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  1. You could let the dad know that the PL can't do his job if dad is doing the PL's job. Ease the dad into other roles while still being present. They'll both have more fun.
  2. I like recycling, but there are limits. Wanna become an Eagle Scout, earn it. Scoutingmama, if the scout in your troop is less than 16.5 years old, it's mathematically possible to earn Eagle in about 18 months. Pencil whipping requirements isn't right. G
  3. I agree with msnowman. GW, the lad did NOT get the short end of the stick. RR is in this country, not another where a transfer in process is acceptable. Maybe that's because other country's scout associations are in the WOSM, maybe not. What if a student earned an A on a paper. The next term the same student has a similar class, should he get credit for the same paper he already earned an A for? I think not. If he wants to become an Eagle Scout, he should do it the old fashioned way - earn it.
  4. Here's an example where the SM's discretion plays a part: My son had been PL, then PL again, then no office for a few months. Elections were just held. My son is BOR away from First Class but the newly elected PL is Scout. He's been in the troop about 1 year but has some "learning difficulties" and has most of T,2, 1 signed off. The SM knows that my son will be doing most of the PL duties. So, where the SM gets to authorize "other position assigned by SM", I think it's OK.
  5. The end of the world can not happen until the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. BTW, this could be the year!
  6. I've always liked races, especially the fire building / string burn and the "hot isotope Carrier" race.
  7. Who really cares who said it 'originally', it's a quote for a troop brochure. Big deal. type it, print it. I doubt seriously any of us will see it and I doubt any who does see it will question you whether B-P or Hillcourt said it. it is still "A game with a purpose" regardless of who said it first. Maybe B-P said it to Hillcourt and Hillcourt wrote it down first.
  8. I always like John-in-KC's reply's, he goes right to the chapter and verse! I agree that the Sunday School service is more like a good turn, same for acolyte...... A project has a beginning and an end. G
  9. Packsaddle, C'mon! The patrol is the fundamental unit in scouting, just ask Kudu! The more patrol camping the better, in my opinion. G
  10. I think some of it has to do with troops that only camp on Saturday night or LDS troops that only camp on Friday night. Then there's a lock-in, cabin, etc.
  11. I can sense more limericks being written.
  12. I'm glad your son had nice jambo and sea base experiences. The only way to prepare for Philmont is to go backbacking. Several small trips with varying altitude changes will help. As you're in Indy, try going to the hilly areas of So. Illinois and parts of Kentucky. Maybe so Indiana too. After several 2 night outings, try 3 or 4 night trips. As you son gains experience, he'll figure out what he needs and doesn't need and he'll have fun!
  13. Since this thread has to do with God, I wonder, why Merlyn didn't chime in? Packsaddle, I'm dry, no flooding near me.
  14. When I went before the EBOR, I was asked which church I was a member of. I said that I wasn't a member of a church. Well, that just stunned everyone. They finished the rest of the board, but I had to meet with the church pastor (head of the CO) and have a meeting with him to prove I had met the Reverent part. Then, the EBOR sent my appoved packet to council. Fact is, my family wasn't members of a church, too long of a story for here. BUT, we did attend church from time to time. My grandfather was a Pentacostal minister. I wasn't put off by the question by the EBOR, I'm glad they asked.
  15. Stosh, Let fine tune my response a bit, I've been away for a little while and I've forgotten how some replies aren't taken the way they are meant. OK, I suggest that adults camp as a patrol. If it's the troop custom to have scouts buy and cook for adults, that's fine, but I don't think, in fact I oppose adults sleeping in the same area as scouts. This reply is intended for BS programs, not cubs, that's totally different. I know the rule says that a boy can sleep in the same tent with his parent, I just don't agree with it. I know someone will respond with the austistic kid scenario
  16. I think it's best to have adults camp as a patrol. Buy food as a patrol, use a duty roster in camp if you'd like. No patch, no POR's. Gonzo1
  17. Hey, here's a novel idea! How about having the scout EARN his uniform. You know, good ol' fashioned hard work. Why, he could mow lawns, shovel snow, get a paper route, rake leaves, baby sit, walk dogs, yada yada yada. My son's troop allows popcorn money to be put into an account for each scout. My son sold $2100 worth of popcorn, give or take a bit. So, he went and bought scout gear! He also has summer camp paid for completely! Gonzo PS, I agree that new uniforms are over priced. The pants don't fit well, the shirt never stays tucked in well, etc. I hope someday that BS
  18. I'm still a chiropractor, but instead of having my own practice, I teach at a chiropractic college.
  19. JefferyH, Apparently, it isn't too expensive. Gonzo1
  20. The cost of a uniform isn't a barrier to joining. Get mom or dad to go to ebay, mayber put down the cigarrettes and beer, stop having lunches out, get rid of the game boy and play station and get a uniform, maybe spend time with junior at scouts. Imitation 'look alike' uniform from Walmart????? C'mon, see above. Look alike uniform never look alike, you aren't fooling anybody. Ya'll have fun. Gonzo
  21. OGE, Thanks for printing the lyrics! Holy Cow! Somebody pass me a (hiccup) budweiser. And you can't forget Vince and Lloyd in the broadcast booth too.(This message has been edited by Gonzo1)
  22. Between the two choices, Pete Rose. He should be in the Hall of Fame. Brent, nice story, I'd like to hear more sometime. Gotta agree with Ernie Banks AND Roberto Clemente. Number 10: Ron Santo at 3rd (for whom the Cubs haven't found a suitable replacement since '71)
  23. Eamonn, Actually, there have been some WMD found in Iraq, but the media doesn't play it. One mention and that's it if anything. Mustard gas cannisters and some other stuff. Besides, the USA going to Iraq had to do with enforcing UN Resolution 1441 and taking Iraq to task as a state sponsor of terrorists. We've discussed all of this last year in other threads. Wow, Merlyn and I actually agree on something! (almost) Ed, only one correction sir, the WORLD is better off without Saddam. Eamonn: What's the difference between Saddam Hussein and Hitler? The answer is "time".
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