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  1. Thanks, Pat. We have just gotten to a point where this is possible, if I can convince some of the new ASM's to be patient, and wait until after our 2 long term camps next Monday. The effort to try and do a short backpacking trip, this coming weekend is proving problematic, because we don't have enough trained leaders or older scouts going, but have alot of new scouts, who are going on their first campout. The idea of splitting up these 2 groups is a risk I am not comfortable, even though I am the unit leader and won't be going, because I have the next 2 weekends to be going camping with the
  2. I'm looking for resources for starting backpacking in a troop of mostly 5th and 6th grade scouts. Obviously, it's a little early to be putting that much weight on their backs, let alone the expense of collecting that kind of gear, but I need some suggestions on how best to proceed. Most of our older scouts went to Philmont on contingents with the council, so it's been about 7 years since the troop sent a troop contingent, but then most of the troop aged out, soon after that. We have some motivated, new adult leaders, but trying to get them to understand this is not the same as the basic sco
  3. I agree... what OA National has made is a flag designed to be hung vertically, in front of a podium. Nice, but not very practical. What I had made was the previous OA logo, but then they can only print it on one side of the flag.
  4. I ended up just making 2 of my own awhile back. Then I got invited to the OA National planning meeting and they gave me the flag off the front of the podium. Nice!
  5. That is what I heard, but I can not find where that is stated.
  6. Is it allowed if you fulfill the requirements for membership in each lodge?
  7. I understand that. From what I have seen, even the callout ceremonies include touching of candidates, when their name is read. They still have runners going and getting them, and this is from several of our, larger, chapters.
  8. I have a group of youth arrowmen who have committed to being host chapter for next years Spring OA Conclave. I would love to get some ideas on cooking for the lodge, as it relates to what you may have seen at some of your OA conclaves. This will be the largest gathering of the lodge, and will be over 200 arrowmen at the gathering.
  9. Sadly, the move to holding call outs did not take with our chapter. The boys still do tapouts, but without the physical abuse that was sometimes prevalent in the glory days. They do touch the candidates, but it's more welcoming. Now the drums, the lone dancer, and the runners... well, that makes it all worthwhile.
  10. We are hoping to be able to organize a spring camporee based upon conservation. Our council has a small property that has proven to be a very nice venue for our district to hold a camporee. There is alot of trees, and undergrowth that should be removed to use as firewood, and prevent danger from wildfires. We would still do our OA induction ceremony, but am wondering what we could offer that would be of interest to the scouts? Any ideas of possibly a merit badge or skill that might get the attention of the troops?
  11. Hey, everybody... it's been a while since I was last visiting here. We have a Fall camporee this coming weekend in which we are looking for ideas and some scripts to use for the closing campfire. The Baden Powell speech from Wood Badge would be wonderful, but that is not available and way too long for a youth to deliver. I'm just curious if anyone has some ideas of what we can use, that brings this last district event to a close, in the Centennial year. Feel free to send some ideas to my email (kahits@comcast.net).
  12. I have a few questions on particularly the venturing Gold and Silver awards. Having included as a part of my WB ticket, the idea of transitioning the recognition, in my daughters crew, from what I consider the control of the adults in the crew, over to the youth of the crew, to incorporate into their program or personal pursuit of these medals, I am curious how other crews deal with what is considered enough effort to successfully complete a venturing board of review for these 2 medals? Is it acceptable to have a more motivated youth be required to do more work, beyond that which a less moti
  13. Thanks, sorry, I forgot to check back. I have since come to realize that this council award is not limited in any way, as to how it is given out, in relation to adults and youth. It can be given only to adults or youth, depending on the number of qualified candidates. In our case, we have 1 youth and 2 adults, who are being considered for it, which is fine. I just was not sure of that when I originally posted the question.
  14. Coming from a council that has never given out the Venturing Leader Award, I am wondering if it is possible to give out 3 awards, one of which is a deserving youth. I know that any council can give out 2 youth and 2 adult VLA's, but does that mean you have to have 2 youth, before you can give out the 2nd adult recognition?
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