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  1. Technically it is two patrols of 6-8, although the last two outings have been only one patrol.
  2. "1) Show up for X% of the meetings, activities and outings. That's the one "measurement" that can be used for any POR's. Other rules would be position specific. But simply showing up is not doing the job. Why is it even there in the first place? And every adult will say, "Because!" " Because showing up is the first piece of actually serving in a POR. If they don't "simply show up" they aren't in a POR at all, are they? Much less doing the job.
  3. We've lost a few scouts over the summer, so we have about 10 scouts who are actually active, and by active I mean coming to meetings and camp-outs. Last outing, last weekend, we had a total of 5 youth, SPL and ASPL(Me on this trip) acted as PL's.
  4. Got a question for ya. We have a ASPL who got elected back in August and while he has come to all but 2 or 3 of the meetings, he hasn't come on any of the camp-outs because of school/job. Because of that, he isn't really doing his job as ASPL, since meetings are mainly just for preparations for campouts(for us anyway). The real activities, where the leadership is actually needed, are on the camp-outs. Should an attendance requirement be established to keep this from happening again? Do any of your troops have an attendance requirement of some sort?
  5. Hey SN95, your other topic: Eagle project fund raising form Yesterday, 08:05 AM When a Scout has several different fund raisers for his project how should he fill out the fundraising form, one for each fund raiser or combine them all into one form? The topic is closed so it will not allow anyone to reply, not sure how to open it though.
  6. Hello and Welcome to the forum! I'm east and slightly north of you, here in Murfreesboro, TN, my Troop(441) is based in Christiana.
  7. At the bottom of the "About" section on User Profiles there are links: Find all posts Find all started topics Find all blog entries Find all group topics Find all content As you can see one of those links is "Find all blog entries" and another is "Find all group topics." Under the "Help" tab in the bottom right corner it says: "To create a new blog, just go to the Blogs tab and right underneath the Blogs tab in the main navigation is the option to Create a New Blog." Where is this blog tab? The same with the groups: "Go to the Groups page and on the mo
  8. Maybe we should enlist some scouts with the Search and Rescue MB to help.
  9. Yeah, I've been down to Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, and the Keys. Great state, although I like TN better.
  10. We call it learning by experience. It isn't going to hurt them if they don't build a good shelter. My first WS trip I was also partnered with another 1st year, I thought I was going to freeze to death, even though it was only about 40 degrees F, but I stuck it out, and finally managed to sleep till morning. Because of the size and open design of the lean-to that the new guys built, they got cold and ended up coming to our camp, which had a good fire, around 2AM. We were smart and had shifts, 2 of us slept while the 3rd kept the fire going, and then we traded out. And when I say new guys, all t
  11. Thanks for the info packsaddle, didn't know that.
  12. For Buford Hill, see this article: http://news.google.com/newspapers?ni...g=6992,4865631
  13. With the government "shutdown" all government run National Parks, from Yosemite to the Statue of Liberty, are being closed and campers are being given 2 days to pack up and leave. I hope no one's troops, crews, or packs use National Parks as your main camping locations. Lets just hope that they can figure this out.
  14. I'll look for a different hammock if that's the case. You said that "You don't feel curved at all when you are laying in it right," well, I like that curve, it actually helps me sleep better, believe it or not. I don't think ENO hammocks have that, maybe I'll look into one of those.
  15. I'll try to answer all your questions with this. From what I've been told, there has to be at least two adults who are certified/trained in the area of rappelling/climbing in order for us to conduct our trip. I believe that the troop rents gear(harnesses/helmets) from the council. The last rappelling trip we had was also at Stone Door, we had two adults from our troop running the rappelling, one was setup at a 45 foot cliff while the other was setup at a fairly steep incline to help scouts learn how to rappel. We also had two more adults at the bottom of each of those to help undo the harnesse
  16. Hey guys, got a question for ya. I tried out a Hennessy Expedition that a guy in my troop has this past weekend, it had a seam running down the middle of the back and the sides hung below that seam making a very uncomfortable ridge. Did he have it setup wrong or is that how "the structural ridge line of something like a Hennessey" feels? Oh, and he didn't stake out the sides, if that helps.
  17. Alright, I am starting to get my troop more involved in HA and having a little more fun on campouts rather than just basic car-camping. The last 2 trips have been whitewater and Wilderness Survival, and our calendar continues with: October, Fall Camporee, November, Pioneering, December, Winter Camp, January, Winter Camporee, February, Eagle Watching Trip and MBU, March, Backpacking Trip(Virgin Falls), April, Flatwater Float Trip(Duck or Buffalo River probably but not confirmed), May, Rappelling/ Climbing(Stone Door/Savage Gulf), June, Summer Camp. This is the best calendar we've had since I j
  18. While the CoD(Corps of Discovery) is pretty much the Venturing version of OA, I still can't deny the fact that OA members have advantages that Venturers don't. I can think of 2: 1. The OA is a well known throughout the BSA as a honor society whose members are the "best of the best" in their troops/teams. The CoD is fairly new, and because of that most Venturers don't even know what it is, much less the other branches of the BSA. 2. There are OA only trips at every HA base, such as the OA Trail Crew at Philmont and the OA Wilderness Voyage at Northern Tier. Because the CoD is a not an official
  19. "Let me introduce myself a little:" lol So what country are you in now? "The big one protects the little one." Never thought of it like that, I can fit that into advising the other scouts in leadership in my troop. I serve kind of like a Troop Guide even though I don't have the title.
  20. I think this comment thing can get a little muddy. I try to keep current with the latest posts, but sometimes the latest post is a comment to a post earlier in the thread. I'm not necessarily going to scroll back up through multiple pages of posts to find the one comment that is new. Personally, I think comment works if you are commenting about the most recent post..... but if it's an old post, I think using the "quote" option is better. It puts your new post at the bottom of the thread along with the quoted post for reference. Keeps the timeline straight. I think this is a better appro
  21. That method would also knock out any requirements that involve them teaching other scouts, like requirement 3.
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