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  1. I suggest separating the Hut, a Troop which folded in 2005 and what is essentially a new Troop founded 2020 in your mind. You saved a Scout Hut, but alas it is not being used by a Scout Troop. The hut was not viable for the new Troop probably because members live too far away. Whoever controls (lease, ownership, etc) the hut will decide its’ future. Perhaps the hut might be useful to other Girl Scout, Scouts BSA, etc groups. Recognize also that beyond the old Troop’s alumni or charter institution, there may be little interest in memorabilia of a Boy Scout Troop that ended 15 years ago. There is a Troop meeting at a church across town that is having problems. I suspect that in addition to boys’ behavior and motivation, there may be issues with the Troop’s adult leader(s) and Charter Organization. I have been involved with ScoutReach units and for the most part they worked well and not much different then traditional units’ successes and failures. If you haven’t…. talk with the new Troop’s Scoutmaster and other leaders about your frustrations. They (adults and boys) need help from an experienced Eagle Scout. If indeed hopeless and you go from frustration to other negative emotions… that’s not good for you or the boys. Visit your old Troop a few times, attend a Committee Meeting, go on a camping trip, etc before deciding. Remember the ‘grass is not always greener’.
  2. In remembrance: Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder (Eagle Scout) who died May 4, 1970 in Kent, Ohio. William Schroeder was a Scout from Lorain, Ohio: https://www.kent.edu/alumni/news/kent-state%E2%80%99s-may-4-visitors-center-celebrates-life-%E2%80%9Cbill-all-american-boy%E2%80%9D-exhibition Others inured that day: Alan Canfora, John Cleary, Thomas Grace, Dean Kahler, Joseph Lewis, Donald Mackenzie, James Russell, Robby Stamps and Douglas Wrentmore. And remembering Scouter Bernie Miller who lost a son that day: http://thescoutpatchauction.com/blogsite/2003/12/19/bernie-miller-dies-at-age-84/ In the early 70’s Boy Scout membership was at it’s peak and there are probably more Scout connections to that day such as news reports citing that Scout first aid training was useful that day. I’ve never boon to Ohio, but the early 70’s were formulative years for many baby boomers. In a box somewhere I still have my peace symbol neckerchief slide …
  3. To clarify... the Troops who do not are typically the smaller and not very good Troops. Many do not last long. As s District we do what we can and as many know... it's tough getting them to improve in many areas. I'm happy to report the Troops I've been involved with as an adult have gone - ranging from one in a wealthy neighborhood to a homeless shelter.
  4. From 11 to 13 I did not know summer camp existed. We had a great time the rest of the year… Scouts advanced, lots of weekend trips and a good Scouting experience. When I was 14 we were offered Council Provisional Troop summer camp. A few Scouts went, had a great time and many were subsequently on staff. Summer camp may not be essential to Scouting, but it does enrich Scouting greatly. If a Scout has an opportunity, but never does… it’s their loss, but does not preclude Eagle. In my District many Troops do not go as a Unit to summer camp or make alternatives known to Scouts. Part of camp promotion includes offering a Provisional Troop and encouraging Scouts attending camp with a neighboring Troop when feasible. The Council mails publicity material direct to families about camp, including Provisional options. We do what we can to lead youth to the summer camp lake and hopefully make them swim!
  5. Program is doable. Two travel days to & from camp, maybe one day with 10 or 15 mile hike, that leaves four days with free time, advancement, games and cooking… similar to extra long weekend camp trip. The challenge is probably insurance and regulatory to varying degrees depending on property ownership. In my State due to the number of youth and hours, this would be subject to Health Department laws for Children’s Camps which for a Troop would likely be insurmountable.
  6. Beyond the first line the letter should discourage parents more about attending. Since at least 72 hrs... the requirement to be a registered leader (CO approval, YPT et al) and submission of Health Record should be in letter.
  7. From my Troop and District experience: JTE achieves nil and little interest from good and not-so-good units. Issues include: More paperwork (example - Unit JTE Guidebooks alone are 27-34 pages long), Too complicated (example - many cannot calculate Retention, Confusion (between calendar year and charter year reporting period) and it’s assumed earning a JTE patch is an incentive… for most it’s not. In particular (and my pet peeve): Council already has much of the information, such as Membership Building, Retention, Advancement, Leadership and Training and Long-term camping that could be provided to the Unit. What I’ve done in a District role and I suggest to others: Once a year mail a short letter to Unit Leader (CM, SM, etc), CC and COR reporting their JTE metrics known to the District & Council. If they are so inclined, they can continue the JTE process. For those who do not pursue: the Commissioner/District staff does “triage” and helps those they can… not to fill out JTE forms, but to improve the unit planning, membership, program, etc.
  8. 'Base "performance' on numbers, and someone will cheat.' I Agree. One example... When I was a District Commissioner I had a ongoing disagreement with some professionals about "quality" versus "quantity". I considered it an achievement when the Scout Executive agreed not to re-charter some Ships and Troops that added membership, but were really military cadet groups. Membership numbers are not an absolute criteria for performance, but is an indicator. Membership changes due to many factors, including the performance of the CO and their adults offering a quality program.
  9. From Annual Reports on BSA web site: Basis trend of above... My estimate, really hope, is that after further LDS subtraction of about 15-25% male membership in Cubs and Scouts BSA is nearing its' "plateau" of boy membership. I am aware of nothing that may increase boy membership significantly. This includes USA population growth because Census data projects nil increase of 10-14 year old males during 2016-2020-2025. https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2017/demo/popproj/2017-summary-tables.html (FYI... Census reports 31,751,000 male population between 5 & 19 years old for 2016.) Increase due to girls in Cubs and Scouts BSA...??? Need more info for prediction which I cannot find on the internet. Can anyone provide current & detailed membership data and market research for girl membership?
  10. Do not involve a Committee vote on tent selection, leave it up to those sleeping in them. The Eureka Timberline 4 person is probably the Scout standard and a good choice. I would set the budget max at the cost of a Timberline. For flexibility of sleeping arrangements and avaialble tenting space, I've found that a 4 person is better then 2 person tent. Campmor is great and they advertise a less expensive Mountainsmith Bear Creek 4 Tent. Involve your Troop Quartermaster more and FYI... I've found that putting an inexpensive plastic ground sheet under the tent helps save the floor.
  11. I assume thiefs would steal a trailer regardless of the markings. I also assume the Scouts take pride in seeing their Troop # emblazoned and create fond memories. Thus I'd vote to keep the trailer marked and perhaps greater chance of being recovered. Most trailer thefts are probably for the contents and not the trailer. Thus thiefs probably don't know what's in a Scout trailer... items with nil re-sale value - except maybe scrap metal! PS: I've always been associated with Troops where equipment kept in a CO room or closet and transported to camp in Scouts' packs.
  12. Before changing, "Double check" regarding unit number color... The Troop might be doing their "own thing". Red was the color for Boy Scout Troops years ago.
  13. To be 100%... Are you with a Cub Pack or Scouts BSA Troop? If Cub Scouts, you should replace Troop Committee insignia with Pack Committee position insignia on left sleeve. If you are a Scouts BSA Troop Committee, then green shoulder loops and tan background unit number. (Rather then red background unit number and what seems to be blue shoulder loops which are the Cub colors.) https://www.scouting.org/resources/insignia-guide/
  14. Near as I can tell... I would say: Yes, it's still listed: https://www.scouting.org/resources/forms/ If your District Training Chairman will sign the Progress Record , you're good to go!
  15. Regarding questions about a new Scout having Life rank less then a month after joining Scouts BSA, a Scout Executive explains it in the Tweet as "... progress from a foreign Scouting association is... applied to BSA requirements..." (For Ms Ireland I'd be curious if she meets the stipulation that "Youth from other countries who temporarily reside in the United States, or have moved here,..." Regarding other comments about lax application of advancement requirements for girls... After holding Unit, District and Council positions I've learned that lax application of Rank and Merit Badge requirements in my District is common. Alas, the BSA Councils and Districts have never done very good quality control with their franchisee, the Unit.
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