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  1. Wëlënakwsu

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Regarding "... starting up a unit..." Budget for Patrol/Troop equipment like tents, cooking utensils, axes, saws, flags, rope and all the other assorted camping & meeting supplies. $40 annual dues might cover awards and some replacement of equipment but not the initial outlay. Some Chartered Organizations might fund the initial outlay... otherwise start fundraising... PS: Don't forget Boy's Life... optional at least !
  2. Wëlënakwsu

    Unit milestone anniversary - What to do?

    Rather then emphasis on the Cubs… recognize the Chartered Organization with a certificate or plaque presentation from the Pack or District. Do this at an already scheduled event Pack Meeting, Blue & Gold Dinner, etc rather add another event and increase the time demands on people. Be sure to arrange write up in the appropriate newsletters, bulletins and newspaper. Keep any insignia or neckerchief within BSA rules which might preclude a neckerchief for Cub Scouts. As the budget permits, a practical memento would be pack numerals with veteran bar (cost $6-$8) https://www.scoutshop.org/three-digit-custom-unit-numeral-with-veteran-bar-10413.html or the Anniversary Bar ($1.29) https://www.scoutshop.org/75-year-veteran-unit-bar-emblem-107.html.
  3. Wëlënakwsu

    Just curious about background

    Am I ok with it, is it the way to go, can it be a good program ? YES Excited about girls in BSA ?... Alas, NO All girl Dens or Troops can work and be a good program... but I suspect many Units in my Council who opt for girls do not have the ability, desire, leadership, talent, etc to do it as perscribed. The shortcomings exasperated but insufficient oversight by the Chartered Organization and Council. Co-ed OA... gotta think and learn more on that. If I could wave a magic wand... Détente and cooperation, if not merger, between BSA National Council and GSUSA Background: Many senior Council, District, Troop and youth positions
  4. Wëlënakwsu

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    A Committee should not speak with the Scout, leave this to the Scoutmaster and perhaps Eagle Scout Service Project Coach. I prefer smaller "working group" rather then a Committee, especially when sensitive, emotional, etc situations are involved. Thus the parents could meet with a delegation of the Committee (Chair, Advancement, etc) and maybe Scoutmaster. If you wanted to bar the parent(s) from Troop functions and involve Chartered Organization property... yeah you should consult with the COR and/or IH.
  5. Wëlënakwsu

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    Yes... too many. I can understand the adults desire to go, but it's a boy's camp. Too many adults interfere the boys handling there own affairs. Remember too that in addition to your Troop's adults you have the camp staff adults providing supervision. I would comfortably take 30 to summer camp with 2 or 3 adults. The tough part will be deciding who goes. Maybe a few can split the week(s).
  6. Wëlënakwsu

    Unit number change and embracing the new

    Use official number 365 for all official purposes, especially registrations. Web address ourtownpack5 should link to ourtownpack365. IT may take years for a new number to be universally accepted... still better then two numbers. If 365 is a combo of consolidated Pack numbers, that makes sense to retain the heritage of the Units. But if your number went from a single digit # to a three digit number ending in #... are you sure it was because of consolidation rather than changes in the Councils registration system. In similar changes the registrar in my Council was able to create a number like "005" in the system.
  7. Wëlënakwsu

    Advice on Treasury Related Conflict

    It seems to me the main issue the Treasurer has is incurring and reimbur5sement a $75 expense that may not have had prior approval. It is not at all unreasonable in any organization for an expense in excess of petty cash to be approved before payment/deduction/reimbursement. "Whats done is done", so I would report the $75 to the Committee, but not discuss it. But... with the transition between Treasurers... the Committee discussion should be what the expense policy & procedure is and communicate it to the Den and Pack leaders. If the Treasurer's duties are "too much for one person to handle"... for many reasons give consideration to eliminating "scout's account(s)"
  8. Wëlënakwsu

    Mayor Give Pack Awards?

    Yes, involve the Mayor ! I assume those who object is not involve any political position. If not an award presentation, maybe leading the Cub Scout Promise in the opening ?
  9. Wëlënakwsu

    Who discussed BSA branding at Hong Kong conference?

    Probably nil BSA products sold outside the USA. Assuming main buyers are BSA members buying patches and T Shirts, $75 mil from 2 mill people seems reasonable. Reading the magazine article footnote, the revenues may be self reported. Not much representation on the list from Asian companies. Many companies probably will not disclose such proprietary info. Thus the list is not "global" and not all encompassing. Many organizations are self promoting themselves to attract licensees, like the BSA... http://www.licensingbsa.org/ I hope the BSA has a stringent review process of the product & manufacturer to maintain a high quality image and we'll not find BSA logos on products at the $1 store or a product safety recall!
  10. Wëlënakwsu

    Who discussed BSA branding at Hong Kong conference?

    WHY? “…trademark licensing program has grown from $6 million dollars in retail licensed product sales annually at the end of 2006 to more than $75 million dollars in retail licensed product sales annually at the end of 2016…” WHO? Mr Greg Winters, Manager, Licensing Programs, Boy Scouts of America http://www.hktdc.com/ncs/alc2018/en/s/Speakers.html According to a trade magazine http://images2.advanstar.com/PixelMags/license-global/digitaledition/05-2016-top150.html#46 the BSA is # 150 of the Top Global Licensors. Bigger than I would have guessed! Girl Scouts were # 104. That's a lot of cookies and pinewood derby cars. As a revenue source licensing make sense for the BSA and if I was in charge I would do it. But... on the bigger issue of BSA as a franchise and public image (brand), the BSA has not done well. At least in my Council the number of Organizations interested in chartering a Scout Unit continues to decline. The BSA is a tough "sell" and assigning your newest entry level person, the District Executive, as your "sales rep" has not worked well.
  11. Wëlënakwsu

    District meetings - what's the point?

    What's the point? Alas, too often for too many the point is to have a meeting. The Roundtable point should be additional training with camaraderie, but my experience: o Agenda is usually nothing of value worth the trip and time to attend. o Roundtable Commissioner lacking the skill or drive to make it worthwhile. o District leaders do not appreciate that for many dedicating another evening a month for Scouting is not easily or willingly done. Thus when the Unit Scouter does give the Roundtable a try... if not a good event (program, location, day of week, camaraderie, food, whatever)... it’s difficult getting them to come again. When I was a District Commissioner... The Commissioner staff scheduled (4) four well-planned Roundtables per year. The same Unit Leaders were also invited to awards dinner, camping promo, recruiting events, etc. It didn't turn out well... the District Executive (DE) scheduled monthly Roundtables. Since there was no agenda attendees were unlikely to come back. The "silver lining" is that the DE did not give the Friend of Scouting or Popcorn pitch. What I suggest: Rather than the onus on the Cubmaster, try getting other Pack Leaders to take turns attending the Roundtables. Request your District distribute Roundtable “minutes” or newsletter with the info for those who could not attend.
  12. Wëlënakwsu

    Does your Troop have dues?

    I've been with a few Troops... Dues determined by adults and collected by Treasurer every September to cover annual registration (due to Council in Feb-Mar), awards, leadership patches etcetera. The costs of common equipment (tents, pots, etc), "subsidizing" for all the cost of far away trips, financial aid for some boys, et al, was funded by fundraising and/or Chartered Organization budget. Boys' Life subscription varied by Troop... (a) required of all and included in dues, (b) only for younger boys or © optional for each Scout with addition dues payment. Adults in Troops with a few ASMs & Committee members did not pay their own registration. Adults in Troops with many adults paid their registration fee. One Troop added the cost of Troop T shirt to dues. Others do not want the hassle of maintaining inventory. Some Troops attempted weekly/monthly dues collected by Patrol and/or the Scribe keeping dues records... never worked! Fund raising decisions had at least youth input & buy-in from the youth and ideally final decision making since they are the ones selling product, washing a car or making a spaghetti/pancake breakfast. All avoided candy or popcorn sales where product had to be pre-bought and no return of un-sold product. Christmas trees were very profitable high margin, fun, profitable and lots of work for adults. Once had concert performed by professional parents with their own "following" which was easy money.
  13. Wëlënakwsu

    Creating a Wood Badge troop scholarship

    Do you really want to decide who receives the scholarship, especially if more then one person is interested? Potential for misunderstanding and hard feelings? You indicated funding one a year for ten years, alternatively consider funding all who want to attend in the next year or so and see how it goes. Unlikely you'll be swamped. Better chance of people attending if they go with someone. Your check should be made payable to Council Wood Badge account, Chartered Organization, Troop... minimize notion of charity to the individual. Your offer is commendable, especially if there are some in your Unit who could use the help but are hesitant to submit a Council financial aid application.
  14. Wëlënakwsu

    Boy Dens - Girl Dens

    I've always wondered roughly what percent of Cub Scouts actually meet in Dens SEPERATLY and then attend a monthly Pack meeting. In my urban District there are no truely seperate Den meetings. All meet weekly as a Pack. The 2 or 3 bigger, better Packs at least have Dens go to a different room or corner of a room for part of the meeting. Reason I ponder this now... In my District any CO registering girls will most likely not have SEPERATE girl or boy dens. Similar to Packs who do not have enough youth or adults for seperate Bear and Wolf Dens.
  15. Wëlënakwsu

    Council Records Screw ups

    My Council has had issues for as long as I can remember over 30 years thru different Professional staff, Advancement chairs, systems, etc. In the era of the paper Advancement Reports, the problems included illegible hand writing and matching names on the Report with names in the membership roster due to name variation, lapsed registration, etc. At various times they were not input by anyone. Reports not getting from National Scout Shop to Council office. Same problems wether volunteer or office staff doing the entry. Seems often the task might not have had Scout Executive's backing to improve. Currently reporting only on-line by the Unit which makes sense to me, but as a District Commissioner I quickly learned the Units who didn't submit paper don't update their on-line records. Only time it mattered was when an Eagle candidate from a lax Troop submitted his application. Suggestions I tried to no avail (as expected) to push up the Council - Region - National chain to ease record keeping was first (minor) eliminate Merit Badge reporting & second (major) eliminate all reporting and rely on the annual rechartering membership update to monitor the advancement method of Scouting. Side note... One similarity between some bosses at my job and some BSA professional or volunteer leaders... if a report is printed out from the computer system it's assumed to be accurate, despite advise that the info is far from 100% accuracy.