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  1. "Give each group a reference book (specific to chess -- or a dictionary ..." The only chess specific reference I have is the MB book. "10 minutes later, have each group present the definitions they found to everyone else." Building upon that, I teach the first group, first group teaches second group, etc., last group teaches me. That method would prove that each group has a thorough understanding of each requirement since they would be teaching the next group. I of course would be in the room while each group teaches to correct them if they get something wrong. "Does your meeting place h
  2. "why wouldn't an 18-20 year old Venturer want to go WB21C?" Because they have Kodiak. Kodiak is a leadership course made specifically for Venturers. Why would they need to go to Wood Badge when they are still considered youth in their crews and can attend Kodiak? WB is the training course for adults. Unless of course they were looking to become adult members of a Boy Scout or Varsity group.
  3. JoeBob, I gave a very basic definition of en passant, just because I didn't give you a full page definition doesn't mean that I don't know how to use it.
  4. While I was at Kodiak there was a 19 year old Venturer in my group who had attended Wood Badge and she was attending Kodiak as a participant. Aren't there regulations against Venturing youth attending Wood Badge? Or do you just have to be 18?
  5. I've heard several users say that they are from SR7A, SR7B, and SR6N. Are these divisions referring to the order by which they are listed on the region websites?
  6. BD, my troop has done it this way for years, right now I'm trying to find a way to teach this while still following procedure. JoeBob, 1. I have been playing chess for 8-10 years, since I started scouts I have taught several(probably around 3-5, not sure) other scouts how to play. I also taught my younger sibling how to play chess last year. I have never taught the Chess MB. 2. If you're referring to Chess, 0, it always been one on one. If you're referring to classes in general, being PL, I've taught first aid and knots several times for the First Class requirements. Patrol sizes average 4
  7. "I believe it is very difficult to determine that EVERY Scout is meeting the requirement if you have a group discussion...Boys 1, 2 and 3 say something about the history of chess, and together they've covered everything...Scouts 4 and 5 realize this, and basically are left with a choice of repeating" I see your point. How about this: I take small groups of scouts(around 3), teach some requirements, and then switch to the next group. I continue this process until the MB is complete. "en passant" is French for "in passing," it is a capturing method for pawns." "441 you forgot to cite the web
  8. BTW, "en passant" is French for "in passing," it is a capturing method for pawns.
  9. "Demonstrate" requirements must be demonstrated, "explain" requirements must be explained, period. "Discuss" requirements must be discussed, many users have said that discussions would be one on one with the MBC, but why can't they be a group discussion?
  10. "I'm the "middle man," Scouts give me the requirements that they have completed and I report to the adult(counselor) who signs them off." "441 do you understand why some of us have a problem with this ? The problem is that you are a middle man. There is no adult association, whoever signs the blue card is just robo signing. There is not supposed to be a middleman in the merit badge program." The scouts have the option of not using the worksheet, no paperwork from them means no MB. I will be taking the paperwork and notes/reminders of scouts that have completed certain requirements(i.e. the
  11. "I often find myself without the time to entirely dissect and read word for word each and every word typed into a thread. I'm not afraid to admit that." Being 15 3/4, I've got all the time in the world. I meant no disrespect in my comment, I apologize if it came across that way. "How long have you been playing Chess EagleScout411?" I'm not sure. I don't remember my Dad teaching me how to play, it was about 8-10 years ago. I used to play chess with my brother, he's 2 1/2 years older than I am, but he's in college now. Now I play with fellow scouts or on a computer version.
  12. If you had read the entire thread you would know that I am not the one signing off requirements for the MB. ES441 8/24/13 2:58PM comment on ScoutNut's reply: "I'm the "middle man," Scouts give me the requirements that they have completed and I report to the adult(counselor) who signs them off." And I am teaching the class for the Chess MB
  13. I think AnneinMpls is referring to creating a Sub-Forum, not a "Sub-Sub-Forum." According to moderator SR540Beaver it is only possible for an administrator to make Sub-Forum. Unless you figured it out, if so, please share how.
  14. I have heard(read) a few users talking about setting up Sub-Forums. Is it possible for regular members(non-administrators) to setup Sub-Forums?
  15. If by interested you mean reading the topics within this thread, then yes. I'd kinda like to know if there are any users from SR-6 MTC.
  16. Thanks SR540, and thanks for the advice everybody, I think I have all the information I need. Basementdweller, while your comments have been a little harsh, I realize that you are simply wondering why my troop doesn't do MBCs the way instructed by National. They have been doing MBs/MBCs that way since I joined the troop, I don't know whether or not they ever did it "correctly." I am almost positive that qwazse is right about my why my troop does it this way: "Now an MBC has to fill out paperwork, take YPT, jump through lots of hoops just to be a name on the list that might only get one call
  17. Technically, Venturers can keep working towards Bronze awards until December 31, 2014.
  18. I will not force anyone to complete the requirements as I teach the class, but rather focus on helping them improve their skill, playing strategies, and learning the full extent the rules of chess, and of course mainly: fun.. If any of them want to earn a merit badge in the process, they can. And there will be a tournament at the end of the class.
  19. "I think you know our ultimate goal is to help you do the program correctly." Yes I do, although some users can be a little harsh in their method of doing so. "Is it the Mid Tennessee Council, Trail of Tears District?" Yes it is, I have found DE Ryan Vaden's contact information. Once I have spoken with my SM on Monday's meeting(BTW, we are soon getting a new SM), I will proceed to contact DE Ryan Vaden. One question, if I contacted the President of my old chess club and he was willing to do it, could he be the MBC?
  20. Found this on our troop website: http://bsatroop441.scoutlander.com/Common/DownloadAttachment.aspx?SID=Pg2NYnG8eubZDy0A12Hh6A%3d%3d Can't find any council MBC documents though.
  21. "by working with a council/district-approved and registered adult counselor, an expert in the chosen subject, who is on the list provided to his troop from the district." I have never seen a district list of merit badge counselors. My troop does merit badge counselors like this: The scout is required, before he begins MB work, to find someone who has experience in that field of study(law, architecture, etc) who is willing to be the merit badge counselor for that scout. Our SM has never given me a name/number/contact of any kind, I have had to go out and find someone, whether it is a teacher a
  22. The MB class isn't until November, all the details haven't been ironed out yet, I haven't looked for anyone in the troop who is qualified to be the counselor yet. I was just offered the chance to teach it 5 days ago when we were making the calendar for next year. Some of the adults suggested it last fall but I didn't pursue it. "What is the litmus test that your troop used to determine if you are qualified to teach?" There isn't a standard "litmus test" in our troop, but for the most part it has to do experience in that field. For example, we have an adult in our troop who is a lawyer so he
  23. Hey jblake47, my brother is a lieutenant colonel in CAP and served as the commander of his squadron for a year, He prefers military activities while I prefer camping. He's going into the Army Special Forces now.
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