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  1. Very sad. When the purpose of the organization (say, what is our purpose, anyway? Another thread there...) is forgotten in favor of the personal resume (look how many Scouts/Units I have led to join/ be formed) or the income (is there a bonus/bounty for showing increases?) or the BoD never leave the board room to visit the "front lines" to verify the SE reports, well Bad Things Happen. Now, is Irvings purpose the same as the Councils purpose the same as the Districts purpose the same as the Troop/Packs purpose the same as ...? Or are only the methods of the N, C, D, T/P in fulfilling th
  2. * Read an article about the snake handlers up in the Appalachians. Their faith leads them to "get up close and personal" with timber rattlers and copperheads. This comes from Biblical injunctions Mark 16:18 among others. That's the beauty of faith, I guess, one can pick and choose what to use as an indication of your Loyalty to God (?). * I met many a good Scout in my time as a Jamboree Chaplain, but none with THAT sort of faith. YiS
  3. Once upon a time, Our UC organized a visit to the USS Constellation, a civilwar era sloop-of-war. Not a frigate, I won't go into the distinctions here. Berthed in the Baltimore harbor, the USS Constellation runs ovenight programs for Scouts, Cubs and school groups. You bunk down as a "powder monkey" or (adults) a "Landsman" and are signed on as a 1855 crewman. The accomodations are similar (hammocks or deck, biscuits and beef stew for dinner and since we're in port, some fresh fruit) to the period. The Quatermaster and Master at Arms takes no guff from landlubber conscripts. You work the rigg
  4. Wooah! That's dedication! Thank you for being there... and there... and there... and over there... I can only hope my fingers are so agile at that age. It's been very good to (vitually) meet you! YiS
  5. Ah yes, my favorite summer job, raft guide. Lotta water under THAT raft. * Find the made for tv/video movie "Same River, Different Day". Very good river running scenes,(some where WAY out west) family movie. Some old friends get together for a last fling of summer trip, sons and ex's come along, look for the "room with a view" episodes. * Good beginners trip, on the Shennandoah and Potomac, past Harpers Ferry. Look up River and Trails Outfitters in Sandy Hook MD. and Shennandoah Outfitters in Front Royal, VA. * More advanced trips on the New river in West VA. Gauley is down the
  6. I know that our CSDC always passes out a requirement list that has a proviso in caps to the effect "ask your Cub about the activities. Some of the listed requirements MAY not have been passed due to weather, etc. and therefore need to be completed at home" . I don't think BLs are "given away " at our CSDC. I think the camp staff does a bang up job (99%volunteer with a tiny budget) with what they have. If anyone has a concern about honestly earning a badge, speak to your camp staff and find out.
  7. Welcome shortad! Check out the Uniform Police threads, and thus put your query in perspective. As a past CM, I must say that , yes the Cpatches don't fit "appropriately" on the blue shirts of those Cubs of lesser stature. Be prepared (where have I heard that before?) to either resew the patches on a larger shirt or adapt in another way, in coming years.. The "Badge Magic" does work, and allows one to redo the patch on the next shirt (see postings about that, too). Oh, did I say "lesser stature"? Don't EVER let your Cs think they are "lesser" in any respect but size. That c
  8. When my daughter and son were much younger and smaller, it was not unusual for them to come up and say "Gimme a cookie!" ( or toy/drink/icecream/or ...). As an attentive parent, I certainly want my children to have what they need, but maybe not everything they want. Darling, intelligent urchins that they were, they soon learned that daddy didn't react well to demands, but reasoned requests, politely made often got the item requested. So the previous DEMAND ("GIMME MY COOKIE NOW!) became "Daddy? could I have some cookies and milk ,please? I've got my chores done!" The skills of diplomacy, nego
  9. Another variation to scratch headabout: On the local Memorial Day parade, witnessed Scouts and Cub Packs marching. Tan Shirt Epaulettes occupied by both blue and red loops. Webelos Scouts that are still in Pack but dedicated to a Troop?
  10. Gets pretty intense on the forum, uh? My boy time Troop did three things: Tents were a personal thing. No Troop owned loaners. 1) We did have a few shelter halves represented, I seem to remember a few Vet parents who were of the opinion that if they were good enough for THEM, they were good enough for US. Because of weight, convenience and ratty factor issues, The boys were led to one of two possibilities. Buy OI Scout tents (canvas, the Explorer model and the tarp was a favorite) or, for a time we 3) made our own tarps: 10x10 6mil black plastic lined with some really tough duct tape and
  11. And my wife wants me to heal quick so i don't waste so much time on Scouter.com (surgery on my foot. Gotta keep it up for a while...) Never heard of this Flag subscription service. Very original. When our troop decided that the popcorn market around here was saturated (Way cheaper at the store,too) we decided on Christmas wreaths. We settled on a company in the Northwest out of Scouter magazine. We've had good luck with it. We take advance orders fom friends and neighbors and order stock upfront to sell in front of local stores. Make upwards of $4000. profit each year. All don
  12. *Please refer to other threads about meritbadges, Uniform shirt collars and Uniform Police* When I was a CM, I had gentle discussions with parents about uniform use. The uniform is a 'method',yes? The parent would ask why the uniform was important, and I would try to explain how it encourages pride in being a Scout, being part of a greater whole, how it represents to other Scouts (and the world?) what Scouting is about. Done right, it is a walking diploma and billboard. It shows what you've accomplished and where you've been. Hopefully, the First Class Scout looking at anothers First Clas
  13. I find, paradoxically, that I agree with every thing that's been said here. It depends on the situation. As the opportunity presents itself. Forgiveness and understanding is always appropriate. Maybe we don't know the whole of it. Don't embarass anyone publicly. Set a good example yourself. When in doubt, look it up or ask. Forgive me, friends, but this sort of discussion always reminds me of... (movie trivia question) " BADGES? WE DON' NEED NO STEENKIN' BADGES!!" Ahem... " Teach.. your Scout to sew... your Daddy's patch... will never fall off... and see ... him stick his
  14. I found this hanging next to a Friends fireplace. Perhaps this should be in the SM Minute section? For your consideration... "Lighting a Fire" by John Oxenham (1852-1941) Kneel always when You light a fire, Kneel reverently and Thankful be For Gods unfailing Charity. And on ascending Flame inspire A little Prayer which shall upbear The Incense of your Thankfulness For this sweet Grace of Warmth and Light! For here again is Sacrefice For your Delight. Oak, Elm, and Chestnut, Beech and Red Pine Bole God shrined HIS Sunshine and entombed For you these stores
  15. Campcrafter: Howdy.No, Ihave not received your PM. I've sent a few and never received a response either. Are they supposed to come in to your personal email or what? I think perhaps my spam filter might deny the PM. Is there a place to ask a question of our administrators? Meantime, Ns are a non problem in our Troop . When you can 'lose ' it and not find it, you don't have to wear it, do you?
  16. Go for it. I am in agreement. When the collars appeared on the uniforms, they made it hard for a neckerchief to fit appropriately, or "uniformly". Choices: N over the collar? collar points stick out from under. N tucked under the collar? better, but it doesn't seem to lay right. Turn shirt collar under, into shirt and N over shirt? looks better yet, but the collar is 'bunchy', as my son says, and is scratchy. I have tried ironing the collar so it stands up and stays inside the N but that doesn't stay. I even tried (forgive me U police) doubleback tape behind the collar to help it stand up, b
  17. Whoa. The depth of the discussions here never cease to amaze me. I was privileged to serve as a Chaplain at the National Jamboree last summer. I met alot of very talented, caring and accepting clergy. As it happens ,I am not "ordained" clergy. My fellow Chaplain of the same faith (also not "ordained") and I had the same duty as any of the other 150 or so Chaplains. We sat with homesick Scouts, listened to troubled adults and youth. We arranged services for our faith. One of the badges the Scouts could earn involved attending the "Relationships" tents. In here were represented faiths and cl
  18. "From out the mouth of babes". 'Nuf said. YiS
  19. I like that. "Trust but verify". You have to go with your gut feeling, but stay within BSA guielines AND be sensitive to the troop adult commitee concerns. The NAES should know of your concerns and be honest in his desire to be open with you. His Scout experience is valuable and not to be wasted. Good luck to you and your Troop.
  20. As a past CM, I'll suggest a couple of "games" for you. #1 We would open our P meetings with a flag ceremony and then one of the boys would lead the P in the Cub Promise and Law of the Pack. Do this: Write the CSP and LotP a word or two at a time on 3x5 cards. Fold them in half and throw'em in a bag(I did one bag for each, but you could mix 'em up). Just before the Cub starts the Promise or Law, step forward and say "hold on a minute! We ask our boys to recite the LotP and the CSP each time! I'd like to see if our PARENTS have been listening." Here, walk around and have each pareent draw
  21. Our Council just opened a new mega Cub Scout camp. The price for sodas in the machine in the Council store just changed from $1. to $1.25. (20 oz.) Is there a connection here?
  22. Eaglebeader: You sound sensitive and sympathetic to your 'new adult ES'. If you know his past history, is it unreasonable to assume others are aware of it as well? I would not be so concerned with 'keeping an eye on HIM' as being sensitive to others reactions to him. How accepting or prejudicial are they? I tend to think NAES is very aware of others eyes on him. Any rumors or talk among the SCOUTS? Some times my son will keep me posted on things that 'don't sound right' to him among the troops and then I can bring it up in our adult committee meetings (or in the "parking lot committee" m
  23. Works at the pool: Try a "Steal the Bacon" variation amongst the 'swimmers'. Use a volley ball. Use personal topics instead of numbers("everyone who was born in January" " ... if you normally wear glasses" " If you have a sister who's a Girl Scout" etc. ). Use your magination for topics! YiS
  24. When playing poker/euchre/hearts/I doubt it/spades/cribbage the card most needed will be a substitute joker with grape jelly on the back.
  25. We must be doing something right if the folks that we "offically" seek to exclude seek to be included.
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