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  1. Stillwater is nice.. don't care for SportKilts product.. but I am a piper and expect more because I wear mine more. Also I wanted wool not 100% acrylics
  2. but Varsity Scouts are included.. On one hand they are saying females are ok to be in OA and on the other they are saying "Females??? Never". BSA needs to wake up and realize we are WAY behind the other countries in helping our Youths become tomorrows leaders with outdated viewpoints. ..as to earning Ranger...well they are revamping that also..
  3. If OA is a representative of Scouters in General, please explain why Venture Crews are not included in the OA structure. We are an approved BSA program with many youth exceeding many of the programs that troops provide. i have heard the only way a female can be in OA is as a registered Boy Scout leader. With todays forward thinking and ideology when is OA going to move into the future and open up to our Venture Crews?
  4. Even if they do adopt a Uniform look, I have a feeling many crews will not buy into it as many are specialized in what they do and that dictates what their uniform needs are. The other thing that needs to be considered is how many will they lose if they try to push it on everyone. We have all seen local troops register with other associations after their last debacle.. Many other groups would welcome us in with open arms right now.
  5. The scouts paid for their own whether it was from funds in their accounts or personal money. Of course they paid my cost on them, but we are in the process of getting a Rent a Scout program off the ground as there is more profit off a fund raiser with minimal costs involved..
  6. That is what our crew decided on as a dress uniform and as you are aware crews are able to set their own uniform standard. We wore them at Sunday Flag ceremony for our Polar Bear and you would be surprised at how many Boys showed interest in them. Our Crew stood out and they ate it up. Honestly, I am surprised that National is not jumping on supplying them as many Woodbadge courses people are wearing them and if you search the net you will see quite a few crews with them.
  7. As promised when we got home, here are some closeups.
  8. too cool you will need to post a picture of the completed unit. They are also making the sporran straps now that slide onto each of the two ends of your belt in front, It removes one item from around your waist and depending on waist size could make it easier, In my picture above I could use a little longer chain as it does not ride correctly.
  9. True to the above, but I want it to be about the scout motto "Do your Best" but I do not want the small troop to have no chance because the big troop won again. I am trying to level the field to give all troops an equal chance to win,.. Think about history, it is not always the biggest army that wins, but the intelligence of the commander comes into play. My whole goal with this is to level the field and make it so that ANY troop has the ability to win if they only try.
  10. My Daughter getting her Ranger Award. I won't be able to post close up pictures of the actual kilt until I get home from our Christmas trip. We are offering them at our January Round table in about 3 weeks. We also have a few new venturer's that will need to order them so I conceivably will be able to get the 10 together. If one decides to go this route and is less than the special run of 10 then check with me first and I will let you know where i stand on getting an order together.
  11. didn't ask.. although I have been asked many times as a piper. As to scoring, that is why i am going to an averaging system for scoring over all place. In theory a troop of 5 could beat a troop of 15 off of the averaged individual scores. This eliminates the stacked patrols.
  12. no... they go to people who know how to read and actually read the camporee docs..
  13. John.. a lot of good ideas that we will already being doing... btw love the kilt.. I have three of them to wear that weekend and our crew wears the McLaren as our dress uniform with our green shirts.
  14. here's what I have right now.. one of my buddies who is also a piper will be there and if they visit him and try to learn some basic bagpipe chanter work they get points. Although my excel sheet only shows the team scores I am working on having it create pivot charts to show the leaders in each age group and event.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw763_u2GprBU3lVSUtsY3Zua1U/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw763_u2GprBM3NHVVFhcnNuNEU/edit?usp=sharing I had to link it to my GMail Drive as the docs are too large for the forum oh b.t.w. potter is so yeste
  15. I am working on developing the program for our 1st Highland games this spring and am working on a fair way to score the troops. We want everyone to participate including the adults. (As who doesn't like throwing sticks and stones). I am working on a spreadsheet that would create an average score per troop that way even the smallest scout can contribute to whether their troop wins.. Has anyone done anything similar or come up with other ways to make it fair across the board as it seems that the big troops are the ones that always win.
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