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  1. Well, I emailed my district executive, which is the only district contact info I have, and expressed my interest in volunteering on a district level. After a week I finally received a short message telling me they'd pass on the information. I think I know now why the local districts have trouble finding good help. After a while, a person gets tired of holding up their hand and saying, "I'm here and willing to help. Let me know what you want me to do." I'm tired of volunteering and no one let's me help. I shouldn't have to beg to become a volunteer.
  2. How does one go about getting involved with the district? At Pow Wows and other training sessions I always hear people complain about there not being enough volunteers, but I never hear about how to help. You can't get volunteers if you don't ask and nobody ever asks.
  3. Does any body have some recruiting suggestions besides the school nights. We already have a school night in August and in April. We get a lot of boys from this, but almost purely Tigers. I need some ideas on how to find the older cub scouts.
  4. Our pack is getting ready to plan the new year and I would love to hear what other packs are doing. How often does your pack meet? What kind of activities or outings does your pack do? What do you do at your pack meetings? Some of our pack meetings are so boring. I would love any suggestions and ideas that you have.
  5. It is technically called the membership and reregistration chair. I'm not really worried with the reregistration part of it since this is pretty standard. I was wondering more about what others have done with working with the boys and their families.
  6. There is no time limit for completing the requirements for a specific belt loop or pin except they have to be a cub scout when they earn them. I think the boy should earn a belt loop once then move on to the pin, but I like having the boys earn it once as a younger scout (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) and then again as a Webelos. There is a big difference between how a Webelos completes a project and how a wolf does. For example, a wolf explaining the regulations for fishing wouldn't be quite as detailed as a Webelos. When my wolves demonstrated how to properly bait a hook I assisted them a little
  7. The main thing is to have a one adult for each cub or at least for every 2. Sometimes parents can't go, but the boy shouldn't suffer because of it. The parents should be able to send an adult in their place as long as they also provide a medical release. No parent is going to appoint someone to be in charge of their child if it isn't someone they trust. This is almost always a close family member. We have several grandparents who are active in our pack. I have never heard of any problems resulting from this.
  8. I am taking on the position of membership chair and would like some tips and pointers from anyone who has done it or has one in their pack. There has not been anyone filling this position in our pack for a long time. I know what the leader book says is the positions duties. I was just wanting some specific ideas or suggestions. Tell me what you have done or what your pack has done with this. Thank you.
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