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    BACK IN IT as a Committee Member. Couldn't stay away for long. 1.5 year break was nice, but now back to work!
    Cub Scout in 1970. Boy Scout in 1973. Leader in 1980 Continously registered with the same unit. Spirit Of Adventure Council, Massachusetts.
  1. Just another bump on the Trail To Eagle. Everyone has them. Keep moving forward with a smile!
  2. Here's a link that should answer any questions: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/01/03/new-boy-scout-requirements-now-mandatory-jan-1-2017/
  3. Hahaha thank you! I'm hiking with a 74-year old co-worker who is a former CC of another troop and can outhike me big time! (I'm 55!) This is our 4th year doing sections of the AT. Our first summer was in PA, and the last 3 working our way through Virginia--so we're going South (SOBO). Co-worker Paul's goal is to do the entire AT, one piece at a time. My goal is to climb those mountains "because they're there"! We pick a week in July and hike for 7-10 days.
  4. Nicely done! Should be required reading for every Scout (and leader!) new at high adventure!
  5. It's been 5 days on the Appalachian Trail, and we have completed "Virginia's Triple Crown" in 2 days: McAfee Knob, Tinker's Cliffs, and Dragon's Tooth. I'm slack packing; my campsite is a Super 8. Too old to be lugging all that gear! Picture of me on McAfee Knob and Dragon's Tooth with a view of part of the climb on Tinker's cliffs. Now...how to get my Troop to join me on this stuff!!!
  6. Personal Management is not the same as Troop Management. In your annual budget planning, the oldest/most worn equipment should be replaced. Have enough in reserve for the September post-summer Camp COH. Camping, Awards, equipment, etc. Every fundraiser has a definite purpose. "We are raising money in order to ___________." If you can't fill in that blank, don't do the fundraiser. Don't have an "emergency fund"? There's the purpose for a fundraiser, but the money is ONLY used for that purpose--it's kept "aside" on paper and declared as Emergency Funds in the Treasurer's report. In Perso
  7. If Council/State law says no, then it's no. Seems pretty simple to me.
  8. I've said it before. and I'll say it again. Raise what you need. Spend what you raise. End of discussion. Pretty simple.
  9. Starting at US 60 (Lexington Turnpike near Brown Mountain Creek Shelter). My end goal ( approx. 100 miles) around McAfee Knob. The last 40 looks like easy terrain. At my age, the only things I'm lugging are lunch and water. Yup, well over 40. Celebrated the double-nickel last week. I hike with a co-worker who's amazing. He's 71 this year. Staying in Daleville as long as it's practical.
  10. I'll be hitting the AT in Virginia starting on 7/16. Hiking southbound. I was hoping to meet Matthew on the trail, but he's cookin' right along, and we won't cross paths I'm starting just south of Shenandoah NP and hope to do 100 miles in less than 10 days. (day hiking--gettin' too old to lug all that gear!)
  11. Report everything to the Camp Director. No E-mails!!!! Ink to paper, sent Certified Mail, return receipt requested is the only way to go for something like this!!! Do it today! "We didn't get your e-mail" is a convenient dodge. A green postcard returned to you with a signature is the only way to go. $5 well spent. CYA, as they say. If you don't get a response within 7 days, contact the Scout Executive, by phone AND Certified Mail. An issue like this is a serious safety issue which I'm certain the council will investigate right away. It's not your job to point out the safety s
  12. Haven't heard of that, but it sounds like a good idea for the reasons you state. I just hope the camp wouldn't make it public knowledge. I can see it now, Tenderfoot Timmy's troop is off for a week at summer camp. Here comes Timmy's dad, Helicopter Harry with the rig in tow. And the wife. And the three other kids. And the dog. Oh it'll be a fun week.
  13. "A Scout Is Helpful," "Do A Good Turn Daily," "Cheerful Service," etc. are the things we live by as Scout Troops. Nowhere does it say "A Scout Should be Taken Advantage Of" For example, there's a big difference between mowing or raking the grounds of the Veterans' Home, and doing a total landscaping. And, oh yeah, can you move the cannon to the other side of the yard? Never let the Scouts get "in over their heads" when offering to help when asked. It's OK to politely decline, and in Boy-Led units (which I hope all of ours are) the boys can be assisted in their decision making thorou
  14. This is a "scouting activity" regardless of whether the rest of the Troop attends or not, and there will be plenty of "trained leaders" at the event. Keep doing what you're doing, and keep the council posted of your son's activities. You did say that the Council/District advancement people have already given this activity the "green light," so any worries are unfounded.
  15. I'll be heading south on the AT after the 4th of July week for 2 weeks, starting in Southern VA at the Washington/Jefferson Forest section. Perhaps I'll see Matthew heading north! Anyway, it's definitely the experience of a lifetime.
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