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  1. GKlose, Having just returned from Korea, I can tell you my kids were just as busy there as in the States. The only difference is I didn't have to transport them any where. They could walk! On our base/post we had access to ( through the Youth Center) baseketball ( two seasons) volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, swimming, flag football, dance classes, gymnastics, Taekwondo, Hapkito, Kumdo, piano and other instrument lessons, art lessons. All that and we haven't even touched what was going on at school! Granted we were on a rather large post- so I think smaller posts would have
  2. You can also submit a slide to the Commander's Acess Channel ( Channel 2 at Yongsan). When I submitted a slide, I just sent it to the email posted on Commander's Access listing me as a contact, the length of time I wanted it displayed and why we desired to advertise. It was a very simple process. There are links to all the AFN Korea local stations (Yongsan, Osan etc.) from here: http://afnkorea.net/. Look in the left hand column about half way down. The Yognsan site has a "Contact Me" hot link. Good luck. All of the people I worked with when I was advetising my event - including the
  3. Welcome Ghermanno! We have been back in the States for a year, but our son got his start in Scouting with pack 89 and Troop 80 both in Seoul. Lots of great info to be found here on Scouter!
  4. Thanks for the advice so far. Here are some answers to your questions. John in Kc- I have asked our DE to provide training out of cycle and have been promised this can occur. I am hopeful it will happen as the district has no training scheduled until the middle of October. Thanks for the Pinewood Derby tip! I would have never thought of that! LisaBob- With the exception of one parent, none of the volunteers interested have any experience with Scouting what-so-ever! ScoutNut- We possbly have an ADL from another Pack willing to transfer- otherwise no other previous scouting exper
  5. Funny should say that about time... I just had a prospective Webelos volunteer email and ask me how much time was involved. Having never been active in a Cub Pack, I had no idea how much time it takes weekly to tell him. I know the old adage, " hour per week" which really means once you become a scout volunteer you have one hour of free time left! But how much time do you think is a fair estimate?
  6. We are beginning the process of starting a Pack with the intent of having the first full Den meetings in late August. I want to make sure we are prepared ( best we can be) for having a great first year, providing for the needs of teh leaders and boys so that we don't have burn out. We have leadership training planned for July and sign ups scheduled for early August. In terms of needs, for each den we plan on purchasing the following: Tigers, Bears, Wolves Den: Cub Scout Leader Book Cub Scout Leader How To Book Cub Scout Academic and Sports Program Guide Webelos Leader
  7. This thread is interesting to me as we just meet with the DE this week about staring a Pack. She handed us the brochure about Fast Track immediately as "the answer" for a brand new Pack. I am hestitant to commit us to something I know very little about. Thanks for sharing you opinions.
  8. Thank you Kudu, I ordered both for DH for Father's Day. Bob, I am going to check out that Faber and Mazlish book. Thanks for taking the time to make the suggestions gentlemen!
  9. I called Council today and got a different answer then I got last week. Last week I was told that we could request tents, but they would be the old canvas type. Today the DE ( brand spankin' new to the job and our second new DE since we chartered in November) told me they would provide tents ( had to go ask- which I am okay with) but when I asked if we would have pallets or cement or dirt floor, he stumbled and said he thought we would be given " new modern type tents". *Sigh* so tomorrow my plan will be to call the senior DE and see if I can get the real scoop. It shouldn't be this
  10. Gunny, we don't have tents. We were chartered in Nov.- missed fall popcorn. We did get to sell spring popcorn, but the committee decided that patrol boxes and patrol cooking utensils and items needed for summer camp were more important at this stage than tents for two reasons - 1. We didn't need them for summer camp! 2. We typically have enough personally owned tents to cover a weekend of camping ( typically 8-10 boys camping). We do have some extra popcorn we need to move. Now we just need to move it a lot quicker!! The council will lend us tents. They are the old canvas style
  11. Our troop is still new - 6 months old. We have 13 boys registered for summer camp and just found out quite by accident that the camp does not provide tents. Our SM went to the same camp as a boy and does not recollect bringing troop tents - admittedly he is older now. Ironically , the council does not list tents as a necessary item a troop needs to bring to camp ( believe me I have read the list a dozen times to make sure we have the supplies we need for the troop). Tents are provided for Brownsew NYLT, but not summer camp. So how commom is this? Is this a way our Council is trying t
  12. I was just on Kudu's great site and he recommends/had links to so many titles it is hard to chose. I know some of you have been scouting a long time. What books have influenced you the most? What are your favorite titles to read in regards to scouting, being a SM, boy leadership, the whole scouting experience? Dawn
  13. OGE - Did it say/show any changes for the Cub uniform? Scoutnut- I specifically asked at our Scout Hut yesterday about Cub uniforms. After they confirmed the "rumor" about a new BS uniform, they told me there was no information sent to them about any changes to the current Cub uniform. Hope that helps! Dawn
  14. Thank you all so much for your posts. Our RR youth is completing all the requirements required of a just-joined Scout, just going a little faster because he understands more and is able to get requirements signed off quicker. I didn't ask my question because we wanted to short circuit the system; I just couldn't find anything definitive on the BSA site (we did ask the father to put us in touch with the person who said RR stuff could transfer; evidently the father misunderstood what the person had said). We have no intention of "pencil whipping" any requirement for any Scout; our Scoutmaster
  15. Ya know here's the deal.. If I ask the father who is associated with RR he will/has said that "I know of someone with RR who was able to transfer some of his RR requirement into Boyscouts." I know there are troops that may take such a response and transfer in said requirements. I just want to know if there is any precdent for such a thing. It really is a simple question. Yes or no. Gold Winger, thank you for being straight forward. That is what I thought and also what the SM response has been so far. Our District is not the best source of information I have found- I learn m
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