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  1. Involved 8 years. 1st son Hubby,cub den leader, asst cubmaster, boy scout merit badge counselor. Me: various committee chair, parent committee. Attended every cub den & pack meeting from tiger to sr webelo as a parent helper. 2nd son, hubby & myself , cub leaders. parent committee. help new cubmaster. assist new tiger leaders.
  2. I have scouts who miss meetings, that's going to happen, but I ask them meeting after meeting if they completed the missed work yet. I then ask the parents and email continuous reminders. Sometime they don't arrive prepared or complete home assignments. Now, when I plan my meetings, I bring everything that is needed and do the "home assignment" with them.
  3. ~~ RE: ISA & 2014. Just so I have this right, ISA’s are illegal? Have they sent notification out? Or, has this been the case & blind eyes are turned? Our pack implemented them a few yrs ago. The boys do not have individual bank “accounts†their individual earnings are just recorded in an excel worksheet keeping track of $ in & $ out. If they transfer to another pack, or crossover to BS, the $ can be transferred but if they leave, they lose the $. The only fundraiser that goes to ISA is pop-corn. For those who do not popcorn fundraise, the committee comes u
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