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  1. The legs and butt area of the official pants (the old style ones) seems pretty tight...
  2. I carry my Smith and Wesson Emergency Services Knife (window punch tool, spring-assist blade activation), and it folds into a pocketknife
  3. I bought one from Rothco but the chin strap was flimsy...where can I get a good one? I bought a BSA hat band, can I wear a Unit Commissioner hat pin?
  4. It seems harder to find the Adult sizes though aside from eBay
  5. Pack, are you from SC? I did 5.5 yrs there and planning on moving back
  6. I don't wear my Dockers often, but I think they look acceptable, except being all cotton
  7. I inquired about TLUSA, but I don't attend, nor belong to, any church, so I guess I am out lol
  8. American Heritage Girls is the same people who founded TLUSA
  9. A whole BS Troop here in Central MD moved to the local TL Troop and founded the 1st one I know of in MD (or at least Central MD)
  10. I wear the UC patch on my designated UC uniform, I wear my Troop patch on my designated Troop shirt (whenever I join one)
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