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  1. @@Cubmaster35 I am not going to let this go unchallenged. This is the second time you have distorted my words to your own "liking." I simply pointed out the levels of removal, CO vs. National. At no time did I ever state that someone committed a felony. Reread the post please. And carefully. Also, the Scout Law states: A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. "Twisting" my words (twice), and calling another poster on this board "a vile human being" certainly exemplifies all the points of the Law, do
  2. @@Cubmaster35 Beavah never said anything about wrongdoing toward a child. Those are your words, not his. Read his post again, please. @@NJCubScouter I'm very surprised you did not pick up on that and fell into the trap. Let's keep in mind that National BSA can declare a volunteer ineligible for membership for any felony. Chartered Organizations can reject applicants for any reason or no reason at all, if they so choose.
  3. Shelter closures and reservations? That's not customary! If they were fresh signs, there must be some temporary issues on that section of trail, and this is a temporary measure. Shelters are always "first come, first served." What section of the AT did you see this on?
  4. In the last two incarnations of our council (this is the 3rd council patch we've worn in 17 years), any mention of intention of either not attending summer camp or, Heaven forbid, going out of Council was, to say the least, TREASON! BLASPHEMY! HOW DARE YOU! Yeah, how dare we. We never cared. Carry on! It's about what the boys want.
  5. Time was in these parts, the Troop Committee agreed upon which adults would sit on an EBOR, with a representative from district/council present. We would invite a Town Selectman to sit in with the other selected Troop adults, and the Scout would feel honored! Preparation? You told the Scout, "A little tougher than your Life board, you can handle it. You'll know most of the folks there!" That was all the prep the Scout needed. Unfortunately, now you don't know and have no say on who will be on the EBOR, so of course you have to prepare the Scout for "curve balls".
  6. Preposterous. This is NOT a job interview or a military grilling; it's a CHILD being reviewed on a SCOUTING RANK. These ego-laden types of folks need to get their heads out of their butts and remember why they are there in the first place. Tougher questions are OK, but there is no fail, the Scout should not feel intimidated or confused, and the district egomaniac Banana Republic Generals need to leave all that stuff at home!
  7. Absolutely right! Black Bears are passive animals, for the most part. They are only interested in two things: 1. Food, and 2. Protecting their cub(s) if they are so accompanied. Official postings in National Parks offer the best advice. Any other questions? Ask a Park Ranger! They LOVE answering questions! (seriously!) They'll ramble on all day if you let 'em! But yes, they are VERY knowledgeable about the area they serve, and usually other parks as well! Just ask!
  8. I didn't want to last week and I didn't! Nope, skip to the next section, thank you! I can see the views are spectacular, but these old legs just ain't gonna do that! I did 84.7 miles finishing Shenandoah/Skyline Drive and started the Blue Ridge Parkway/George Washington-Jefferson National Forest. Enjoyed every minute!
  9. Last week during my annual summer AT hike (fun but exhausting!) I had the opportunity to travel some roads in Farm Country outside of Charlotte NC. Small two-lane roads with 55mph speed limits! I suppose if they weren't, going into town for shopping or dining would be an all day affair! Driving like that here in Massachusetts would get one arrested for reckless driving! Talk about "culture shock!"
  10. It's probably a subject for a new thread, or perhaps it's been discussed before, but..... What about the Scout whose parents say they can't afford camping trips/uniform/summer camp, etc., and the Troop bends over backwards to make it happen for the Scout, then..... In September, the Scout is showing the rest of the troop his pictures from his family's trip to Disney? Not the Scout's fault, of course, but what do you do??
  11. I'm happy to award another "OH PUH-LEEZ" (In advance of course, should this ever become a G2SS issue)
  12. By-laws are not necessary unless you are sponsored by a military installation that requires them. Everything you need is in the BSA literature, including the Scout Oath and Law. By-Laws and rules create adult squabbles. SOME rules are necessary, you only need a few. Policies are ideal, as they can be modified to fit individual situations, i.e., you can't "break a rule", but you can amend a policy.
  13. Correct on all counts, but the troop should be given an opportunity to participate. They are the ones who helped send that scout along the Eagle Trail. A few years ago, one of our Eagles had his ceremony conducted entirely by the OA, excluding the troop members. I'm sure you can appreciate how the troop felt about that.
  14. Hooters is a place people can bring their families to. And people DO. Those who complained (the mommies) obviously never set foot inside one. They sell beer. SO WHAT? So does Applebee's, Pizzeria Uno, etc. I'm sure none of them serve minors. Hooters gave away visors, not calendars, not skimpy panties, nothing that would be objectionable. I think the media did an excellent job, intended or not, of making fools of these complainers. These same women probably have NO problem with the school nurse handing out condoms to their sons, but they get all up in arms about THIS???? This
  15. The Scout earned his Eagle as a member of the TROOP. The TROOP is responsible for the Eagle ceremony. Doesn't the OA preach that "Your Troop comes first?" Or is that outdated thinking on my part?
  16. There is nothing wrong with a scoutmaster participating in a flag retirement ceremony, no matter the size of his/her midsection. He/She is a US citizen and has every right. This is Boy Scouts, not the military. Many of the men I learned from and admired since 1970 had much larger waist sizes than mine. It is not necessary to cut up the flag before burning, just fold it and put it on the fire. There is no one proper ceremony for retiring a US flag. Every branch of the military has their own method, as does the VFW, American Legion, DAV, Amvets, each individual scout troop, patriotic
  17. Much ado about nothing here. If the theme is pirates,and the boys want to do this, let them. The boys should be commended on their unity. It might be respectful to remove the bandanas during flag ceremony---with the SPL giving the troop the command "Uncover!" That'll disarm the "Uniform Police", for whom I've never had any regard for anyway. And no, there are no headgear "rules". If someone finds such, please let me know.
  18. I would need more details before making a comment on this issue. One person is allowed to hold both CC and COR positions, and COs have reasons for doing that. In specifically what ways is this person "not following the BSA program?"
  19. She craves attention, and she's getting it.
  20. One of my specialties!! I have hiked sections of the AT with a co-worker for the last few years, and have taken scouts in the past. My recommendations: New England: Best only for the most experienced hikers. First-timers will be miserable in short order. NY, NJ: Intermediate level. Some of the AT in New Jersey is on public roads, white blazes and all going into PA. PA: I call it "Rocksylvania" Nice views---The Pinnacle is worth the climb. Joke is that the rangers go out and sharpen the rocks at night. Pennsylvania eats a lot of hiking boots! Some tough climbs but the vie
  21. Pardon me if I'm repeating myself but.... OH PUH-LEEZ! Find something to do. Perhaps, employment? Just saying!
  22. The official form letter from National dictates the individual "sever any relations". And that's exactly what the individual is requested to do, regardless of who he/she is or what relationship he/she has to a member of the unit. The text of the letter reads: ...We are therefore compelled to request that you sever any relations that you may have with the Boy Scouts Of America. You should understand that BSA leadership registration is a privelege and is not automatically granted to everyone who applies. We reserve the right to suspend registration whenever there is a concern that
  23. So basic, so simple, yet so foreign for many to understand. Set your goals for the year (budget), have a plan to raise the money (fundraising), once you meet your goal, spend the money. If you don't already have a plan for such, agree to set aside "x" percent for catastrophe and/or next year's "startup" (first COH/pack meeting awards, September/October activites). Make sure EVERYONE knows what you're doing! (transparency) It's really not rocket science. Yet adults I have worked with wanted to hoard and save. I don't get it. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) I was astounded years ago
  24. Years ago, the ladies in the Troop Committee decided (on thier own) to all get the blue/gold skirts and blouses. Sharp looking!!!! Still like it, but hey, I'm "old school".
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