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    I started in Cub Scouts in 1989 and made it to Arrow of Light before I had to stop due to personal reasons. I became an EMT in 2005 and then a Paramedic in 2010. I'm looking to become a Merit Badge Counselor to get back into Scouts.

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  1. Anyone else having this problem with Scout Book?
  2. Completely agree. I love teaching, especially EMS topics. We had to switch to online during COVID and I missed physically interacting with my students. Critical thinking games, EMS Jeopardy, leadership tasks, and so on.
  3. Has anyone used remote apps for meetings during COVID; Google Classroom, Zoom, Teams, etc.? How did the Scouts/you like it?
  4. How transparent are they being with the finances? Sorry, I'm trying to catch up, but 93 pages of comments is a lot.
  5. @mrjohns2 When I talked with them yesterday, they didn't say how many they allow. I'll talk to them again next week after I get back. Do you council with more that just a specific unit? If you do, how do you find is the best way to introduce yourself to a new unit? I was thinking of emailing the different Scoutmasters and ask them about stopping by during a meeting to get myself out there. Again, after I get everything taken care of.
  6. I was reading up on the merit badges I want to council and came across this. I've found some conflicting information and was looking for clarification. https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/emergency-preparedness/ Says: "This award has encouraged youth to be prepared, productive, self-reliant adults active in their communities. As of February 2019, elements of the award have been incorporated into other program materials and we will sunset the award. Your can continue to earn the award, but the requirements will not be updated. " http://usscouts.org/adva
  7. @RememberSchiff I appreciate it. You got one. Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, First Aid, Programming, Public Health, Public Speaking, and Safety. I would like to add Communication, Family Life, and Medicine in the future.
  8. Not in my district. I've turned in my adult application and MBC application. I just talked with my local council today about my application. They are waiting for the registrar to get back to put me in. Should be next week. I wanted to wait until I had everything approved and all my ducks in a row before I started meeting with anyone.
  9. I took: YPT Merit Badge Counselor Cubmast and Assistant Training Den Leader and Assistant Training Scoutmaster and Assistant Training While, I'm just looking to do the MBC, I figured the extra knowledge would help.
  10. I'm looking to get back into scouting. A friend of mine told me that I could join as just a merit badge counselor. I've filled out my adult application and MBC application and sent them to my local council. What I wanted to know was if there were any members that were strictly MBC and how they like just being an MBC. Should I consider joining a unit once I've been in for a while? I'd also be willing to take any advice you might have on being a MBC. Thanks in advance.
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