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  1. Now I understand about the MB sash and a better reason on why Venturers may not wear it. Prior to posting here, I tried googling for this information but to no avail. We know Eagle scouts 18-20 can choose to wear the Eagle badge on their Venturing shirt. But what of scouters that aged out and want to wear their Star/Life badge?
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering. Can male Venturers aged 18+ continue to wear the merit badge sash till age 21? Also, can they wear their scout badge as well? If the scout didn't earn Eagle, but wanted to show off his Life badge on the Venturing uniform, could he? Thanks in advance!
  3. When told about Venturing he did not seem interested but if this does not work out for him, maybe he will give it a go. As for the six-month POR, the requirement gives the scout an "or" option. They can ask the scoutmaster for a leadership project and still get credit.(This message has been edited by silvereagle)
  4. For Life and Eagle, does the six-month requirement have to be officially six months (counting dates) or not? A teen here made Star on October 12th of last year. Does he have to wait till April 12th to get the first requirement for Life signed off? Or can he get it signed off now? His 18th birthday is before 10/12/2012 (but in the same month) which is why I asked. Is there any hope for this kid?
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