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  1. Perhaps you should certainly make it clear to all that this letter will be attached to the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook before it goes up for any and all approvals. Perhaps then maybe the father would change his mind about this not being a big deal. As it states in page 3 of the workbook under "Approvals" and "Before You Start": "The project plan must be reviewed and approved by the beneficiary of the project, your unit leader, the unit committee, and the council or district advancement committee before the project is started." All of these entities must revi
  2. I think the key word here is "uniform" We are not just referring to a "uniform". We are also referring to "uniform" organization and thus an organization that is "uniform" in appearance. Granted, if a patrol leaders council declares they want the troop to wear tails out, then the whole troop must particpate in this in order for it to be uniform, just like the military with the OG 108 fatigues which were only worn outside on orders when the heat category index reached a certain level. However, if one notes, in very few or none of scoutings publications do we see the uniform worn untucked.
  3. I was recently following another thread (under uniforms) about the wearing of scout uniforms at the eagle Scout Service Project, and that the project is "outside the Sphere of Scouting". While I do find that these are interesting and impressive words, I have failed to find them in either the current eagle scout requirements http://www.scouting.org/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/eagle.aspx or in the 2008 Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook. http://www.nesa.org/trail/18-927.pdf What I did find was the following: 5. While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadersh
  4. I've been looking for guidance in regards to requirement 9a, specifically the phrase "long term camp". In my past experiences this was always viewed much as the OA views it, a "resident camp", usually with tentage and probably meals provided. Therefore all other tent or outside camping was counted in full toward the camping MB requirement. This included not only overnight and weekend campouts, camporees, etc, but also longer lasting campouts that changed campsites nightly, such as national high adventure treks and local backpacking, canoe, etc treks. In the troop I am now in the camping
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