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  1. Wëlënakwsu

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    I assume thiefs would steal a trailer regardless of the markings. I also assume the Scouts take pride in seeing their Troop # emblazoned and create fond memories. Thus I'd vote to keep the trailer marked and perhaps greater chance of being recovered. Most trailer thefts are probably for the contents and not the trailer. Thus thiefs probably don't know what's in a Scout trailer... items with nil re-sale value - except maybe scrap metal! PS: I've always been associated with Troops where equipment kept in a CO room or closet and transported to camp in Scouts' packs.
  2. Wëlënakwsu


    Before changing, "Double check" regarding unit number color... The Troop might be doing their "own thing". Red was the color for Boy Scout Troops years ago.
  3. Wëlënakwsu


    To be 100%... Are you with a Cub Pack or Scouts BSA Troop? If Cub Scouts, you should replace Troop Committee insignia with Pack Committee position insignia on left sleeve. If you are a Scouts BSA Troop Committee, then green shoulder loops and tan background unit number. (Rather then red background unit number and what seems to be blue shoulder loops which are the Cub colors.) https://www.scouting.org/resources/insignia-guide/
  4. Wëlënakwsu

    Roundtable Scouter Training Award?

    Near as I can tell... I would say: Yes, it's still listed: https://www.scouting.org/resources/forms/ If your District Training Chairman will sign the Progress Record , you're good to go!
  5. Wëlënakwsu

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    Regarding questions about a new Scout having Life rank less then a month after joining Scouts BSA, a Scout Executive explains it in the Tweet as "... progress from a foreign Scouting association is... applied to BSA requirements..." (For Ms Ireland I'd be curious if she meets the stipulation that "Youth from other countries who temporarily reside in the United States, or have moved here,..." Regarding other comments about lax application of advancement requirements for girls... After holding Unit, District and Council positions I've learned that lax application of Rank and Merit Badge requirements in my District is common. Alas, the BSA Councils and Districts have never done very good quality control with their franchisee, the Unit.
  6. Wëlënakwsu

    My new Scout's going to camp but freaking out

    Attending summer camp as the first trip for most new Scouts is daunting... news boys, away from home, etc. There is a good chance that if he attends some weekend trips between now and summer, he will be more inclined to attend summer camp. Except in cases where special supervision or support is required, parents should not be attending trips. The situation here does not seem very special, but as others commented... input from the counselor and/or Scoutmaster should be helpful.
  7. Wëlënakwsu

    After tomorrow I am hoping all the hype dies down

    If the girls are meeting, hiking, camping, etcetera separately from the boys... then yes the CO does not have to solicit the approval of others. But... if I was recruiting girls, I would tell existing parents more then 1/2 month ahead of time to help advertise a new Troop. I assume thou... the girls are meeting jointly and will be going on outings with the boys, in which case most definitely the boys and parents should have been given more then 1/2 month notice. A situation where someone signs up for a single sex program and with nil notice it goes coed - is simply wrong. Whether you are for or against co-ed Troops, I think most would agree the situation described was handled poorly. If I was the parent, next time I saw someone of authority in the unit I would mention that more notice should have been given and perhaps - briefly - my view, pro or con. (Some people are clueless unless you tell them). It's now up to the parent(s) and son(s) to stay or go.
  8. Wëlënakwsu

    Just got 1 girl

    Currently Pack does not have enough girls & women to offer girls a Cub program, no hint of near term improvement and assuming Momleader cannot attend all the Bear meetings … as Cubmaster Pete suggested: Let the girl attend Lion meetings with Dad and do a few Bear adventures. (Especially if childcare for the girl is an issue for Dad during Lion meeting time!) In June the girl will be Webelos age and between now and next September the Pack will have to decide if they can offer 4th and 5th grade girls a quality Cub Scout program. PS: I do not know if there is a National rule, but Councils require a Pack to have at least five or so Cub age girls. If you’re not sure, you may want to confirm if she is indeed registered.
  9. Wëlënakwsu

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    Another $0.02... The Scout should have a Scoutmaster Conference. I think the Guide to Advancement says so and perhaps in some small way a Conference might help his problems. It's a separate issue if you do not sign the Eagle Scout Rank Application Unit Leader approval. If it was me, I think I would tell the Scout during the Conference my position on approving his Application.
  10. Wëlënakwsu

    Starting a Crew out of a Troop - Need advice

    Basis first hand experience... Crew meeting at same time/place as Troop with joint open/close and as-needed resource is no different than a "high adventure patrol", only with more bureaucracy of a separate Committee. This is especially true since you mention possibly requiring older Scouts to join the Crew combined with concern about boys leaving the Troop for the Crew. Consider also future issues if a co-ed Crew meets together with all boy Troop. Regarding older boys leaving the Troop for the Crew... This may not be a major concern or Troop active membership loss since you're trying to keep older boys whose Troop involvement is waning involved in Scouting. Generally... if the Venturing program is better for them... they should leave. One possible option: Perhaps Crews do not have to meet weekly and thus with a lesser time commitment, perhaps some boys could maintain Crew and Troop involvement. I assume CO would be same for both Crew and Troop. If so... strongly suggest COR be the same for Crew and Troop. Do it right ie separate meetings and do not require older Scouts to enroll. Venturing Crews are more independent of their adult advisors than Boy Scouts... start now involving the older Scouts in what they want. PS: If the Crew and Troop does meet together, a major benefit I've seen is a way to keep 18-20 year olds registered as youth members.
  11. Wëlënakwsu

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Tiger DL attending Camp-O-Ree… isn’t this up to the Troop or District? New female Webelos not attending Camp-O-Ree… it’s for the better. A Webelos age girl joins Pack with no other Webelos girls is put in co-ed Den with no female Leader. New girl is then invited to attend a Camp-O-Ree occurring a few weeks later under the auspices by a boy’s Troop that has no female Leader that goes camping. In my summary… while well intentioned , inviting her was a mistake. It does not work starting a new Den or Troop with only one potential Scout. Two woman leaders are acceptable for boys, but two men are not for girls… if I could rule by edict… I’d require two adults, one of which must be male for boy Dens and Troops! In 2014 Scouting Magazine cited 41% of American children being raised by single mothers and Scouting’s value of male role models.
  12. Wëlënakwsu

    Senior Scouts taking Youth Protection Training

    What I think... YPT for overnight volunteers: Unless required by CO, why made additional rules? Inform them of no one on one contact, but apply BSA criteria of 72 hours. YPT for parents: Recommend... No. / Inform... Yes as simple as a sheet summarizing CO and BSA Youth Protection (inmcluding YPT online opportunity and abuse reporting #) in your new Scout registration papers. YPT for older scouts: Recommend... No. In normal course they shoulod be aware of buddy system, no one on one adult/youth, tenting age differences, etc Keep It Simple... Minimize Troop rules, bylaws, administration,
  13. Wëlënakwsu

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Alas... for too many adults their BSA involvement focuses on a continuation of earning awards (knots, beads) or progressing to higher office (Unit, District, Council...) and less with mentoring youth. My Wood Badger story... it's pouring rain and I knock on camp's training center door in afternoon asking if we can have our Camp-O-Ree campfire in the big room. The trainer's answer... "...no Boy Scouts allowed..." (in a scout camp!) End of story.... that night window was un-locked, crawl in, open door, have campfire and "left no trace". If the BSA is betting the farm on girls, besides offering girls membership there should be changes to support the change. For too many Scouters the administration of Scouting is complicated and the addition of girls adds to the challenges. The solution the BSA offers is training which in my experience varies too much. I would re-allocate BSA professional staff and place the leadership and management of training to professional trainers (aided by volunteers).
  14. Wëlënakwsu

    New Cubmaster with a co-ed pack

    Carefully consider and soul search your long term plan... truly separate boy & girl Dens or mixed Dens. If you have her meet with the boys, it becomes harder to switch later and will start a precedent for the program your Pack offers, ie as designed by Scouts BSA or your own version. It's late August and I suggest making a placement decision for this girl Bear after the results of September recruitment and enrollment. If others her age join and you get "critical mass"... easy decision! If she is still the only older girl Cub and the plan is to offer separate boy & girl Dens, I would ponder the prospects for girl Webelos enrollment next year and for this girl Bear this year: (1) regretfully advise the family that the Pack cannot accommodate her this year. OR (2) She meets in the "one room school house" girl Cub Den with the Tigers, with extra attention and duties.
  15. Wëlënakwsu

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Regarding "... starting up a unit..." Budget for Patrol/Troop equipment like tents, cooking utensils, axes, saws, flags, rope and all the other assorted camping & meeting supplies. $40 annual dues might cover awards and some replacement of equipment but not the initial outlay. Some Chartered Organizations might fund the initial outlay... otherwise start fundraising... PS: Don't forget Boy's Life... optional at least !