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  1. Thansk you everyone for the feedback. It made me feel better just to write this down. I will continue to treat her as any other mother. People do not always behave the best that they can. I do not want the boy to be denied his accomplishment of earning his wolf badge. I will have a special ceremony for him atthe next den meeting.
  2. I am so disturbed by the behavior of a parent in my den. She sent me a nasty e-mail stating that here son would not be attending the blue and gold dinner, they had a prior commitment out of town. The dinner was at 7:30 p.m. Prior to that, there was a school activity. The whole den wore their uniforms in anticipation of the Blue and Gold. W ho shows up to the school activity? The previously unavailable scout and his family. The mother gave me dirty looks all night and told my husband she was angry that the boys came in uniform "to rub it in" to her son. This women is so nasty. I have gone out of my way to make here son feel included. I hope he does not continue on as a bear.
  3. Jamboree-on-the-Internet OCTOBER 20-21, 2007 Jamboree-on-the-Internet, or JOTI, is an annual Scouting event sponsored by the World Scout Bureau of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. This event utilizes computers and the Internet. Thousands of Scout groups can be contacted during the weekend. In the United States, Cub Scout dens and Boy Scout patrols can meet and, under the supervision of leadership, make many new friends. Councils and districts can host a JOTI event at Scout shows or other events where computers can be connected to the Internet. Start by going to the JOTI Web site: www.joti.org. This site has all the information needed to start using JOTI, including the software you need to participate fully. This site is where you can get help setting up JOTI and where you can sign in using the guest book. This site is the meeting place for all participants. The rules are also listed.
  4. Did he go to cub scout camp over the summer? 3 of my boys earned 9 beltloops, knocked out more than half of their wolf requirements and earned the outdoor activity badges there.
  5. 1 napkin (fire clearing) 1 small paper cup of water (bucket to put out fire coco puffs fire ring Shredded coconut/crushed shreded wheat (tinder to make the fire started) skinny pretzels (kindling - to keep the fire growing) licorice sticks (fuel - big logs) red hots coals Candy corn (flames)
  6. Had my first den meeting of the year. It went really well. We had a welcome ceremony for 2 new scouts and a ceremony for a Bobcat. Also we layed out the den rules, and did a craft and made an edible campfire. Thanks to everyone on this board for their lively discussion and resources.
  7. Thanks. I did not know that Tigers had to have an adult with them. Ours did not. Nor did the special needs boys, one of whom was a Tiger. I appreciate the feedback.
  8. I just finished my first week ever of CSDC. Our theme was cub scout investigators (CSI.) It was well done. Boys life magazine came to photograph it on Thursday Our den was quite large 16 boys. 3 tigers, 13 wolves and a bear. 2 boys were autistic. Does that seem big?
  9. I disagree with you Braden P. The Pope was not a Nazi. He was a young boy in Germany when the Nazi's were in power. Nor is he an opportunist. He is a dedicated, brilliant, liturgical scholar.
  10. Can the wolf scouts use knives?
  11. The scout who died was a Cub Scout, A Weblos 1 according to news reports.
  12. Boy Scout Camper Killed by Falling Totem Pole Monday , June 18, 2007 LOYSVILLE, Pa. A 13-foot totem pole fell and struck a boy on the first day of Boy Scout camp, killing the 9-year-old, police said Monday. Tyler O. Shope, of Shermans Dale, died of head and chest injuries Sunday afternoon, Perry County Coroner Michael Shalonis said. The boy's parents were nearby when the pole fell, and his father helped lift it off him, Shalonis said. No one else was injured. Campers were arriving at the Hidden Valley Boy Scout Camp near Loysville, about 25 miles northwest of Harrisburg, for a week of camping, police said. The boy was waiting outside the camp's health lodge to have his health records reviewed at the time of the accident, officials said.
  13. At our planning meeting last night we considered not having pack meetings and replacing them with activities. Is this allowed?(This message has been edited by lizzygo)
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