or, how is he fulfilling his responsibilities if he doesn't attend any outings?
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