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  1. I opened a discussion recently under a different title but with this issue. My grandson earned Eagle with Troop (I have been his 'Scouting parent' since Tiger as Cub Committee and Troop Committee. He made several mistakes and has a record. When our Eagles turn 18, our Troop will register them for 1 year as an adult, to encourage them and allowing a chance to see if they are interested. All paperwork, YPT, etc is required or course. My grandson filled his out, he had stayed active for a year and a half after earning Eagle. Now he hoped to become a recognized adult. Nothing was ever heard from C
  2. Thank you for your many answers. I apologize for the confusion. Many problems occured because somewhere, somehow, for some reason, a letter to someone-Troop, CO, District, adult who applied for leadership position, was not sent and/or received. I guess this was what I really wanted to find out, that notification should have been sent. One small thing can change the world. I should not have dumped all the problems in the disjointed way, but I did get a few answers and feedback there too. So let's close this subject and hope something was learned. I enjoy reading of others so
  3. Have seen some interesting theories and suggestions. But since I am the committee member 'fired' by the CO with a letter saying only that it was a hard decision but in the best intrest of the boys, I must turn in my keys and all Troop papers, etc. He copied the letter to the CC and some Council people. But he never contacted me and asked about the circustances of the legel issues/leadership roll of the young Eagle who desperately was trying to clean up his act. He was visited by the CC and the OA Advisor, who explained things to him and he understands and is ok with the decision. What is not u
  4. There was no notification to the individual, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, COR or CO that the young man was being turned down. He and mother of another Scout, were added to the re charter and neither one ever received a BSA ID card. But since it always seems to take our Council 8-9 months to mail cards to SM, it was never questioned. Since this has come up, it has been discovered this mother has been 'acting as an adult leader and merit Badge Counselor' and not been accepted by Council, for 2 years now.
  5. When an adult applies for an adult leadership position, all paperwork filled out properly (even to the point of acknowledging some legal issues), if the Council,District, or whoever does the background check decides to deny the adult, is it not appropriate to advise that adult of his rejection and why? By not notifying the Troop,major problems were created and it isn't over.
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