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  1. He could consider joining the Troop of an OA friend. How active he will be is another matter. In my long ago OA days a number of older Scours did that for the same or similar reasons as your son. Side comment: my biased opinion is that my Lodge was at its best when it was akin to a fraternity of older Scouts in Troops and under 21 summer camp staff who were unattached to Units but members of a Unit the Council created solely to register them in the BSA.
  2. Ditto what others have said. If these gifts are for individuals... a basic pocket (aka Swiss Army) knife or another lightweight simple camping gear gift. The multi-tool hatchet is usually worthless for chopping and possibly dangerous due to poor grips. Note the MultiTac dangerously exposes the user's lower arm to the hatchet blade when using the knife. And... I pound tents pegs with a rock before carrying the weight of a multi-tool hammer. Whatever you get... avoid knife blades over 3"... many Units, Camps, Municipalities, etc have rules about long blades.
  3. The Troop is part of the CO... not overstepping 1) I think the organizational email is a good idea. It adds 'authority' to the sender's messages and probably backed up in the CO server if subsequent review ever required. 2) Uncommon, but not unheard of. My former Church CO started this in the 1980's. Hopefully good practices will prevail like giving the Troop Treasurer petty cash and dues that Scouts pay stay with their own unit. 3) Approval of leaders is a prime responsibility of the CO. I'd encourage the CO to solicit the thoughts of the Committee Chair and other leaders
  4. I’m confused… Is following what transpired? Catholic Diocese will not charter BSA Units and thus the Troop is defunct or about to be. Catholic Parish agreed to transfer of equipment, materials, funds, Unit number, etc to a new CO. Catholic Troop "lame duck" Committee members obtained agreement from a Lutheran Church to charter a new additional Scouts BSA unit. Catholic Parish "lame duck" COR pursued a Council Charter for a new Troop meeting on the basis of a Facility Use Agreement (FUA). (To clarify, would the Council chartered Troop meet at the Catholic or Luth
  5. Yes... Wolf book would be the circa 1969 printing. I looked at the photos again... Where I thought there was rank insignia: I do not see a pocket flap which should be above any rank patch. Thus not reasonably sure what it could be. In the one with your Mom there is a spot that could be a Bobcat pin OR a shiny button.
  6. I love a good puzzle. If it helps… Back then the earliest you could have joined the Cubs was your 8th birthday (Feb 1969) or the start of 3rd grade in 1969. Source: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth331783/m1/15/?q=cub scouts The photos were taken on different dates and to my eye the boy (you) in the photo with his Den Mother (your Mom) looks younger than the boys in the other two photos. There is no rank patch in the photo with your Mom, which would indicate the picture was taken soon after you joined the Cub Scouts Assuming 5/1972 is the printing
  7. It's been a few years, but I can advise in my Council when an adult’s membership was revoked… in addition to a prorated membership fee refund, the Scouter received information on appealing to the Region. The decision was usually made at a Council level rather then National and preferably after consultation with the Chartered Organization Institutional Head. It is not a District (ie DE, et al) function. Anecdotally... after appeal; membership was rarely, if ever, reinstated. I assume it's likely there is more to the story then only “accidentally violated" the rule.
  8. There is no prohibition on long term camping on your own. It would sure give your PLC something of consequence to plan! Caveat... in many States and Counties (including mine) the Health Department regulations for over X number of youth camping over over X number days or nights is prohibitively difficult for almost all Troops to comply with.
  9. Another option... Keep the packs and loan to any new Scouts. Loaning a pack for the 1st or 2nd trips is a big help for the youth/family uncertain about Scouting and thus hesitant to spend too much initially. Who wants to buy a tuba if your child does not stay in the band! I found that most 'lower income' Scouts got their own pack if they stayed in Scouts after the 1st or 2nd trip, and if there is a problem and if you get more gear... yes distribute discretely. We also had loaner sleeping bags, but that option comes with the potential cleaning hassles!
  10. For years most of the land and camp facilities have been unused as membership and summer camp attendence dwindle, The Greater New York Councils negotiating with The Conservation Fund to preserve the land. Status as of last month... https://www.conservationfund.org/impact/press-releases/2678-effort-launched-to-conserve-historic-new-york-scout-camp Happy to know the goal is to preserve it in a natural state
  11. Accounting nuance: "Form 990, Schedule G, Part II... is only the non-deductible portion of each ticket (the cost of food, clay pigeons, etc) and does not include any of the Contribution revenue, which is reported with other Contribution revenue on Part VIII" Source is one of the clearest explanations I found: https://www.grfcpa.com/2018/09/compliance-best-practices-for-reporting-fundraising-events-on-the-form-990/
  12. More info... https://www.scout.org/Ongoing-Scouts-Emergency-Response-in-Ukraine https://www.scout.org/WOSM-statement-Ukraine https://ukrscout.org/ 1970 or '71, we named our summer camp provisional patrol "The Ukrainians"... I have no memory of why. At the time in our area we still had a few Scouts in exile groups; Latvians, Hungarians, etc. My words are inadequate, I - like many - assumed those days of Europe's wars were over... I dearly hope this war does not 'spread'.
  13. My quick internet Docket search identify Brown & Bigelow as a Contract Counterparty as early as April, 2020 (maybe earlier). Found one reference listing the Artwork Agreement as an Executory Contract in a November 2021 Filing. My guess... BSA and B&B have known for awhile about the Agreement which covers what might be the few things ,besides camps, the BSA could sell and not effect program. If disclosed... it'll be interesting to learn the Agreement terms, what the disagreement is and how much money potentially involved.
  14. I and most parents would be ‘offended’ and not sign the proposed liability waiver or release that includes “abuse and molestation”. Stick with the BSA Consent Form or similar. (My understanding is that waivers provide little protection, especially if negligence is involved.) Besides the lack of confirmed liability protection from the BSA or Church… The parents probably believe the Pack and Troop are under the auspices of the Church. The Pastor has only agreed to on-campus events and thus I believe it prudent and in the interest of all to not have any off-campus events until registr
  15. Give the Cub her/his award(s) on Tuesday. It's too late to do otherwise. Then get your records in order... unless their are extenuating circumstance: Give non payers a reminder after a set time and if no payment thereafter... "cut them off/out" after an established time period. I wouldn't worry too much... perhaps this family's payment due records are as 'screwy' as the Packs.
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