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  1. For all "Scout activites" except MBC meeting with candidates, two adults "presnet" at all times, more recently two 21-or-older registered adults "present" at all times, again excpet for the MB counseling situations.. The "no one-on-one" is in addition to "two-deep.:. Even if "twodeep" cannot be one-on-one, That leaves us with what "present" means, and that has been discussed here before. One of the registered adults can be an Assistant Scoutmaster, but he only counts for one even if also serving as TC Advancement Chair. 😄
  2. "BSA’s Tour and Activity Plan eliminated .... How does this change affect the safety of BSA outings? It doesn’t. The Scouting program, as contained in our handbooks and literature, integrates many safety features. But no policy or form will replace the review and vigilance of trusted adults and leaders at the point of program execution." SOURCE: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/03/31/bsas-tour-and-activity-plan-eliminated/ "TOUR AND ACTIVITY PLAN A national Learning for Life and Exploring Tour and Activity Plan is required
  3. YPT seemed very clear when the "two registered adults for every Scout activity" rule was announced. When I specifically asked National if it were true that, as a Merit Badge Counselor, I need to have a second registered Scouter present when I met with a candidate, I was told any second adult "present" would do,> This was a change from the prior requirement only that the MBC not be "alone" with a candidate. I then asked my council the same question and, is so often the case, they referred me to National. BSA G2A on line now reads (note "Notwithstanding"): " Counseling Se
  4. Your argument seems to assume something "bad" happened? What? Tornado? Automobile accident? Lightning strike? "Lost" a child? Attcked a choild? Wouldn't the facts matter to how "hard" it is to defend the lawsuit? Two registered adults is the BSA requirement - whatever the size of the group - unless its a Merit Badge an Counselor meeting a candidate, when the "presence" of a second "adult" human being is the requirement. The "legal definition" of "negligence" is vague and subjective. If twenty registered adiults are preent and one of them strikes a child, injuring her, w
  5. Right. No explanation. Anyone recall EDGE? BSA doesn't.
  6. It seems that, indeed, some folks using "black lives matter" oppose charter schools and oppose closing of public schools on the grounds that the former is "private" and the latter is operated by the state. SOURCE (Print article on line) https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/08/black-lives-matter-naacp-moratorium-charter-schools/
  7. As noted above, "black lives matters" are words that apply to different groups and ideas. There is no monolith. There is not even a national organiation. The was a blacklivesmatter.com website that someone set up, but it does not wrok for me today ("This page isn’t working.") There is a Black Lives MAtter Foundation, but baru=ious attroney's general have ordered it to cease solicitng funds on the grinds that is is not associated with Black Lives Matters, whatever is meant by that. Confusing. In its rush to meet someone's ideas of expected social values, BSA failed to understand
  8. Yes, MattR, I watched it all. I only post links to videos I have watched 100%. I think the issue of what to do to stop the death of our cities by social experiment is worth the time routinely devoted to half an NFL game. YMMMV. Later in the video, they present suggestions for handling the drug and mental illness crises - other than letting addicts and mentally ill people do whatever they elect to do.
  9. BSA has a history of opaque text and internal contradiction.
  10. If the Commitee is to fulfill its quality control function, Advancment Chair must be a Committee function, not a Commissioned Scouter function.
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR IN PORTLAND> "Portland rang in the new year with a riot — as vandals wreaked havoc throughout the Oregon city, tossing Molotov cocktails and attacking law enforcement with rocks and bricks, police said. The crowd convened around 7:45 p.m. near Chapman Square downtown, the heart of protests that raged in the city throughout 2020. Portland police said at least two Molotov cocktails were thrown and commercial-grade fireworks were launched at the federal courthouse and Justice Center, which some rioters attempted to break into. The crowd also set multiple fire
  12. We did videos on Boards of Review back when Scouts were trusted to do thm. We were lucky o have a day with years in community theater as a director. Still, it was trial and error. The "final" version proved not to be as good as the fourth "final" - "Thorns and Roses. The bad example, with the victim slding under the table and putting up a small whote flag was well reveived. It made the "roses" part more understandable. In a year, BSA decided adults must do it. Turns out, we needed to show the adults the same video. Why didn''t we do a PLC? Should have. We used to invite Scouts a
  13. Oh to be young! http://www.seniorscoutinghistory.org/seniorscoutsite/explorers.html "1998- The Boy Scouts of America reorganized the Exploring program into the Learning for Life Exploring program and the new Venturing Division. Sea Exploring was placed in the Venturing Division and was renamed Sea Scouts."
  14. Organizations often do what they think will "keep the doors open." The employees, whose jobs are at stake, will often say that it's for the greater good. I am sure that at least some of them, maybe most, believe it's the truth.
  15. "Look at the wording, however. This is different and BSA acknowledged for decades that the would/could only use the terms "Scout" and "Scouting" in particular ways that did NOT include girls and did NOT impact GSUSA's rights to their trademarked terms." Source, beyond bare allegations? You seems to assume that anything your side says must be accepted as true. Thanks for the Downvote. I have seen three of those in 16 years here, and you own two. Sometimes a knock is as good as a boost.
  16. I brought those facts up because they are material to the timliness of GSA's claim to have an enforceable claim to exclusing use of "Scouts" or "Scouting" in connection with a, program that includes girls. That's the thing about litigation, the other side is allowed to present evicdence that refutes or blocks your claims. Both sides get to participate. That West wisely decided to stop try to block GSA use of "Scouts" when President Hoover's wife became the head of GSA, does not effect BSA's right to continue, after fifty-teo years, to use those words in connection with co-ed pro
  17. "And BSA admitted it shouldn't do what it did to the Patent and Trademark Office. Or was BSA lying in 2004? Care to actually respond to GSUSA's argument? I'm honestly curious." Ah yes, "have you stopped beating your wife?" Your reference is unclear. BSA admitted that it should not have used the term "Exploer Scouts" starting in 1968 for a co-ed program or "Sea Scouts" somewhat later for another co-ed program? Never heard that. Source? And what happened, please, in 2004, that relates to the use of Exploerer Scouts or Sea Scouts, both co-ed programs of BSA for decades o
  18. REALITY We have had female "Explorer Scouts" since 1968 - 52 years of "sitting on their alleged rights" precludes success. [img]https://i.imgur.com/qKrKzvu.png[/img] Sea Scouting, briefly Sea Exploring, became co-ed in 1972. [img]https://i.imgur.com/JZ7sHl1.png[/img] Trademark law is PRIMARILY intended to protect consumers from being misled about the party with whom they are dealing or whose product they are purchasing. Encouraging competition is anothe policy of federal law. Hamm. Pictures are not appearing.
  19. You are "noting" the GSA Complaint? I am noting the law and the facts known to anyone who cares to investigate that make GSA's claims to property in "Scout," "Scouts" and ""Scouting" wholly absurd. It may come as a shock, but a court cmplaint is merely a "short and plain statement OF A CLAIM [=or claims] FOR RELIEF - accusations and alleged conclusions of law - mereargumenst having no evidentiary or legal weight whasoever except as admissions against the pleader. . If you claim propety in a word, you must have acted "promptly" to prevent its misue. BSA has used the words
  20. A critic. Cool. Where did you study and practice intellectual property law? UCB Law and Stanford Law are excellent.
  21. https://casetext.com/case/adolph-kastor-bros-v-federal-trade-comm https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/374/1276/2352775/ Legal right to use term "Scout" in the context of merchandise. CIte Winchester patent case.
  22. There was Citizenship in the Home for about twnety years, until 1972 IIRC. IT was one of four "citizenship" merit badges, including the more corectly name "World Britherhood,: and any three were required for Eagle. Twenty years later, "Family Life." Much of a muchness.
  23. My troop as a boy was largely military dependents, a majority Marine "brats," sponsored by a United Methodist congregation located in the then very conservative Orange County, California. It was far more diverse than the population of the area and represented almost all of the nations where we sent young soldiers after WWII.. Many were "halves": half Jpanese; half FIlpino; half German; half Chinese; half Korean; half-Iraqui; half Persian.; half Panamanian; half Italian. They were also what we call "Black"; Japanese; Mexican; and "White." All the color variations of our common species, from
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