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  1. "Do you have the first aid merit badge?" *snorts* "no" lol one of the quotes several people have been quoting that and: "we are boy scouts! Boy scouts of America. We are honest, true, chaste and benevolent...you know the rest!.." haha
  2. Ok so i love the tv series lost and randomly found this on google video i thought i might post it as it has boy scouts in it. Though lol i might add that it does not encourage faith in the navigational skills of the BSA lol. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3921473509971405364&q=Missing&hl=en post what you think when your done watching it
  3. So i thought i might add how the hiking trip went today. Only two other people showed up we took a knife, matches, bandaids, moleskin and cell phones. I want to state that i lead the way and didn't get lost once though it is hard to follow a trail covered in leaves. The falls were awesome the trail down to them wasn't and all three of us slid down it (it was intentional on my part...easier then walking.)All in all i think it was a good hike but i have to aske how much water you should take hiking? Caue I took a 20 oz bottle started feeling weird on the way back and am dehydrated again (how did
  4. yeah i know i have no life lol I thought it might be "fun" tell funny camping stories here's mine: I went to an amusement park with my uncle and his family and we camped out instead of staying in a hotel. My cousin, my sister and I shared a one and a half person tent (i am not kidding seriously that is how big it was) with all of our duffles. My cousins brother put up the tent for us, the place we were camping on was flat and marshy cause it was raining, the top of the tent (ah.. the little dome thing) was gone so he put the tarp over the tent. We spent the entire day on rollercoaste
  5. Wow I am impressed! As someone who has nothing to do with the BSA I like to say that i have been reading some forums and i have to say that if i have a son one day he will definatley be put into the BSA! I think it is a shame that more people aren't being taught what this organization teaches and i don't just mean the "skills" either (though i have to admit that it would be nice to learn HOW to canoe before finding yourself in the middle of a lake ...then again it would have been nice had they taught us how to get IN and OUT of the canoe too...). A lot of the things you do teach can be used on
  6. Yeah i've been a victim of the buddy system before and i know that any youth activities i've done (mostly around water) encourage it. The only problem with it is that if you're not a scout and have not been taught like one you end up with two people lost instead of one. Frankly i don't know how it's possible for people to go hiking when they don't know what they're doing but we've done it. So tomorrow it looks like there may be about ten people going on the hike (every single one has asked me at least twice if i know where i'm going i just love all the suport i'm getting) Think about us as we
  7. Thanks again for the advice. How often have boy scouts actually rescued other hikers lol cause i can hear my friends explanations now "We meant to go this way. We were takine a 'scenic' route" lol. I thought of taking the WFA course but i've been in emergency situations before and i do not do well at all, it would be ten times worse if people expected me to know and do something about the situation. HAHA maybe I'll just make sure our eagle scout friend comes along on out hikes. :-)
  8. (This message has been edited by AnEagle)
  9. So is suppose it's dangerous to hike alone but you can? When i first found the trail to contentment falls i went about half a mile or so by myslef and it wasn't the first time i've gone of hiking alone. When my friends found out the first time they all had cows, i figured it was just me because i tend to be slightly accidnet prone (i've slid down two very rocky hills on two different hikes) but then once i went out alone and turned me ankle so from now on i stick to hiking in groups lol.
  10. Yeah hiking in the dark isn't a good idea. If anything though I have learned to stay hydrated, once again learned that the hard way too but at least I learned it! My other question is about the first aid kits do we always have to take one? I mean with the level of expertese my friends and i have (which is none) whether we have the kit or not wouldn't make a difference would it? Which brings me to another thought, snakes. Snakes in general don't bother me but i've seen them around our dorm and therefore i am sure they're in the woods, (one of the tourists kids nearly got bit by a rattlesnake a
  11. Incase your wondering I do not live on the internet I just am successfully putting of doing all my hw. Yes believe it or not I have read the boy scout hand book. In Middle school I did a research paper on the Boy Scouts of America and it was one of my resources. Also, I have some Eagle scout friends who like to quote things at me all the time (feel free to quiz me i think i have a pretty good grasp on some things hehe)However, I haven't read the book straight through due to a slight accident lol (I got to the part on tying knots and my sister and i decided to give it a try. The only thing avai
  12. Hmm, as someone who is not envolved with scouting I just want to make a quick comment. One day I too was going in a store and saw some Boy Scouts selling popcorn. Now since I don't eat popcorn I wouldn't have payed much atteniton but the fact was I and several others were giving them second glances because frankly we didn't even know our town had a boy scout troop! Now this may be just where I'm from and I'm not suggesting anything but the fact is that we never see the scouts unless they want money. I know several Eagle Scouts and suport the BSA but isn't there a way that the troops can actual
  13. Hmm maybe i should explain something. Our school sits in a velley in North East Georgia it has 1100 acres of land most of it undeveloped. The school is called Toccoa Falls College and if you ever need somewhere to visit i strongly encourage you to come becuase the school is named after the water fall that is on campus. It's a tourist attraction and is barley of the road. However, there are two water falls you have to hike to get too and these are the only hiking trips my friends and I have done so far. Little Falls is only a mile hike but you have to practically crawl up the mountain to get th
  14. My friends and i have recently gotten into hiking as our new hobby. A few weeks ago some of us hiked five miles and had a great time but frankly none of us knew what we're doing. We took a cell phone, water and a map that, it turned out, we couldn't figure out anyway. We have been arguing about future hikes and what we should take, no one wants to carry more then they have too so what should we take? Does it depend on the length of the hike and how many people are going? How many people should you hike with? Basically any hiking facts would be grateful, we've already almost had a disaster leav
  15. AnEagle


    Hey I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a college student in North Georgia, I guess you could say I randomly found this site while looking for a forum to talk about hiking. Despite the name I have to mention that I am a girl and therefore not an eagle scout. My school's mascot is an eagle so therefore I am AnEagle in the name of school spirit (oh aren't i clever *rolls eyes*) I won't be haunting your site but don't be surprised if I drop in on a discussion now and then. I do have some elementry questions that I have no doubt some one will be able to answer. In the mean time feel free to in
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