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  1. In the interim, don't forget the Webs are the example to the rest of the PACK. They may be eager to become full fledged Boy Scouts, but they are the Leaders of the Pack! Make sure they stay for the duration (and have opportunities to teach and demonstrate to the younger Cubs). Talk about role models, woo. When the Webs Bridge over too early, good for them, but bad for the Pack. I also think it's neat that such an 'old' thread can still elicit good discussion. YiS
  2. ((Pant-pant-pant)) whew,,, gotta catch up... *ahem* "Reverence to God and reverence for one's neighbor and reverence for oneself as a servant of God, is the basis of every form of religion. The method of expression of reverence to God varies with every sect and denomination. What sect or denomination a boy belongs to depends, as a rule on his parents' wishes. It is they who decide. It is our business to respect their wishes and to second their efforts to inculcate reverence, what ever form of the religion the boy professes." ==Robert Baden-Powell, "Aids to Scout
  3. If they can SAY the Scout Promise and Law, I think that's fine. In my experience, it's more important the Scout understand what they mean and why we think these things are important. Is it "window dressing" as the old timer would say? Or can the Scout see how the WORDS apply to their LIFE? I've heard an SPL lead the SP, SL, and PoA and then go off to play the "games" after Troop Meeting. Language would be used that many felt was not appropriate to Scouts (or any young man) and when the SPL was approached about it, he found it hard to understand how such criticism applied to HIM. "everybody
  4. *CD: How very sentimental of you. Don't ever lose that touch. You will be remembered by your charges long after THEY think Cub Scouting is too lame for them. My mom was my Den mother (non PC), but I've had old time CSers come up to me and mention her to me (boy, do I feel old all of a sudden). *I agree with JH. I would keep it "in family" and definitely scratch your head for some unique thingy he can take with him. Our Cub Pack had a tradition of creating an arrow thing for the Webeloes cross-overs, but the CM usually gave them a little something from himself, too.. In my last year
  5. Oh, the regrets and the lessons learned. I well remember "Swami" who knows all and tells too much, all by smelling your shoe... I set up the skit in the usual way.But we neglected to pick and plan for an appropriate fall guy,, So my Scouts ( I was SPL)went ahead and let the AUDIENCE pick out the fortune receiver. A Troop from the inner city pushed forward a TF who willingly provided his shoe. At the end, the shoe chukker THREW the shoe into the woods. And I mean THROW. Yep, it was a real expensive sport shoe. Our whole Troop went looking for it. Never again like that... HOWEVER...
  6. I suppose this is what our district calls the "Webelos Weekend". With appropriate planning (each Troop sponsors some incoming Webs and sponsors an activity. Having Scouts teach and demo to Cubs is always a hit)), we have included (on occasion) an archery range, tomahawk throw (appropriate Range Safety Officers), two man (boy) saw (the cookies cut off make good souvenirs. Watch'em work!! ?Working on a branding iron for marking them? Make sure the saw is sharp and true.), a Whittlin' Chip corner, camp/ tent set up demo with discussion for parents about equipment choices, camp cooking (dut
  7. Yep. As a WDL, I had the same "discussion" with my boys and parents once or twice I had to remind them that the requirement is the requirement. Easy enough to play Flag Football one afternoon. It was educational to me to learn the SLIGHT rule differences between Softball and Baseball. A family picnic afternoon got the Softball game done. Are you having fun yet? YiS.
  8. The more I remember, the more I realize how fortunate (blessed, lucky, etc.) our Troop was. One of our Scoutmasters had a brother in law whose cousin knew a fellow that had a uncle.... that owned a sufficiently large piece of property some distance from our stomping grounds (but not too far away). Over the space of a year, our Troop built an Adirondack 3 side cabin with old phone poles (one dad worked for the phone company), capped a natural spring (several plumbers)laid out trails and orienteering compass courses, (surveyor), established four Patrol sites (five, counting "Staff") , dammed u
  9. A very desirable problem. I like the idea of the "extra" belt length attached to the vest... Here's some other ideas.... *Take'm all and wire them together ala chain mail and wear THAT as a vest? * Take your Vise Grips and crimp the BL around the shoulder holes of the red vest like shoulder guards. Did that to some of my sons extras. YiS
  10. Our District has earned a reputation for serving up very successful Cub Scout Day Camps, and this past week is now no exception. Takes organizational work? You bet. What is the one thing to which I would point as the biggest reason for our success? Asking. *Ask your friends and relations to help. They may be or may have been Scout people. A nurse becomes the Camp medico. A scientist friend becomes the nature pavilion guy ( he was a Star Scout waaaay back when). *Ask at your Church, Temple, Synagogue. Don't limit your asking to Scout types or Scout venues, but.... *Ask at the Round
  11. Goodgootamooga. Volunteered to help, willing to help, qualified (we assume... age, rank, experience, etc.)and NOT ALLOWED? I really don't believe that. I believe I would try to have a polite conversation with the "leader", perhaps with a friend in tow (parent?) and find out the truth of the matter. **I know our District activities (Camporee, Day camp, lotsa etc.) would NEVER turn any qualified help away. There's always some where to put a willing pair of hands, some apprentice slot with an experienced person, some desk checker, gofer, runner, "chief asssistant smile encourager" place for a
  12. Jackson Browne, Roadie song. Grateful Dead "live" Truckin' Does Chuck Berry count for "Jammin'?" how 'bout Johnny B. Goode.
  13. Jackson Browne, Roadie song. Grateful Dead "live" Truckin' Does Chuck Berry count for "Jammin'?" how 'bout Johnny B. Goode.
  14. Howdy Its Me: As a past WDL, I can sympathize. 1) Check with Council and District about"Webelos Weekends" and Webelos Sleepaway camps. Both are a good low impact(to the Cub, not necessarily the woods!) camping experience. They can end up with Web pins and a good feeling about BSA camping. The WW should be attended by WScouts and a host Troop. The week long camp should be attended by your Den as a group, often combined with other local Wdens into a Camp Pack. 2) I hope the mom continues to keep the Gameboy "thingy" so the boy can pay attention to the world around him. Keep us p
  15. In my alternative life, I am out in the public space alot. I was approached by a gent in a shirt emblazoned by a pro football team logo. He asked me "Hey, you like football? How 'bout them (insert pro team name here)!!??" I smiled and said yeah, I like to play FB in my back yard and watch a good game on occasion. I then said I had no real interest in watching someone play FB who is payed more in an hour than I'm payed in a year. He hesitated at that comment, then asked if I played in school. I said no, I marched in the band. He then proceeds to regale me with a list of his HS football record.
  16. There always seems to be two perspectives: "Back when I was a Scout..." "This is what I see now..." #1: My mom had been a Campfire girl, my dad had never been a Scout. But when I wanted to join Cub Scouts (so they told me, I asked to join. Perhaps from a school presentation), they whole heartedly supported me and our Pack and then Troop. Dad made things for us, drove us around, coached our CS softball team. Mom was a DL.(DM!). Our basement was a Patrol meeting room, equipment storage place. Altho we lived in a nascent suburb, Scouts was one of the biggest things to do. I al
  17. "All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance." = Will Rogers = Give me more ignorance, F. YiS
  18. Yes, it depends on the boy and the Troop and the SM. But... If he looks to be into rough and ready stuff, get him interested in Summer Camp, but maybe not the Patrol cook your own type. If he can enjoy the SC, he's in. Find a Troop that NEEDS a Venture crew, help'm start it! Oh, and is 57 too old to be in Scouts? YiS
  19. ?Class A vs Class B vs ...C ..D...? ?Field vs Activity ? ?Formal vs Informal? ?Dress vs Play? ?Tan vs (pick your T color)? ?Dress vs Field? ?Classy vs Messy? ?Good vs Not so? ?BoR/CoH-go-to-Meeting vs Stay-a-home? ?
  20. "It's for the kids" ... Bob the Tomato said that. Welcome to the Forums... the addiction is palpable. * Cast around and see if you can find a Mediator that is Scout savvy but not attached to Troop1 or Troop2. This situation cries out for an unbiased observer. Go to the local Bar association and ask. * It occurs to me that the bad feeling will linger, no matter the actual conditions of the split or the 'percieved' conditions of the split. The DE and the SE will each bring their own biases to the situation, I feel, and may not be able to give the Solomon's decree that
  21. Thank you jkhny.I aapreciate your efforts. I would recommend the movie "Z" to anyone reading this thread. YiS
  22. Two deep... Printed out directions... Check points... FRS radios... Cell phones... Lunch/dinner schedules... aha... * May I present a personal story to illustrate another unmentioned need? HEADCOUNTS. * Pre cell phone era... Our Troop had attended a Camporee at a rather remote camp, some distance from our home grounds. Three days two nights. On sunday afternoon, we are the last Troop out of the camp. A three hour drive home ahead of us. My dad is the last car of our Troop 'convoy'. Lo,what's this? Here's a lone Scout, all his gear stacked beside him. His Troop was long gone. N
  23. Certainly a Lifetime Memory. Questions: * Why was the Jambo stage flanked by the German National flag colors? Wunderbar! * Howcum the staff picnic caterer couldn't realize before hand that even his truck drivers would need background checks? Thank you Edys Ice Cream!!! (Did you get your Edys IC badge??) * Only one bad personal memory ( I won't count the Alaskan tragedy as personal here). I was coming back to Mahone and passed the OA theater. A Troop had had their lunch in the field along the side of the road by the lunch trailer and left every bit of their wrappers and trash
  24. * It never hurts to have ALL parents registered Scouters. Our Troop even pays the registration fee. Our Council recently declared that all MB Counselors (1) had to be registered Scouters (new form with new MB C form) and (2) had to be registered with the District MB Coordinator. * I don't think the BoR C is an "official" position per se. Your Troop could make it so in your Troop. Our BoR has the CC as the BoR Chairman and then any parent available (usually a ASM, too) can serve on the BoR. It is , I think, very good to include the parents and then they get a sense of ownership
  25. Very sad. When the purpose of the organization (say, what is our purpose, anyway? Another thread there...) is forgotten in favor of the personal resume (look how many Scouts/Units I have led to join/ be formed) or the income (is there a bonus/bounty for showing increases?) or the BoD never leave the board room to visit the "front lines" to verify the SE reports, well Bad Things Happen. Now, is Irvings purpose the same as the Councils purpose the same as the Districts purpose the same as the Troop/Packs purpose the same as ...? Or are only the methods of the N, C, D, T/P in fulfilling th
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