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  1. Thank you. You are FAR more responsive than Spectrum or the FCC. Merry Christmas and a Happier 2021 for all here and in Scouting.
  2. And yet, the Ohio State football team lines up, holds hands, and sings the Alma Mater with the fans after every game. And, as pros, they tell you they are from "The Ohio State University." Then theres: We won't even mention A&M.
  3. For units, right? When I was Scout, it applied to all of BSa Scouting.
  4. Perhaps because Black Lives Matter is an avoidly Marxlist political organization that advocates abolition of law enforcement, criminal laws, courts, and places of incarceration, at least for "persons of color, on the grounds that the concept of "crime" as applied to such persons is inherently racist. Black Lives Matters has the Motto "ACAB" = all cops are bastar_s. So BSA is walking back its original "virtue" signal.
  5. We should welcome the expression of all points-of-view., whether we agree with them or emphatically do not.
  6. "edavignonScoutbook User Advisory Council Jun 24 The BSA does not monitor these forums. The moderators are volunteer members of the SUAC who spend considerably more than 1 hour per week (many more than 1 hour per day) helping users."
  7. I never said they were good at it. 😄 That's the really big problem.
  8. It probably will be when it is noticed. It does not 100% support the "narrative."
  9. It also addressed the system being "rigged." It also discusses family structure as a cause of crime - a legitimate sociologic topic discussed in "Black cutkture" courses in universities - taugh by Black professors. In the video, Morgan Freeeman, asks why relegate Black history to one month.
  10. OK, I see the banned video addresses, among othe thing, stereotyping of Black males. That was a topic Dr. King addressed many times and is a classic "social justice" issue. It is "prejudice" per se, although opinions differ on why it takes place. omedian So the video is not all one way.
  11. This is a private forum, not the government - or even "public.". Censorshoip and discrimination does not violate "civil rights."
  12. I woild have liked to see the video to understand your comments.. Which "millionaires"?
  13. Likely, BSA has no more idea what they mean by "intersectionality" than it knows the difference between the Marxist, anti-capitalism, abolish the police , laws, jails, and courts political party Black Lives Matter and the concept that "black lives matter." It just sounds "woke. to folks in a panic to seem "woke."
  14. "(CNN)In a statement released in support of Black Lives Matter, the Boy Scouts of America said it will require Eagle Scouts to earn a diversity and inclusion badge. It'll examine its own role in perpetuating racism, too. The organization, which also condemned the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, said it "has not been as brave as we should have been" when it comes to calling out racism. "The Boy Scouts of America stands with Black families and the Black community because we believe that Black Lives Matter," the organization said in a letter on Scoutingw
  15. "Your replies have been merged." What if I don;t want them "merged"?
  16. So long as they are "different" in a policitcally correct way? I propose that one be polite to everyone. IS he or she "one"? Be polite. No mpore "education" required. Of course that;s naive. It's impolite to shake hands or eat with the left hand to a traditional Muslim., or to look at their daughter's bare ankles. Being reprectful turns out to be darned hard in a homogenious society. I have an Ohio American Flag license plate and my car got keyed with a lrge "PIG" Wednesday in a parking lot. Perhaps I made someone feel unsafe. I shudder to think a sticker supprting my son
  17. "We are Marxists" If we don't get what we want, "burn it down."
  18. Someone lied 20,000 times in four years., "Moderator." Are you thinking of Kevin Trudeau? He's still in prison.
  19. And Texas bordered The New Mexiso Territory and the Indian Territory - of th United States. A minority of their border was with Arkansas and Louisiana., and Texas left BEFORE Arkansas. "DECLARATION OF CAUSES: February 2, 1861 A declaration of the causes which impel the State of Texas to secede from the Federal Union. ... She was received as a commonwealth holding, maintaining and protecting the institution known as negro slavery--the servitude of the African to the white race within her limits--a relation that had existed from the first settlement of her wilderness by the whit
  20. I am listening to SBLM. And some of their goals are fine. But far more than one is abhorent. I would be happy toilist them.
  21. Actually, it's reality. Anyone could quoite pages and pages of statements by every rebel state and every Coinfederate cabinet member that it was all about slavery. Anyone who can use Goiogle can find them. My Grandmother was National Commander of the Daughters of the Confederacy and National Chairperson of the drive to raise funds to buld a Jefferson Davis Monumnent nto match the Washington Monument (in Davis' home town in Kentucky - the lesser monument actually built still stands)., so I heard THAT side over and over. But I also read the contemporary newspapers and books written by reb
  22. Mostly Republicans with white hair - "old White men."
  23. Irrational hostility to councils and "professionals" is, as I have said many times, a problem, not a solution. Kill off the volunteers is likely not a useful solution. My council has tried that and the dictatorship of the council employees has been a disaster in terms of membership, volunteer participations outside untis, and fund-raising. It is easy to criticize decisions made by others, but sharing leadership might mititate against that behavior. Better communication? Mutual respect? Honoring the election of key volunteers in accordance with the BSA Bylaws rather t
  24. And the image I posted from Imgur doesn't appear. But pics I post on other big forums do appear. ?????
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