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  1. "Tennyson, anyone?", said the literate lobber. Thank you, OGE. I knew it was one o' them poetical fellas. I'm sorry "The Raven" has nothing to do with horse stuff. I'd add that to the poe-tical feedbag. Did BP mention Kipling anywhere? YiS(This message has been edited by SSScout)
  2. "AYE... Stick to the CODE..." "Waaall, actually, we tink of it more like a set o' 'guidelines'..." YiP
  3. I doubt if our troop could operate as actively as it does if we strictly delineated the SM/ASM group function from the TC group functions. Boy Led? Certainly, as much as possible, but... Our treasurer is a Patrol Dad. The Fund Raiser is an ASM. The CC was a Troop Dad, but his son graduated out some years ago. We are very grateful for his experience and leadership. All are "trained". The Advancement Chair is not anything else, his son is a 2C. Another Cmem is the Pioneer MBC. I could go on. Any parent who wishes to attend a TCom meeting is more than welcome. The adult Troop officers come
  4. I think it depends on whether National has your email address. If you like, call them up (if you can find their phone number) and make sure the person who answers the phone connects you with the "Scouting E News" editor ( if any will admit to being same).
  5. Now joust wait a minute... YiS
  6. Yep, me too. Just opened it this morning. I somehow found it significant that the third button in the top row said "donate". But it is nice to be remembered. I don't see the 'Vol" Number thing important, they are just opening up and adding people to their list. If I can recycle newspapers and 'gimmees' that come in the surface mail, I can recycle (?) this too after its consideration. YiS.
  7. This is third hand coming from me, but... I once heard of a Tiger Den that held its meeting at a Starbucks. The adults all ordered a Latte, etc., they pushed the tables together, had an opening, did a craft, some Scout stuff, a closing, pushed the tables back and left in 30 minutes; all to the amusement of the staff and the few customers. They reportedly picked the SLOW part of the afternoon, checked out with the manager before hand. (("just so everybody buys something...")) When my wife and I did Tigers and Wolves, we made it a point to try and go to "exotic " places on occasion, havin
  8. So we went from fashion to Longfellow? Not a bad transition. I love to sturrup things every so often. YiS
  9. SSScout

    Odd uniform

    Perhaps from one of the "private" boy (and girl!) organizations run by churches like the Seventh Day Adventists and others? I think one goes by the name "Pioneers", but they often call themselves 'scouts' (here we go again). I saw a church ( I forget the denomination) marching in the last 4th of July parade that had uniforms with black piping.
  10. 1))The Totin' Chip as an earned patch dates AT LEAST to 1960. (Guess how I know that?). Back then, it was white with red border and red lettering and a red axe . I have since seen at least four different designs saying "Totin'Chip": another red on white, and three red on tan. The patch was to be worn on the right pocket flap, until one was OA, when the OA flap would be worn on right pocket flap OVER the T/C. The idea of tearing off a corner of your award card for an unsafe act is a Troop affectation. In our old Troop, if your stupidity warranted attention, your T/C was summarily revoked and
  11. "Layer Cake Dinner" A good layer of coals, or a small even fire A Dutch oven or deep cast iron skillet and lid Spread out i/2 pound bacon in the bottom of the skillet. Next, Spread out i/2 inch deep hamburg. Next, Spread out 3 medium onions, peeled, sliced 1/4 inch thick. Next, Spread out 3 largish potatoes, washed, "eyed", (leave skin on if washed well), sliced 1/4 inch thick. Next, Spread out 3 largish carrots, washed, "ended", sliced 1/4 inch thick. Next, Put Cover on it. Put on heat. Wait 30 to 40 minutes. Keep steam coming out. It is HARD to burn the contents, bu
  12. Elevetyumpteen years ago, I became my troops first Eagle. This was due to several dynamics (aside from my own desire and drive), which I'll not go into at present. The troop set up the CoH and, quite frankly, I'm not sure if my folks had much say in its arrangement. It was a larger version of the troops usual CoH, candle lit, Scout Law, etc. Scoutmaster said something, some other Scout high mucky mucks (whom I did not recognize) said something, my mom cried. My dad almost did, he was a singularly unemotional fellow,usually. I remember all my Scout friends shook my hand. I have attended EC
  13. And when did Scouts start playing polo? Hah! The "Polo Merit Badge!"
  14. Wooo... Invigorating dip... up the ladder for another dive in... Perhaps this thread should be titled "Choosing YOUR religion" ? Beaver: Thank you. Fuzzy: I offer another quote. I like it when someone much wiser than me speaks my mind... "The humble, meek, merciful, just, pious and devout souls are everywhere of one religion; and when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the diverse liveries they wear here make them strangers." == William Penn == 1644-1718 YiS
  15. A boy and his dad were walking along a beach after a storm. Alot of debris had been washed up, and they would stop every so often and look at the treasures at their feet. They came upon an area where alot of star fish had been washed up. The boy picked one up and threw it back into the ocean, then another and then another. The man shook his head and said, "you know, you can't help all of them". The boy picked up another star fish and threw it in the ocean. "Maybe so",he said, "but I can help THAT one ... and THAT one... and THAT one..." YiS
  16. ((G2SS not withstanding)) A mountain climber slips and falls. He finds himself literally holding on to the rock face with his fingernails. "HELP!" he cries out, "DEAR GOD, HELP ME!!" A voice comes to him: "I would not forsake you, my son". "What? Who's up there?" says the mountaineer. "It is I, your God" says the voice. "Really? I thought... I mean I..." "I understand." "C-c-c-can you help me?" "Yes. Just let go and I will hold you up in my loving arms..." "..." The mountaineer says " IS THERE ANYONE ELSE UP THERE?"
  17. You can do this once, maybe twice a year... Begin with your standard opening and when you get to the Cub who leads the reciting of the Cub Promise, the Cub master runs in and says " now hold on Johnny, I know all the Cubs know the Promise , right? But I'd like to know if the PARENTS have been paying attention" Here, he holds up a paper bag, in which has been placed folded 3x5 cards, on each is written one word of the Cub Promise. "Now I want each parent to pick out a card ((shake the bag to make it rattle)), then I want you folks to line yourselves up in the proper order ((walk ar
  18. Here I go. I think the water is deep enough to dive into... 1) I think I like BP's instruction about the choice of a boy's religion being mostly up to the parents, and the Scouters role being mainly to encourage that. The exact quote has been noted here before. 2) One's religion is composed of three main components, that which is taught by others (parents, Sabbath school, bull sessions at camp and at school, etc.) , that which is learned by ones self (reading the Bible/Quoran/Talmud/etc.) and that which is EXPERIENCED by ones self (see St Francis, et al). RELIGION is not necess
  19. You can do this once, maybe twice a year. Neat stunt>>> Start your meeting as usual, but when you get to the Cub leading the Pack in the Cub Promise, the Cub Master runs up and says... "Now hold on ,Johnny. I know all you Cubs know the Cub Promise and do your best to follow it. But I want to know if the PARENTS know the Cub Promise... ((here, the CM holds up a paper bag and rattles it. Inside are folded 3x5 cards, each with one word from the Cub Promise on it)) "I want each parent to take a card out... There you go... yeah, you too, Fred... and then WITHOUT TALKING, li
  20. Quick takes::: If A-B mission is to sell beer, and BSA mission is to "instill values" etc., and when we have a "Join Souting Night" and many boys gather round the Pinewood derby track and the monkey bridge and tent set up, ... HOWCUM it seems to be the parents we have to sell, not the boys?...
  21. (true) At the end of a 10 mile in, 10 mile out overnight, at the trail head parking lot: "No, I thought your wife was picking us up?"
  22. " Hey, Joe, could you toss me the... ((Choose one... or be sued for improper name usage)) "Band Aids? ...self adhesive wound bandages ?" "Kleenex? ...soft tissue paper nose wipers?" "model of that classic '67 Mustang? ...mid twentieth century pony car?" "roll of Scotch tape? ...self adhesive clear acetate tape?" "my Teflon skillet? ...non-stick tetra fluoro carbide frying pan?" "that Xerox copy? ...that photo process self image?" "my PC? (ooops! crash)" ... my non-IBM mad
  23. Although not in my personal neck of the woods, I can recommend Camp Gorton in Five Rivers Council, near Dundee NY. Not too big, nice waterfront on Lake Waneta. Phone 670.292.3220. A friend is staff there, and I have visited recently, both with and without Scouts. My, lots of choices (so long as the local councils don't need to sell the camp to pay the taxes) YiS
  24. My luverly wife is the Dcamp Program Director which makes me... First asst... Publicity... "specials" getter... Fill in (who's missing on staff? archery? Scoutcraft? Den Round up? Skits? Campfire MC.....?) Sign maker/poster... Flag pole installer... hey, it's my job it's what I do... Any way... *Lots of advance notice... *Our council sponsors mucho district Dcamps, thuout the summer, so parents can go another week if they can't match the home District Dcamp...for a surcharge of... *SOMEONE (not just me, fortunately)does a Pack "visitation" to talk up all forms of Cu
  25. As the sag wagon driver for a canoe trip on the Shenanndoah, I dropped of the group at the start camp site and commiserated with the trip leaders. Co-ed group, non-Scout. We stayed the night and the next morning checked equipment. It was a 10 day trip. We collected (and I kept until I met the group later at the take out) portable radios, Cell phones, (except for leaders) and... wait for it... two hair driers. In our discussions, no one thought to bring sufficient extension cords. YiS
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