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  1. I appreciate the warm welcome and the advice. @ moosetracker I can see that issue and often thought about that myself! Fortunately God blessed me with a girl who is grown now. I really do not care at what level my involvement is with BSA. I have put some request's out there and will see where that goes. I plan on talking with someone at the council level next week. This is not the first time for me working with kid's. In the past me and my wife have been Sunday school teachers, Assit Scoutmaster for troop 100 Northeast Georgia council, I have worked with CAP kids, ANG REP 68 Program, Governors task force for counter narcotics, NASAR, CERT, and use to run the High school Collation for Northwest Atlanta Habitat for Humanity build's. I really think that if BSA SOP is followed with interaction between adult and child are followed I do not see an issue. I also know that Sponsoring programs have there own SOP's or at least they should.. @Eaglescout441, my email is msg.jeffcarr@gmail.com, again many thanks for the welcome and hope that I meet some of you in the future. Cheers!!
  2. I think 4days of some what leadership training is not enough, I think there should be 3 tiers to a WB. When I was a asst scoutmaster back in the 90's I looked at it hard. But we had camp Merrill (5th RTB) that actually gave you better leadership training, and skills that you could take back to the Troop level. It lasted a straight week in July when the school shut down. The Rangers had a very active role in the Northeast Georgia council in the Boy Scout capacity as well as the Explore capacity. I think Giving the skills to leaders is essential and especially when as a parent you are trusting another adult with precious cargo. So knowing that this adult is trained a little above the standard and that they will be safe in a Backpacking, Water, mountaineering type of activity. It also was designed to give some adults who have never had a chance to lead or been in a leadership role some guidance. But to someone who has some type of leadership role daily will find it trivial to say the least. That is why I think there should be a 3 tier system of training to the wood badge and make it more unique and challenging as well. I mean look at this way there is that old saying " do not tell someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself" so doing that 50 mile a foot. 50 mile a float you have the skills to deal with oh" it" factor when it happens.
  3. I am not new to scouting, maybe modern scouting..lol. But I just relocated to Ohio as I retired in 2012 from Georgia Army National Guard. Wife got promoted to mid west regional director of her company so here I am. I am getting back involved with scouting and I have been a Scout (troop 317 northwest Georgia council) and as a short time (got deployed) as a Asst scoutmaster with Troop 100. I have sent out request's to some local troops to see if there is any needs for help in any capacity. So if anybody is on here in the north Olmsted, Ohio area and needs help. Please contact me thru PM so we can exchange numbers. thanks
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