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  1. In doing the camp cooking part of an adult leader training, I first had everyone repeat the 13th point of the Scout Law, "a Scout is hungry" and then repeat the CCA (camp cook axiom): " there is no food so mediocre that it can not be improved with ketchup (catsup, etc)". Ketchup should be refrigerated over the long haul. I was once in my favorite "all-you-can-eat-" fish place. I first watched the waiter at the counter take the half empty Ketchup bottles and refill them with other half full bottles. Thrifty, yes? I then turned my attention to the bottle on my table and watched fermentation
  2. "All Politics Is Local" I forget who first said that. "Its For The Kids" Bob the Tomatoe said that. "If your'e going on to Boy Scouts with your son, you can't stay a Cub Master" My wife said that. Three years ago, when I was an ACM and DL, we held a membership drive at our school. Held a PineWood Derby exhibit at the PTA picnic. Info table at "Back to School Night". Presentation at PTA meetings. Posters in the hall ways. (our pack was chartered to the local hospital thru the Board of Directors). We gained three wolves,( Wolf and Bear and Webelos dens ok) and 14 Tiger fami
  3. Scouts..... Boys..... (Girls....)Cubs...Campers... Please, not 'guys'... Call them, name them for what they ARE, what you WANT them to be. Not the "G" word... ... lets see now..."guy... from the Fr. 1)(obs) a grotesque effigy of Guy Fawlkes, paraded on Guy Fawlkes Day. 2)(slang) a male person. 3) VT. to brace or reinforce. 4) to guide, as on a path." Don't rename our organization. Are you a Scoutmaster or a Guymaster? Yes, it's hard to break old easy habits, but I think it's worth the effort. Who are these young humans before us? Ordinary Young Humans? or...
  4. Buddies... Buddie up at a given signal (bugle, whistle, bell) and count noses... out of bounds defined... Before the noise and commotion, have a night life "listen" and "look" ( owls? nightingales? beady eyes in the flashlight?) later, as a break, weather permitting, present the Astronomy MB for a possibilty. Anyone have a good telescope ? Even binoculars can show the Orion Nebula and Lunar craters. Respect those that have had enough and want to go to sleep. Or anyone with dakness concerns, this should be VOLUNTARY, yes? Private area (private farm back acres, Scout reserve area,). I
  5. ""By their fruits ye shall know them"" "The humble, meek, merciful, just, pious, and devout souls are everywhere of one religion; and when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the diverse liveries they wear here make them strangers." = William Penn = 'nuf said.
  6. But we digress..... I finally found it....From B-P... ""Reverence to God and reverence for one's neighbour and reverence for oneself as a servant of God, is the basis of every form of religion. The method of expression of reverence to God varies with every sect and denomination. What sect or denomination a boy belongs to depends, as a rule, on his parents' wishes. It is they who decide. It is our business to respect their wishes and to second their efforts to inculcate reverence, whatever form of religion the boy professes. There may be many difficulties relati
  7. RE: Flag possible misuse/disrespect/unusual purpose/smiler/what if/ wait a minute... I recommend the movie ""BRONCO BILLY"" Dir/Stars Clint Eastwood. In an interview, he said it was one of his favorites. Be warned, some adult themes, perhaps a PG13 rate. Any one else remember it?
  8. Coming in to this late, perhaps, but after being a girls soccer coach ( 1st season no wins, second season half and half, third season league champs undeafeated, fourth season 2nd place) and a DL and CM, and now ASM, I see some parrallels between good coaching and good Scout leadering. In both,if done right, the coach /SL requires something of the child that the child feels OBLIGATED to provide. If the parents see a benefit of the child attending, there will be a DOUBLE obligation that the child feels. Can he/she dissapoint the C/SL? In CS, we require parent participation, less so in BS, but o
  9. EVERYTHING should have some ritual, some ceremony attached to it. After the "battlesribbons" got to be a little cumbersome, we got some tri-fold presentation boards and glued all the streamers to them, chronologically, for display at B&G, etc. The most recent ribbons were on the Pack flag. When we received a new ribbon, the CM would announce the new ribbon,(usually after rank awards), how the Pack had earned it, and then ask one Cub to come forward (most advanced, most deserving, soon to move, pick a reason) and hold the Pack flag pole down, then call another Cub forward
  10. Lion Cub= 1959. Back before I earned my dinosaur herding merit badge, I was a Cub, and my mom was a Denmom, and my dad cut up scrape lumber and sheets of cork and set out little pots of paint for lots of Thunderbird trophy hangings and key holders and I learned the importance of washing out your brushes NOW not tomorrow (no latex!). I think the idea of a Kkid Cub scout program is great ( I hope National reads these screeds). 1) insist that parents accompany Ks and 1st graders. No Baby sitters etc. I could not believe when one year we had 14 nascent Tigers one year and NOT ONE famil
  11. Six looooong pages and how much is actually about "BSA and Religion? And the 'other' topic? Who (or what) are you fellows worshiping? Yes, I think the 'other ' topic should have spun off loooong ago.
  12. Unbelievable. What Scout (age not important) would EVER turn another Scout away from his camp? Scouter4321 has it all. As CM, I knew our pack had the responsibilty for the C/O ceremony. We always made sure our Webs had invites to visit our neighboring troops (5 or 6), since we had no "connected" troop. No uninformed choices. We would do it at a barbecue in the spring. Our District OA group always made a bang up appearance with flaming arrows and appropriate words as the Cubs crossed the bridge. Not unusual to have 2 or 3 SMs to receive the Cubs. I would remove the blue epaulets and th
  13. "The humble, meek, merciful, just, pious, and devout souls are everywhere of one religion; and when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the diverse liveries they wear here make them strangers." = William Penn =
  14. I do love catching up on all this discussion. Jargon and linquistics fascinates me. wyomingi: "Gaffer Tape" : Gaffer is , if I remember correctly, Cockney slang for an Old Man. This led it to be the theatrical term for the fellow who is in charge of Lighting the Stage ( use to be with candles ane kerosene lamps) . The "Gaffer" is now the fellow in charge of the Lighting and electrical arrangements. "Gaffer Tape" is the stuff used to secure the e cables to the floor (so one doesn't trip over them) and the e cables to the battens (pipes) that hold the "babies" and "fresnels" and "e
  15. Teach your Scout to Sew... " BADGES? WE DON' NEED NO STEENKIN' BADGES!!" " Teach.. your Scout to sew... your Daddy's patch... will never fall off... and see ... him stick his thumb.. he's not so dumb... he'll beg his motheeeer... and... don't you stop to ask him why... he'll just look at her and cry.. til she gives in and sews it oooon and he'll tell her "Mooooooom, you know I love you!! " ( apologies to CSN&Y) (personal experience) The aerosol can works , but not permanent. On the BACK of the patch, shoot a small bead around the edge of the patch, just inside t
  16. WOW! Really interesting replies to a small inquery. I leave a note on the board in the morning and come back and...And I had no idea there were so many retired (I know I have a money exchange activity to attend to) scout type people out there. Scenario: (this is fourth hand to you folks) Cub Scout from family who espouses a religion that will not say the PoA loyally (and I say correctly) does not recite the PoA, as his parents desire. He does know it, can correctly recite it (per the rank requirement) and participates in flag ceremonies (carries it in, posts the colors, etc. But
  17. Glue On Patches . Thoughts as they occur to me... An adult Leader leads by: Example: Properly attired. Correct Badges in place, uniform clean and worn without embarassment (even into the Mcdonalds on the trip). Do all the ASMs wear Scout uniform? Only the SM? How 'bout the CC? Anyone else? Encouragement: Take the Scout aside and remind him kindly and without rancor of his badge placement and uniform usage. Is there a problem you can help with? Guilt: Perhaps a SM minute could be used to ask a
  18. It is good to make'm think. I'm only a fledgling ASM, but as a CM, the circle up goodnight was new to my pack. The previous CMs only marched the flags out and said goodnight. I marched the flags out, then gathered the boys in the hands-over circle and spoke of the Scout family. Then I invited anyone else who was a Scout or had been a Scout to join in the circle. The family gets bigger! Then I reminded everyone that family includes moms and dads and bro and sis , and invited everyone else to join the circle (hands over hands is HARD for some adults!). More reminding about the family that is Sc
  19. Flag burning is , I seem to hear , either a very extreme form of protest or an extreme form of respect, depending on the context. And context is always an important consideration in making a judgement. Question: What sort of person (that is to say, why) would not recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" during the usual flag ceremony? And how would you react to such?
  20. I must agree with trevorum. The numbers do sound a little dated, but yet they ring true. They are "close enough", I think. Scouting is, after all, a self selecting group, disregarding the non-participatory parent. Once a boy becomes a Cub or a Boy Scout, it will become apparent early on if they like it or not. As Scouters, we need to be sensitive to what 'enables' that self selection. YiS SSS
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