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  1. I see thats what i thought that makes sense. Thank you for the reply!
  2. For the youth and and the adult leaders in the venturing program? Ive been having trouble trying to find this information. I believe the youth is 14-20 but what about the adult leaders?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. As I can always use more ideas about how to bring my patrols together. On number 1. Thanks for all your help about the phone tree and giving me alternative uses. The problem is the SPL doesnt check his email or can get on the phone enough. (Hes a homework pusher I also think maybe I should teach the younger scouts about email and how useful it is and possibly set them up with emails which are no problem! On number 2. The problem with the patrol leaders is in our troop that job is taken not seriously. Like I remember one time a scout told a younge
  4. Ive spent probably about 1 month now trying to organize patrols as a JASM and im having trouble because our troop is not big on patrol oriented which most of them want to be but there not sure how to get out of a bad habit. Mostly cause our troop got small for awhile but is now bigger with a lot of new scouts. Here is a list of things I need help on. 1. I need some pointers on how to get a call tree effective to the point where everyone shows up wearing the right thing and doesnt go to the scout hut while we are at the YMCA pool. 2. I need help making the patrols more like a tea
  5. Why doesnt he become a committee member? Its no more or less work but its a very big deal as those are the people who decide your rank advancements. Im pretty sure he can still go. I mean parents go all the time and there not leaders.
  6. "To which our SPL Eagle scout replied that he didn't have to be here and he could be like the other older scouts that don't come to meetings anymore (like we should be glad he is still here) and he didn't appreciate being told he was playing favorites (not his exact words but to that effect.)" Yeah he shouldent really say that at all. Thats not scout like behavior. "Just so you can be clear that I am not just a parent complaining about a close call during a uniform inspection, or should I say popularity contest. Only two scouts present had scout uniform pants on, (all three choose
  7. National area council and the mattaponi district.
  8. Hi I found this forum a long time ago when I was trying to get a "right" answer on the requirements for the William T. Hornaday Award medal I believe? I found this place on the search engine. I thought id tell a little bout myself. Im currently and JASM (junior assistant scout master) in a troop in Virginia. I also recently received the Eagle Scout rank more or exactly about 3 months ago. I hope to come to this for forum to learn and talk about scouting as it is one of my favorite programs. P.S Im sorry for the double post in this forum i just had to ask that question first. Th
  9. Ah ok good! Thank you for the reply!
  10. Hi there! Im new to the forum and I dont see any rules topic anywhere? Im curious dose this forum allows actually boy scouts to join meaning actually scouts in scouting. Thank you very much.
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