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  1. To Eagle92 Who dat baby-you should have been here!!
  2. Congratulations! My "little girl" turned the big three o last month. She's still daddy's girl. My son and I have had great times together and we're good friends-but my daughter is still the apple of my eye.
  3. As CD of our councils last course I wear my four beads. I worked hard for them; as Im sure all CDs have and will in the future. With that said, Id be OK serving if no additional recognition was awarded and I only know a few Wood Badgers who wouldnt. Beads are an outward recognition of an accomplishment in Scouting. To me they are conversation starters with new leaders who ask what those little wooden beads are for; and I get to explain what Wood Badge is (and isnt) and how it made a difference for me and others. The satisfaction of Wood Badge whether as participant or staffer comes not f
  4. I was with a troop that uses dual registration starting in December. The Weebs and Leaders join as members of the Troop (all age requirements are met). The Weebs and leaders attended one Troop meeting per month and the Troop program was geared towards any AOL requirements still needed. At the Blue and Gold in February the AOL was presented and in April/ May the crossover happened. By the time we got to summer camp the new Scouts were familiar and comfortable with the SM and ASMs and the boys in the Troop. It worked well for us. It takes planning and cooperation from both programs but it can a
  5. This is not "gear" but will help. Bring an open mind, a cheerful spirit, a loving heart and a smile. Wood Badge should be "experienced". Open yourself to the experience and have fun.
  6. Is the former Cubmaster now an involved parent? If not-then thank him for his feedback-its a gift- and stand by your decision. Whenever interpretation of the rules is left to human beings there is the chance for a decision to be viewed as wrong Look at professional sports as an example. As you had communicated the rules to the Den Leaders and the parents the error was on the Dad (who obviously knew it) and not the Pinewood Derby. As to the idea of having parents sign a form stating they have read and understand the rules, I look to professional sports again. The Brady rule was just
  7. We have run Trainer's Edge in SELA Council for Wood Badge staff. Having particpated in and staffed TDC and Trainer's Edge. I believe Trainer's Edge is not designed for inexperienced trainers. Much of what is covered would be lost on "new" folks. The course description for TE states that it is meant for WB and NYLT staff specifically. BeaverIII
  8. "Trainers do a big disservice to the participants when they allow their personal feelings to get in the way of the reason why they are at a course." Amen! BeaverIII
  9. If your primary focus in Scouting is your unit, then thats where the focus of your ticket should be. If you wear many hats in Scouting than pick the one where you will make the most impact. Keep in mind that your vision need not be grandiose. Keep those ticket items SMART and within your control. Wally Hymel Course Director SR-957 SE Louisiana Council
  10. Bring an open mind and a smile. The presentations may be a bit haphazard if the course was put together at the last minute. BeaverIII
  11. I once had a group of older scouts come up with Trojans for a patrol name. Probably would have passed if they had not been giggling uncontrollably when they presented it. BeaverIII
  12. More than a decade ago (although it seems like last week) I saw a bead presentation at the outdoor portion of what was then called Boy Scout Adult Leader Training. At the Saturday night campfire a Scouter who had completed his ticket was beaded. Most of the staff was there as well as his course mates. I have since been to a lot of beadings but that one conducted by the campfire still stands out for me. Congratulations on completing your ticket. When you receive your beads, wear them well. Wally Hymel Course Director SR-957 March 2009 Southeast Louisiana Council
  13. Permanent Patrol Leaders are not a part of Wood Badge for the 21st Century, but a holdover from Boy Scout Leader (Legacy) Wood Badge. BIII
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