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  1. Then there is (was?) Red Rover. 😱
  2. I had a separate question. I believe it has been answered.
  3. The liability of the insurance companies arises out of the contracts of insurance. They have no liability in tort.
  4. The "standards" are in writing and are part of the Franchise contrcat. "At will" means for a good reason or no reason at all. Most franchisors have "standrads" provisions in thier franchise contracts. Who is making the decison to offer the above-described offer, BSA, the insurance companies, or both? Has it been determined that BSA can make an offer on behalf of local councils?
  5. What he basis of that understanding? McD's typically leases the land and building to the franchisee for a term of twenty years.
  6. ON Friday evenings, the Summer Camp "week" at Camp Clendenning ened with a lengthy campfire program. Afterwards, we returned to Camsite 8 for our own brief campfire. Suddenly, two younder Scouts not in pout troop ran into our campsite. One was obviously frightened. The owther was trembling and had wet himself. You could hear his teeth rattling from ffiteen feet away. His eyes weer rolling and he was hyperventilating. "What's wrong?" "Someone tried to kill us!" In a couple of minutes, a diminutive adult and two older Scouts appeared into the light of our campfire from the same di
  7. It is absoutely accurate to say that I do not know how bad is was - or is, for that matter. That statement is based on the assumption that some abuse took place, since there have been confessions and convictions. I could have said that I know of several Scouters who abused Scouts, if not sexually, but that was not my point.
  8. Opinion: We don't know exactly how bad it was because allegations are not established facts because not all victims may have come forward, in part to to their being deceased, ,but keeping known incidents secret was dishonest - not trustworthy - and deprived parents of information they could have used to safeguard their children. That secrecy was about money, not less so that Nissan hiding accident statistics and Volkswagen scamming pollution testing equipment.
  9. Were you a "Lion"? I recall the band British Grenadier uniforms. Very sharp! Aftr their amazing performance, our band marched on the field to:
  10. This afternoon, I was given the chance to agree within 48 hours to have Shot 1 in the murder capital of Ohio or wait until April. i decided to have the shot.
  11. Rearing a child so that he or she has no concept of consequences for conduct does no one a favor.
  12. Wife got Moderna 1 last week. No worse than flue shot in October. Seems like there is a great range of reactions.
  13. OA is cursed by the "One and done" pattern of behavior. Many - really most - who pass the Ordeal, entitling them to wear tha OA Sash, are never seen again at any OA funtion, much less OA service project. Equally, many Wood Badgers think they have achieved the very pinacle of Scpouting competence, and are never seen at any training thereafter. Indeed many, having rreached the "mountain top," drop out of Scouting. But it' a volunteer organization. The average Scoutmaster has tenure under a year. I have found that there is always more to learn, and especially from those takin
  14. "That said, I recognize not all Wood Badge people act like this. But they certainly embrace the cult of critters and talking amongst themselves and acting like there a club-within-a-club and if you are not part of the "club" then...oh well." Yes, "Oh well." Personally, I am Schizophrenic, critter-wise, being a bear, owl, beaver, Eagle. And it is a "club within a club" - a club that aims tohave every Scouter as a member. A "cult" may bean something other than what it often means, so you get a pass on that shot at every Wood Badger who ever was, good, bad , or indifferent. There
  15. https://i.imgur.com/pxKQTGo.png No EDIT feature available.
  16. [img]https://i.imgur.com/pxKQTGo.png[/img] "This is an official uniform shirt option for Scouts BSA. It is designed to stay polished looking and comfortable for every adventure! This uniform shirt features the new BSA logo above the front right chest pocket." SCOURCE: SCOUTSHOP.ORG if you prefer conventional button treatment, it is available in six other distinct optional shirts with the BSA brand, five of which are called "uniform."
  17. The Scout Shop seems to only have an "imported" red jac-shirt. Do you have a link for a green one? https://www.scoutshop.org/washable-wool-jac-shirt-612783.html
  18. "Benefits PBGC Does Not Guarantee Health and welfare benefits Vacation pay Severance benefits Lump-sum death benefits for a death that occurs after the date the plan ended Disability benefits for a disability that occurs after the plan’s termination date (or the date your employer’s bankruptcy proceeding began, if applicable) Legal Limits on PBGC's Guarantees Generally, PBGC does not guarantee any monthly pension amount that is greater than the monthly benefit your plan would have provided if you had retired at your normal retirement age. The maximu
  19. "Waterproof" seams are almost as important as the rest of a garment being "waterproof" vs "water repellant" - both governmnet standards.
  20. While some of the National advancement folk care about merit Badge mills, the most they could get a couple years ago was the "limited" Limited Recourse for Unearned Merit Badges, Guide to Advancement, at pp 51-52. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
  21. So those concerned about their pensions might favor liquidation?
  22. "properly executed Scouting cohorts at council camps may be an exception" ???
  23. One issue was candidates calling me without anyone else on the line or emailing me withouit copying anyone else - both contrary to YP procedures.
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