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  1. Scary, You win my gratitude for a great idea. KoreaScouter, I was thinking of twill or heavy cotton. I'm the seamstress. If I have time, I'll add a pocket. We want to present the vests to our Tigers at the holiday party on 8 Dec. I do know Scouts need a spot for their knives and such. Thanks to all. Happy Thanksgiving. Amy at WP in NY
  2. Thank you all for your comments. One site that told how to make the vests, quite specifically said "bright red felt". Myself and another mom kinda wanted our Tigers to stand out, especially since BS has made the blue shirt the main part of their uniform, instead of the orange shirt. The orange really helped keep track of younger boys. We had thought of orange vests, but then it was brought up that these vests usually carry thru a boy's whole Cub Scout experience. That is why we wanted to know about other options. We have decided to go with Scarey's idea with a twist: khaki felt
  3. I was wondering if the vests for patches have to be red? I know that is most common, but can something else be made? We were thinking of making Camouflage vests for our Tiger Scouts. Is this acceptable? Thanks. Amy at WP in NY
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