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  1. I have mentored the newest batch of scouts for the past year. "From the looks of it, you will jump to Venturing if the elction doesn't go your way" I have been nominated for SPL the past 3 terms and I'm almost positive that I will get it this time, if not I'd rather not keep waiting, I did get to serve as SPL during a week of summer camp at Boxwell 2013. Leadership is what I enjoy doing, if they don't see that I enjoy it and am good at it, than that is their loss. I know the adults see it because they are the ones that made it possible for me to serve as SPL during Summer Camp.Three experience
  2. I assume that they put it there that way their sash doesn't cover up the patch at COH and other special events.
  3. "Not sure why you would hold back on joining a crew based on your election to SPL." From my point of view the Ventures and Boy Scouts are separate, just like Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts. My troop doesn't have a Venture Patrol, I'll be going to completely different areas(probably) for camping and meetings at a different building. "Welcome! Nice to have someone willing and able to set us all straight!" Check out the "OA and Venturing" topic in the Order of the Arrow thread.
  4. I am a 15 year old Eagle Scout from BSA Troop 441 Trail of Tears District, Middle Tennessee Council. I am a member of the OA Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge based at Boxwell Reservation(MTC). I have held the positions of Scribe, Patrol Leader, and Librarian, declined the positions of Quartermaster and Historian, and am currently nominated(elections next Monday) for Senior Patrol Leader. I have attended Boxwell Reservation Summer Camp for the past 3 years and I have also attended Kodiak Leadership Training at Latimer Reservation(MTC). I joined scouts 9/27/10. I will join Venture Scouts either this winter or n
  5. I have seen scouts(Boy Scouts) with patches above the right pocket, such as NYLT. They are in the same place as the purple fluer-de-lis is on the left side. Is that allowed or are they putting it there because their Scoutmaster(for some reason) said they could?
  6. Also, the OA is not just a Boy Scout program it is also a Varsity Scout program, and the only reason Varsity Scouts are allowed is because they use the same rank system. If Ventures used the Tenderfoot-Eagle system, which, in a way, they do, then they would be welcomed in with open arms. PS The Venturers don't want a rank system, they prefer just a complex award system.
  7. Current OA Membership policy: A few volunteer Scouters in the Boy Scouts of America have asked why OA unit elections are not permitted in Venturing Crews. Crews are not authorized to conduct elections for two major reasons: 1. The Order of the Arrow is a program for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts between the ages of 11 - 18. If that Boy Scout policy changes, the Order would readily welcome venturers into the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. 2. Venturers do not earn the First Class rank of the Boy Scouts of America, a key membership requirement that must be met before a Boy S
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