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  1. Is it true that there is a blank merit badge that is being used to "create a merit badge"? I know the GS does it but would be surprised if BSA is doing it. Curious. Peace...S.
  2. Found this in passing... Search and Rescue Games Design Programming Animation Kayaking I don't think they are out yet...but they are coming Peace...S.
  3. Troopmaster has a web based "add-on"...that can oly be used if you already have the Troopmaster "stand alone or pc based" version. Does anyone sell web based (aka hosted or cloud based) troop tracking software? The folks looking have been in a position where when 1 person has all the records...there have been difficulties getting access, info, updates, and / or info to council. Is there a web only based solution?
  4. Looking to have a web based portal so scout leaders can update info, run reports, upload to council (must be scoutnet certified). There are some out there, but instead of digging through the weeds,... Can anyone make suggestions? Must be internet based...it's for a unit, not a person. Thanks in advance.
  5. Where is the best place to find new Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Etc, etc. scout information? It appears at times by the time I find it....the "it" has been out for months!
  6. I wish I could have done this merit badge before I aged out. http://scout-wire.org/2012/03/29/bobs-blog-launching-the-welding-merit-badge/ Ok...so I'm a geek. No personal attacks please. Thoughts? Peace...S.
  7. Desertrat77...OMG...that one reminds me of a really bad cold weather one I fad forgotten about. Worse than the bat? Ummm...yeah. Winter camping in North Dakota with Extreme Cold Weather sleeping bag...and I still froze sooo bad all night. Not to mention having loaded up on water that night and having to get OUT in the middle of the night to make a nature call. The morning camp fire was like paradise.
  8. Me? Waking up one morning at Philmont (in Staff Tent city) and finding a BAT INSIDE my tent!!! After being told of all the diseases they carry, all I could do...was to cover my head and holler for help. Some other staff members got it out. I said I did not want to be a sissy , but ...and quickly stopped by a "Noooooo!!!! Stay put. You do not want to get bit by that thing!!!" That is my Worst ...so far. (And that ranks over seeing a black bear @ 4:30 one morning too). Enjoy ;-) Peace...S.
  9. ...the ODL Olive Green pants...? If y'all are talking about those... They have always been awful and not outdoor friendly at all. Sorry folks, sometimes I'm a day late and a dollar short. Peace...S.
  10. Well... Nr. Robert Reese...the way it works ...no offense intended...is... When you don't know something, you ask. After reading the thread a second time, I still don't know...and I'm glad this post does not have 50 + posts. I sincerely am interested in this post and the topic. Would someone be kind enough to offer up where I might find this Online Wellness Class? (I truly don't know, have looked, and have read this post over again...I'm not perfect and quite likely missed it). Peace..S. (ok...and I just looked a 3rd time...no luck).
  11. Made in China? Try finding goods made in USA or not made in China. I do try, but it is hard. I was looking for a "Caliper" used in a machine shop and prices were: USA. $100+. Quality A Japan. $80+. QualityA China. $14.95. Quality A to C...but at $15 a whack....they are flying off eBay I ended up buying used certified from eBay with Japan only because EVERYONE of the USA ones were selling for outrageous prices or sold so fast you could not get it. You may find this link eye opening... http://johnharding.com/2011/01/14/what-a-ship-the-emma-maersk/
  12. I sincerely appreciate everyone's posting. Diversity and variance of thoughts and opinions helps me to be more open to those other thoughts and opinions. My thoughts? "Personally...there are times when I am really ok being more wrong than right in thinking something is possible". Peace...S.
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