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  1. Pack: I'll try to answer your question by asking some other questions first. Where would you propose the new line for membership be? - Should we allow girls into the Boy Scout program? After all, why should we discrimiate on gender and prohibit them the same freedom granted to boys? - Should we remove the minimum age from cub scouts? Why discriminate based on age? Allowing freedom of younger scouts to join to before they get involved in other programs. - Should we open the program to devil worshipers? Alas, there may be units that do this already although I'd hope not. But would you c
  2. And this is why I love this forum. Thanks ADC! I just didn't read far enough down the policy,but that lays it out really well. As qwazse said, this isn't a slippery slope at all. you guys are great!
  3. So the YPT policy says no boy may share a tent with an adult other than his own parent. Pretty black and white, right? ok, so here goes the slippery slope. 1) What about sleeping on an aircraft carrier, battleship or submarine? Most scout units do this at some point and they've never given us separate quarters for adults and youth. Is this a violation of policy? Personally, I believe we were fine. 2) What about a lock-in/sleep-over? In the past we put the boys on the floor and adults on cots in front of the doors. We had 15~20 boys in a room with 4 adults. Did we break policy
  4. There has been an abundance of talk after the unspeakable horror of what transpired in Newtown, CT on 12/14/12. Most of the talk since has been around solutions or blame. I've listened to various sources over the last 5 days and a non-exhaustive list of things I have heard includes: Solutions: We need to allow teachers to carry guns. We need armed/trained security guards in schools. We need to ban semi-automatic weapons. We need to prohibit or greatly limit violent video games. We need bullet proof glass/locks that would prevent a gunman from breaking in. We need a bet
  5. Yes the other roundtable of the other district is closer to us but the extra 20 mile drive to roundtable once/month isn't going to break us. And yes I think the neighboring district is better run, but that isn't why I am interested in switching either. Bottom line, our unit has lost confidence in our DE entirely... and the district chair is even further gone- yet council supports these two lock, stock and barrel. In fact, they dismissed *ALL* volunteers on the district committee EXCEPT the district chairman. We had people in there with 10~20 years of scouting experience who were abruptly r
  6. Our council has defined districts based on population centers- no qualms there. However, for a number of reasons it looks like it is conceivably better for our unit if we could switch districts. Is this possible? If so, what is the process? Has anyone ever done this or heard of it being done?
  7. I was able to collect a lot of opinions and draw them into a single document. If anyone is interested, you can see the finished product here: https://sites.google.com/site/forneycubscoutpack1007/importantdocs/tips_and_tricks_to_a_great_pack_ver2.pptx
  8. i believe the bsa spokesman said it well. There is a difference between disagreement and disrespect- and i see many posters that make no such distinction. i can respect your difference in religious beliefs or even your belief that homosexuality is normal... but it doesn't mean i agree. the problem i have is you are changing the standards after the fact. if you don't like the standards start a new org. and allowing local CO only works to the extent we have agreed upon standards. Take it to the Nth degree... lets allow girls in too if the chartered org will- i can think of MANY be
  9. as usual beavah- wise reply. i'm just scared the bsa will cave to the societal pressure... but i conceed the wisdom of your position.
  10. Ah packsaddle... :-( I didn't link to the petition on purpose. I didn't want anyone to sign it. I want to support the BSA policy.
  11. I fully realize this has been beaten to death in other threads (e.g. When will National realize this is affecting membership). My concern is that this topic appears to have a lot of social momentum and I'd like to see us rally together in support of the BSA policy. For those that may have missed the national news headlines in the last week, this is all over the news again and is now a change.org petition. The wording of the change.org petition I am wishing to counter is shown below: ### start of change.org petition ### My 7-year-old son, Cruz, loves being a Cub Scout, and he r
  12. Improved version now up: http://www.vote4noneoftheabove.com am I the only one disgusted with the choices for president this year?
  13. ok, version 2 posted trying to incorporate a lot of the feedback. The main one I know I ignored is about the quotes because I have a sentimental attachment to them. https://sites.google.com/site/forneycubscoutpack1007/importantdocs/tips_and_tricks_to_a_great_pack_ver2.pptx Better? p.s. - You may need to view the notes page now to get the context of some of the bullets. p.p.s- oops- i forgot to correct Cubmaster(This message has been edited by once_eagle-always_eagle)
  14. I am teaching a course at the University of Scouting on tips for a great pack. I'd love to hear your input and feedback for changes you think I should make- or more importantly, things that you believe I omitted. You can see my presentation at the following location: https://sites.google.com/site/forneycubscoutpack1007/importantdocs/tips_and_tricks_to_a_great_pack.pptx
  15. No offense taken. It's clearly not a black and white issue (at least not to me). And once again to be transparent, I don't feel 100% good about it. On the other hand, there are few things I do feel 100% certain of. To me it *is* an issue of loyalty... and while you didn't profess a loyalty oath, it is the second principle in the scout law "A scout is trustworthy, LOYAL, ..." His loyalty is to the other units- and I assert that loyalty is ultimately hurting the boys in our unit. Here's how it plays out. When I refer to finances, it's not about a big bank account. We're non profi
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